Guide to storing away holiday decorations

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Decorating your Christmas tree as well as your entire home is something we all look forward to. However, it often happens that, when you open the box with ornaments, some of them are damaged or broken. The main reason for this is that you have not stored them away properly. In order to help you, we are going to give you some pieces of advice on the matter. Go through this guide for storing away holiday decorations and this scenario will never happen again.

How to take care of your Christmas trees?

When you have bought a Christmas tree, it probably came with a box. Hopefully, you have saved that box. It is the perfect size for your tree and it can fit the box if you go backwards from the steps you took to unpack it. However, if this is not the case, do not worry. Do your best to find a box that is as similar in size as the one in which your tree was.

Family decorating a Christmas tree
When storing away your holiday decorations, pay special attention to the tree- it should be put in a box of the right size

It is not a big deal even if you find a slightly bigger one. In this situation, make sure you label the box properly. Later on, it will be easier for you to find it when you need it. In addition to this, if you will be relocating in the near future, it would be a good thing if all of the Christmas decorations are packed with care. Put your trust in one of the most reliable movers Holly Springs MS can offer to do the rest.

Wreaths can be quite demanding

The main reason why wreaths are hard to pack is their shape. The only thing you can do is to wrap it with packing paper and put it in a box of the right size. Of course, the same rule applies here- you should have a box of the right size. You can even put two wreaths in the same box if you think that this will not damage either of them. If it happens that you will be relocating soon, your Mississippi moving company can give you a helping hand. They are professionals and they will make sure nothing damages your Christmas decoration. All of the items will arrive at your new home in perfect condition and they will be ready for the next year.

When storing away holiday decorations, pay special attention to ornaments

Ornaments and Christmas bulbs are the most delicate items you will have to pack. They are fragile which is why you should treat them with utmost care. In addition to this, they are also small and odd-sized. For these reasons, the best way in which you can pack them is by wrapping each ornament separately.

Christmas ornaments
When your Christmas ornaments are in question, you should treat them with great care

When it comes to what boxes you should use for them, the answer is not too big. Even though the ornaments are light, they can easily get damaged. So, what you can do is either to get boxes with separators or to use smaller boxes. Once they are packed, do not forget to label the boxes and add ‘fragile’. If you will be moving to Mississippi from a different country, make sure all of the items are packed in a proper way.

What to do with indoor and outdoor string lights?

Something you should definitely avoid doing is putting all of the string lights in one box without some order. In case you do this, you are going to need quite a lot of time to disentangle them. Plus, the chances are great that not all of the strings lights will survive. So, avoid this scenario from happening, store string lights properly and keep them away from others. You can even put one of them in one box with ornaments or wraths. Make sure you put string lights on the bottom and the lighter items on top of them. In this way, they will remain in one piece.

Be careful with ceramic and glass items as well

Ceramic and glass figurines are also items that require your full attention. What you should do when storing away holiday decorations of this kind is also to wrap each item separately. In case they are small, feel free to put several of them in the same box. On the other hand, if they are large, you should use one box for each item. In case you have some Christmas stockings or dish towels, you can use them instead of paper.

A ceramic Santa Claus
Before you put your ceramic and glass decorations in a box, make sure you wrap them

They will be together with your ornaments and you will surely not lose them. If it happens that you have relocated recently, you surely remember how to pack porcelain items. Feel free to use the same trick for your ceramic and glass ornaments. They will be safe and you will prevent them from getting damaged.

As you can see, storing away holiday decorations is not that complex. Yes, you will need quite some time to finish everything, but you can be sure that it will be worth it. So, if you do not have some of the supplies we have mentioned, it is preferable to get them before the time comes to pack your holiday decorations. Once the presents are unpacked and the New Year is over, you will probably start putting everything back in its place. In case you do not get the supplies you need, you will end up packing everything like the last time. The result is something you will see the next year and you will not like it. Just think of this as something you should do in order to make this whole process much easier for yourself.