Guide to relocating a dresser

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Moving furniture is not as easy as it might seem. It is bulky, heavy, and difficult to transport. That’s why we suggest hiring professionals like Spyder moving services to help you with the task. You don’t have to risk damaging your furniture and injuring yourself when you can leave trained movers to do it for you. A dresser is especially difficult to move since it has drawers that can fall out if not taken care of properly. This guide will help you with relocating a dresser.

Steps for relocating a dresser

When moving a dresser, you have two options, you can either leave the drawers inside and wrap everything up to protect it or take them out to make it easier. If you take out the drawers make sure to stack them properly in the moving truck to avoid damage. When this is done proceed with the following steps.

Gather the needed supplies for relocating a dresser

To be able to prepare and move the dresser you will need:

  • Moving dolly, a friend or one of the movers Macon TN has to offer
  • Plastic wrap
  • Furniture pads are important to prevent damage when relocating a dresser
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Measuring tape

Empty the drawers

Items that can move around and cause damage in the drawers should be taken out. Even tho you don’t have to, we suggest removing everything from inside the dresser to make it easier to carry. Add the items from the dresser to the list of items that you or some of the packing services Memphis that you hired need to pack. Packing is a task that needs to be well organized, and who will do it better than trained professionals?

Two people fist bumping each other because they finished relocating a dresser
Having someone help you is really important

Remove extra parts before relocating a dresser

By doing this you will greatly diminish the chances of damage to your dresser. Remove any mirrors or shelving, especially if they are made out of glass. Wrap them in bubble wrap and put them in boxes that are in good condition. Make sure to label them as fragile so that one of the Tenesee long distance moving companies that are helping you know that it should be handled with care. If the shelves are made out of wood, just make sure to avoid placing the tape on the wood finish when wrapping it.

Find a path where the dresser will fit through

Measure the dimensions of the dresser and compare them to the doorways and hallways through which you plan to take it out. In some cases, maybe you will need to remove doors to make the move possible or easier.

Be careful when moving a dresser

You can do this either by using the help of a friend or using a dolly. If you decide on carrying it, you can pick it up high/low where one person holds it’s top and one on the bottom side. Using a dolly you just need to tilt the dresser to be able to slide the dolly underneath. Secure it by using straps. Have somebody help you maneuver it through the house to prevent bumping into something.


Caution sign on a laptop keyboard
Make sure to be cautious when moving a dresser to avoid harming yourself

Load it into the truck

Once you get the dresser to the moving truck, place it next to a wall for stability. Secure it with straps or ropes so that it doesn’t shift during transport.

We hope to have given you a general idea about relocating a dresser so that you can do it easier. As important as it is to not damage the dresser itself, it is also important to not damage the floors while moving it. Make sure to have help while doing it no matter what. More pairs of hands are always better than one pair of hands. We wish you an easy dresser relocation.