Guide to moving from Tupelo to Jackson MS

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Living in the great state of Mississipi is not a bad place to live at all. And, Mississippi is not a small state either, offering everything from the white sand beaches of Gulfport to the Tupelo cultural and economic center of the northern part of the state. However, if you really want to be at the center of the Mississippi you ought to go to its biggest city and capital, the city of Jackson. If that is what you are after then you have come to the right spot. This article will tell you all that you need to know about the city of Jackson and how to get moving from Tupelo to Jackson MS with ease. Therefore, read more in order to get all the info you need!

What will moving from Tupelo to Jackson MS mean

Before we talk about what moving companies Jackson MS you should hire and how to plan, we should talk about the most obvious point – what will a move from Tupelo, MS to the City of Jackson mean for you. In order to figure that out, we will talk about the differences between the cities. Hopefully, this will help you figure out how will your life look and differ between the cities.

moving from Tupelo to Jackson MS - jackson monument
What will this big step bring you?

So, first things first. Tupelo is no ta small city by Mississippi standards, and even though Jackson is bigger, you are still not moving into a metropolis. With only 164 000 people (best estimations for now) Jackson is almost 200th on the list of American largest cities. And yet, it is known as the city with a soul. This “crossroads of the South” is also home to a metropolitan area encompassing 585 000 people. Not small, but also not particularly impressive. Yet, it is not its size that is what matters in Jackson, as it is home to numerous musicians of blues, folk, jazz, and gospel varieties.

Few basic facts:

  • Education – most of the collegiate institutions in MS can be found in Jackson, with JSU being the largest one, and often the driving reason for moving from Tupelo to Jackson MS. There are also Hinds Community College, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Belhaven University, Millsaps College, and Tougaloo College.
  • Industry and business – Several major industries can be found in the city, including mainly electrical equipment and machinery as well as processed foods and the production of metal products.
  • Climate – Jackson enjoys a humid, subtropical climate with rain occurring throughout the year. However, you can always drive south enjoy a few sunny days by the beach of the Bay of Mexico.

Finding good movers

When moving locally, you don’t always need movers. Sure, they are a useful thing to have, but renting a pickup and inventing a few friends over to help you out with promises of pizza and drinks is also something you can do. However, you need help when moving from Tupelo to Jackson MS. This is because this trip is no piece of cake. It requires some long portions of the road and a pretty big distance. While it is not an interstate relocation, you are still moving long distance, meaning you will need the help of movers Tupelo MS.


Finding good movers is half of the job already done!

But how to find good movers? Well, finding good moving companies has never been easier. And yet, it is also made complicated by the number of movers that are out there. How do you find the right one? Three steps! First, check if they are licensed movers. Don’t work with amateurs or scammers. Secondly, make sure that they have good reviews. Experience and a good track record are what you are looking for in your relocation to Jackson, MS. Finally, make sure that your residential movers of choice offer the best value for your buck!

Having a plan

If you are to moving from Tupelo to Jackson MS you will need a plan much more thorough than for local movers MS. You should start planning at least 7, and optimally 10 weeks before the move. That way you are giving yourself plenty of time. Time for what, exactly? Well, there are a lot of things to organize prior to the move. For one, you should plan what to move and what not to move. Where you are moving, and what should be unpacked first. What are the essential items? How will you handle utilities and address change? What about voter registration etc… All of those things need to be figured out, and you will definitely need 7 weeks, minimum.

Taking inventory, packing, and downsizing

Let us dive in a little bit deeper into the items you will be moving from Tupelo to Jackson. In order to make sure you only move what you need, take inventory. When moving long-distance, moving less means a cheaper move, so make sure you go over all the items you need and pack them with care.

a man writing on a pad
Be sure to write things down!

Once you are finished with that, you have few options for the possessions that will not have their place on the arc. You can sell them, store them, recycle them, or our favorite, give them away to one of many America’s top charities. That way you are helping the community!

To summarise

And so we come to the end of this article. Just in case you are moving from Tupelo to Jackson MS last minute and didn’t have the time to read the whole article, we will summarise a few key points of the text. First and foremost it is important to know who is moving you and at what price. The lowest bidder isn’t always the best option, so be careful. Furthermore, be sure to start planning as early as possible, but at least 7 weeks before the moving day. Finally, be sure to pack and inquire about additional services with care. If you do all of that, you are pretty much on course to have a successful relocation to the Mississippi capital. Bon voyage!