Guide to packing rugs and carpets for moving

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Rugs and carpets are usually overlooked during the move. It is usually happening because they look easy for packing. But that is far from the truth. They need the same attention and careful handling as other parts of your household. Otherwise, they can be easily torn or damaged. And, without them, your house would lose on its warmth. Also, your house would look less cozy. Have you decided to make the DIY move? In that case, here is a guide to packing rugs and carpets for moving. In case you’ve opted for hiring Spyder Moving Services MS, they will take care of packing your rugs and carpets. They know how to pack and load them on the moving truck properly.

The main difference between rugs and carpets

Usually, people have two types of floors covers in their homes. Definition of rugs and carpets defer, depending on the country. In the USA, rugs and carpets are classified as:

  • Rugs – Rugs are the tick woven fabric which is partially covering the floor. They have both, protective and decorative purposes. They come in various shapes and colors, and they are movable.
  • Carpets – Carpet is traditionally defined as floor covering that consists of two layers. The upper layer is soft, and a layer below serves as a backing. The carpet is stretching from wall to wall and is affixed to the floor. Thus, it is not foreseen for moving.

    Packing rugs and carpets for moving - a light grey carpet with sofa, table and yellow chair on it.
    The carpet is stretching from wall to wall and is affixed to the floor.

Difference between hand or machine-made rugs

Depending on the method of making, rugs can be hand or machine-made. “Persian and Chinese” belong to a subcategory of hand-made rugs. They are costly, and their price also depends on their size. The machine-made rugs are cheaper. Also, the Persian and Chinese rugs have traditional patterns. The machine-made ones can have any shape or pattern. And, they can also be monochrome.

Packing rugs and carpets for moving

So, both rugs and carpets are covering the floor areas for protection, comfort, insulation, and decor. Carpets are fixed to the floor. So, like all other immovables, carpets should be left in the old home. However, it is nice to clean them properly before you hand over the keys. In some cases, the new owners will want you to remove the carpets. Check if you can, with some modifications, use them in your new home. Especially if they are new. In such a case, skilled craftsmen can remove them, without damaging the floor. In any case, make sure that your rugs and carpets are ready before the arrival of movers in Horn Lake MS.

How to clean carpets before moving?

If you’ve agreed with new owners to remove carpets, give them a proper clean. As they are big it is hard to handle them. So, you can clean them while they are still fixed. So, vacuum your carpets thoroughly. Only after you vacuum, wash, and dry them, you can de-attach them for packing. In case it is too hard for you, hire a reliable and good cleaning service.

How to clean rugs before moving?

Prior to packing and moving, clean your rugs as thoroughly as possible. This will, as well as regular cleaning, remove dirt, dust, allergens, and pests. However, you can also have your rugs cleaned by professionals. In this case, they can either clean the rugs at the spot. Or they can clean them on their premises. If you are doing the cleaning, it is good to keep cleaned rugs in the sunlight for some time.

You will need some tools and wrapping for packing your rugs and carpets

Wrapping is relatively simple. However, before you start, make sure that you have all the necessary tools and wrappings like:

  • Rope
  • Proper wrapping paper (kraft paper)
  • Packing tape
  • Packing knife or scissors

You probably have most of the needed packing material at home. If not, it is easy to purchase them. In case you can’t find the kraft paper, you can check with movers Oxford MS. They usually have a good stock of packing materials. In case the kraft paper is not available, you can use the bubble wrap sheets.

White sneakers and a vacuum cleaner on a blue-white rug.
Clean your rugs and carpets before moving.

How to properly pack your carpets and rugs?

As you have successfully completed the preparation phase, you can start with packing. The common understanding is that you just have to roll the rug and throw it into a moving truck. Actually, it demands a bit more work.

For moving some large rugs and carpets, you will need help

Some of your rugs and most carpets are heavy and big. So, you will not be able to handle them alone. The help of friends and family is welcome. In case you can’t find anyone to assist you, consider hiring professional help.

Flip the rug or carpet over

It is important that the back of the rug or carpet is facing up. That way, when you roll it up, the face of the rug should be facing out. The rug’s backing is fragile. So, it can easily crack when rolled up, due to stretching.

Roll rugs and carpets from the short side and tie them up

Once you flip them over, start rolling them from the short side. Make sure to roll them evenly and tightly. By rolling them, you will ensure that the rug or carpet fibers will remain in a good shape. Once you roll them up into a tube, use a rope to make a few ties. Start with tying them in the middle. After that, secure the sides, so they will not unroll.

Woman and man are carrying the rolled-up rug.
When rolled up the face of the rug should be facing out.

Wrap the rug and carpet with kraft paper for proper moving

By wrapping your rugs and carpets in kraft paper, you will protect them from getting into contact with any dirt. Secure the paper with packing tape, so that it will not open. Once you have completed this, let the local movers MS load it on the moving truck. They know that an upright position is the best way to keep them during transportation. In case your carpets and rugs have to lay down, they would never put some heavy boxes over. Anything heavy placed on top would cause pressure and crush your valuable rugs and carpets.

Learning about packing rugs and carpets, you may prefer to hire professionals

As you could see, packing rugs and carpets for moving is not hard. However, you need skills to do it properly. You will also need a lot of help during the preparation and packing phases. You also learned that you need to differently approach rug vs carpet preparation. And, you may change your mind. So, instead of DIY, you can hire a moving company to move your belongings, including your rugs and carpets.