Guide to packing your IT equipment

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Packing your IT equipment is not the easiest possible part of the preparation process. You may be packing the office equipment. Or, maybe you are moving your household. In that case, you will have to pack your private equipment. Also, in case you have a home office, you must carefully pack all the IT equipment from it. Keep in mind that those items are sensitive and rather fragile. So, it would be good to consider specialized packing services, like the  Spyder Moving Services can provide. However, you may decide to pack the IT equipment yourself. If so, here is a detailed guide to help you to complete that task successfully. 

What makes packing your IT equipment so difficult?

Well, the IT equipment is very difficult to pack and move for a number of reasons:

  • Computers and other IT devices are very fragile and therefore can be easily damaged
  • It can be rather expensive to repair or replace the damaged IT equipment 
  • IT equipment also includes a lot of cables which can be easily mixed up
  • When packing, you can unintentionally damage some essential parts (like a graphic card). In such cases, it can be cheaper to buy a completely new device
  • You have to make sure to preserve all the data stored on your computers (otherwise, it can be completely lost)

    Person Using Macbook Pro and Drawing Pad - packing your IT equipment.
    When packing your IT equipment, make sure to pack each device separately.

As you can see, packing IT devices demands skills and knowledge. And the good packing materials too. All this is an additional reason to rethink packing yourself. In case you decide to look for professional help, give a call to packing and unpacking services. Check about their free terms, and book their help. So, you can be sure, that your IT equipment will be safely packed and taken care of. 

How to prepare your IT equipment for packing: a step-to-step guide

If you are planning to pack your computer equipment yourself, you first need to know the right way to do it. Before you even start, you need to know that packing IT devices takes more time than packing other things, such as clothes. So take enough time to pack. Also, when packing IT equipment, never rush.  Your IT devices are fragile and you have handled them with care. Also, when rushing, you can easily lose a grip. 

Before packing downsize as much as you can

Like packing everything else, the more IT devices you have, the more time you will need to pack them. So, to make packaging easier, consider getting rid of some of your IT equipment. You may have devices that are no longer in use. Or those that are so outdated or slow. Instead of leaving them collecting dust, it is much better to sell such devices. Additionally, transportation costs will be lower. The reason is that the charges of movers Brandon MS are depending on the number of your possessions. 

When disassembling and unplugging, take photos of your IT equipment

If you have saved a user guide for your IT equipment, great. That will help you disassemble and reassemble them properly. If you have lost manuals, it would be good to take pictures. So, take the photos before you start unplugging cables. Remember that packing is only the first part of moving. Once at your new location, you will need to unpack all your IT equipment and reinstall it. And to do so without instructions is quite difficult. So it is important to catalog where each cable goes before unplugging them. Only after you are sure that all connections are accurately recorded, you can leave your IT equipment to Oxford movers and packers for further work.

Close Up Photo of Plugged Cables.
Disconnect all cables only after taking pictures, or labeling cables and ports.

How to prepare your electronic IT devices for packing?

It is important to properly prepare the electronic devices for packing. In case you are moving the business, you might have IT technicians to help you with the process. If you are packing your home devices, you may do it yourself. Or, you may ask for help. The thing is that your electronics must be prepared for packing in a special way. So, before packing, make sure:

  • to make a backup of all data from your computers
  • all batteries must be removed from the electronic devices
  • disconnect all cables only after taking pictures, or labeling cables and ports
  • make sure to roll them up, fasten them with the twist ties, and pack every single disconnected cable
  • take out the cartridges
  • disconnect all the removable parts from your IT devices

Besides, make sure to complete all those tasks timely. Also, you have to unplug all electronic devices at least 24 hours prior to packing. That way, the electronics you are packing will be cool enough. Otherwise, they will be exposed to shocks and static electricity. That way, you can damage them behind repair. 

In the case of DIY packing, get all the necessary moving supplies on time

If you hire professional packing help, they will come with all the necessary packing equipment. However, in the case of DIY packing, get the moving supplies on time. That will help you to stay more organized. Also, you will not come into a situation to run around looking for packing materials in the middle of the packing process. Not only that you will get more stress. You will additionally lose a lot of precious time. So, here is the packing supplies checklist, which is a basic one for packing all your items, including your IT devices. 

How to safely pack your electronics for moving?

IT devices are delicate, so packing them for moving is a rather challenging process. In case you still have the original packing boxes, the packing will be easy. Every original box is custom-designed.  So, your devices would be perfectly safe during the move. In case you don’t have the original boxes, find the boxes of appropriate sizes.  

Couple Packing Products Together.
Always get the best quality packing supplies to pack your IT devices.

Always use the best quality supplies to pack your electronics

Even when moving to a tight budget, use quality moving supplies for your IT devices. They might be more costly. But, replacing the broken electronics is much more expensive. This is additionally important, as, during the DIY moving, your items are not covered by moving insurance. Unless you additionally purchase them. However, the practice shows that, for local moving, people are rarely getting them. 

In case of moving your business, the best would be to consider the commercial moving services. That will make your office relocation much easier. The moving company will take care of packing, supplies, insurance, and transportation. And, they will complete the packing of your electronics much faster. This is very important when you are moving a business. The faster relocation means that you will restart your business sooner. 

Wrapping your IT devices and putting them into the moving boxes

Before putting your IT devices into the moving boxes, it is important to wrap them properly. Using good quality packing material is important. Also, make sure that the wrapping material is not producing static electricity. Here are some wrapping tips that you can apply to your electronic devices:

  • wrap separately every electronic that you are packing
  • to prevent shifting inside the moving box, fill it with antistatic packing peanuts
  • don’t forget to label every moving box (write the contents on it)
  • at each moving box, add the label reading –  FRAGALE and THIS SIDE UP
  • make sure to protect all computer fens from dust
  • always use strong packing tape to seal the boxes
  • it would be good to add the silica bags into every moving box (so the box contents will stay dry)
  • when loading the boxes onto the moving truck, do it carefully
  •  Make sure to arrange the boxes in the moving truck in such a way that will prevent their sliding around
A man packing a box
Make sure all the electronics is safe during transportation

Additional tips related to moving boxes

In case you don’t have the original boxes anymore, you can apply a small trick. The professional movers are using it too. When moving to Tennessee, you can apply this trick to enhance the safety of your devices. All that you will need is a double moving box and some padding. First, take a bigger moving box and fill its bottom with some padding. On the padding, place the smaller moving box. After that, add some more padding between the sides of the smaller and bigger box. Once you are finished with that, place your already wrapped electronic device inside the smaller box. Close the leads and add some more antistatic packing peanuts. What remains is to close the lead of the bigger box and seal it with packing tape. This is a very simple, yet safe way to protect your devices during transportation. 

Consider help for packing IT equipment and electronics

In case you are not well-trained in dealing with IT devices and other electronics, it is better to consider hiring help. Packing yourself can look much cheaper. However, you can see how delicate the task is. So, be sure that the professional packers will know all the smart ways of packing your IT equipment. Also, you will be sure that all your valuable items will reach your new place safely. The bottom line, hiring professionals can show a much cheaper solution in the end.