Guide to packing porcelain items for transport

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Moving includes a lot of tasks. You need to organize everything and packing your belongings. Packing can be really demanding especially if you need to pack some fragile items like artworks, porcelain, or crystal. So to help you, here is a guide for packing porcelain items for transport.

Where to start

So, you have decided to move but you have a lot of things to organize. It would be good to have reliable movers on your side so they can safely transport your belongings. You can search for movers in Mississippi ask for a free estimate and choose the moving company that suits you the best. It is the easiest way to get professional help for your move and not to worry about your belongings. Whether you decide to do it yourself or to hire an agency, you should first decide what are you going to take with you. Go through your stuff and get rid of the items you do not need. It is the same with dishes, silverware, artworks, and all the fragile items. When you have decided what to take with you it is time to start packing.

In case you don’t have enough space in your new home, you can store your belongings. Make sure you choose the clean and well-maintained storage unit and pack properly your items for storing. It would be also good to choose a climate-controlled storage unit.

packing porcelain
Buy appropriate packing supplies to prevent your porcelain items from damage.

Find appropriate packing supplies for packing porcelain items for transport

If you have some fine porcelain between your items that need to be packed, you should be very careful. Firstly, you should clean it all. Then you should buy enough packing supplies. To pack your porcelain you will be needing appropriate supplies:

  • cardboard boxes
  • bubble bags are extremely important for packing porcelain items for transport
  • stretch wraps
  • packing tape
  • towels or blankets
  • packing peanuts

So, packing fragile items can be really challenging. If you are not sure you can do it yourself you can search for packing services Memphis TN residents recommend. They will make sure your valuable items are properly packed and safely transported. If you prefer to take care of these items personally then follow these tips. When you have gathered all the packing supplies you can start packing.

packing porcelain
Make sure you pack properly your items, wrap them in bubble bags.

If you have original boxes for your porcelain you should pack them inside. In case you haven’t kept them, it is important to find boxes that are not too big so the items don’t move inside. If there is some free space inside the box you can fill it with some paper, towels, or packing peanuts. Make sure you wrap entirely these items into bubble bags, in several layers. Then you can put them in boxes. You can also wrap them into blankets or towels and secure them with packing tape.

Find reliable movers

Besides packing it is really important to find movers that will take care of your valuable items. You can search for moving labor in Memphis. Let the reliable moving company conduct your move, pack your belongings, and relocate them safely. 

Follow these tips for packing porcelain items for transport. The most important is to have appropriate packing supplies and everything will be fine.