Guide to protecting your items in storage

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In case you are focused on protecting your items in storage, you need sure to find premium storage units of the perfect size and in a good location at Spyder Moving company. And we can promise you, it will be at the right price! We offer a great variety of sizes of different storage units. Just contact our Cordova movers and we’ll find the perfect solution for you. With us, you won’t get any hidden fees or charges after signing the contract. Just an honest, premier unit to protect all your cherished belongings.

Luxurious room
Your house will feel far more breezy and with a better flow if you store some of these items away.

We have plenty of conveniently located units available for protecting your items in storage

Why not opt for protecting your items in storage? Make sure your belongings stay clean, dry and safe in our storage units. Call our commercial movers to move your valuables into premium units where you can keep them for as long as you need to.

You will be able to access them whenever you want, even outside of opening hours. You can even get shipping containers, boxes and other forms of packaging to further protect your things. In case you need to switch your unit for a larger or smaller one, you can easily do that as well.

Decide on the type of storage units you want and need

When you decide to protect your items in storage is the best option for you, take a look at the items you need storing. That will help you create an idea of the size of the unit you want to rent. You will most likely need a slightly bigger unit than you think. You want a unit where you can go in yourself and still have a little room to move the boxes around. If you want to be able to load your belongings in the storage, or out, or shuffle them while you’re renting, you don’t want to pack your storage unit full.

Climate-controlled units are perfect for protecting your items in storage

Do you have items that could be temperature sensitive? If so, you’ll want to consider renting a climate-controlled unit in an indoor facility.  They are great for storing antiques. If protecting your items in the storage means a lot to you, you should get a unit that has good security and even video monitoring.

Garage doors
In order to pack your storage unit like a pro, you should choose a slightly bigger unit.

Call Spyder Moving and we’ll arrange everything for you!

Once you’ve decided to go for our premium storage units, simply contact us through our website! When you learn what you actually want to get and you have a good understanding of what unit size you need, call us and we can put a unit you like on hold. In case you don’t know what you are looking for exactly, our storage facility personnel will help you. We’ll assist you with the choices and help you choose the best options.