Guide to relocating your backyard grill

Such a backyard essential, the barbecue grill, has probably been the main attraction at many of your outdoor gatherings. When it comes to relocating your backyard grill to your new home, you will want to do it carefully to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Fortunately, Cordova movers are here to assist you with any type of relocation, no matter how big or small!

Preparing your grill for the move

The smallest and easiest barbecue to transport is a kettle grill. The small, round fire pit is light enough for one person to lift, carry and load onto a moving truck

1. Do not attempt to move a grill right after use.

Even though grills usually have heat-proof handles, the base and lid can reach high temperatures during use. Give them some time to cool down. Before our professional long-distance movers approach to moving your backyard grill, be sure an adequate amount of time has passed. It should be light enough for one person to lift, carry and load onto a moving truck.

2. Before relocating your backyard grill, first, remove gas tank/charcoal briquettes

If you have a gas grill, you will need to unscrew the attached propane tank at your barbecue’s base. This will empty the fuel. You will not be allowed to transport flammable or combustible substances on any commercial moving truck. Relocating your backyard grill in your own vehicle is also highly hazardous. If your grill uses charcoal, remove all the briquettes from beneath the rack. Now your grill is much lighter and easier to move.

3. Before relocating your backyard grill, remove all other parts/utensils.

Detach and pack all removable parts, utensils, and racks separately. This will lighten the grill so it is easier to transport, as well as prevent loose parts from rattling around inside it. These loose parts might cause scratches or damage. When relocating your backyard grill, you can prevent your grill’s accessories from becoming lost by safely packing them in a separate box. Be careful when packing utensils that have sharp edges. Use sturdy packaging materials to prevent injury.

4. Wrap the grill for protection

If you have a valuable grill, like the ones made of stainless steel, you should protect its surface from unsightly scratches or dents. Use a protective moving blanket and secure it with packing tape to prevent damage. When relocating your backyard grill, be sure to leave any handles and wheels uncovered so you can move your grill with ease.

Handled grills can be small, with just a charcoal grid, lid, legs and a venting system. Or, sometimes with enclosed storage cabinets.

Relocating your backyard grill

Wheeled grills have wheels on both or one side of the base that will make relocating your backyard grill simple. Enlist a helping hand to aid you in carefully pushing and guiding the grill towards the moving truck.
Handled cart grills are fairly easy to move. Their handles are usually located on the grill’s sides or on top of the lid. You can lock them to secure the grill for carrying. After removing all the components, relocating your backyard grill will be easier because it will be light enough. When in need of assistance, call us to carefully pack your grill, carefully lift it off the ground, and carry it onto our moving truck.


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