Guide to Moving from Texas to Tennessee

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Approaching a relocation doesn’t have to be a stressful time for you. We share some tips on how to prepare yourself for moving from Texas to Tennessee. If you follow them, you will see that moving doesn’t have to be hard. And with the right help from Spyder Moving and Storage, it can be even easier. We are here to make your relocation the best it can be!

a person writing a plan about moving from Texas to Tennessee
Making a detailed plan about moving from Texas to Tennessee will help you a lot!

Why would you be moving from Texas to Tennessee?

Tennessee as a state offers a lot to its residents. It is ranked as one of the cheapest states to live in, with low cost of living, and affordable housing. There are both bustling cities and peaceful towns, beautiful nature and a lot of attractions. Tennessee is also famous for its country music and heartwarming southern food. No matter what you are searching for, this state can give you a great life with really friendly people to meet. You won’t make a mistake if you call Tennessee movers to start your relocation.

Making a plan to help your move from Texas to Tennessee

The first thing that is recommended when you have a move coming up is to prepare a detailed plan. This will allow you to get ahead of everything and remain calm. Relocations are a lot of work, they require a lot and sometimes can become messy. And trying to keep all you need to do in your mind can be overwhelming. Preparing a detailed plan for your long distance from Texas will help you out a lot. Write about all the things you need to finish, pack, or everyone you need to say goodbye to.

Decluttering and packing your home

Decluttering is a big part of your move preparation. This means that you go through all the things and see what you want to keep and what you have no use for anymore. Anything that you don’t want to bring to your new home, you can sell, donate or simply throw away. After that comes packing. If you are not using the packing services that Texas long distance moving companies have, you should learn how to do it properly.

Choose boxes of different sizes, so you don’t have to overfill them. Instead, use packing peanuts or other similar materials to fill the box to the top. This way nothing will get damaged from moving. Tape the box securely, and always remember to label the box. You can write the name of the room that you will put the things in, and even put a little list of everything inside.

two people holding a box
Make your packing easy by getting familiar with the proper way of packing

Protecting larger items in your home when moving from Texas to Tennessee

Once you get to the large objects and furniture in your house, if you are not using the help from your interstate movers Texas offers, you should be careful. Wrap all the edges of a piece of furniture with protective material. You can use bubble wrap or even blankets, anything that will prevent damage. If you have a piece with drawers, be sure to take everything out so it is easier to load it into the truck. After that, wrap the drawers shut so that they don’t fall out during the drive. Preparing your fridge, you should take everything out, melt any ice that is there and leave the doors open for some time so mold doesn’t happen.

Hiring a professional moving company and how to choose the best one

Do you know how to choose between the best Tennessee long distance moving companies? Since you will need to trust them with all of your things, your time, and your money, you need to make sure they are reliable.

There are different websites that you can visit and see if a company has its proper license, like Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). You can avoid scam companies this way, and be sure that the one you chose will be the right fit. On top of that, always check the reviews from previous clients. The reviews will show you how a company treats its clients and the relocation experience that you will have with them.

What to prepare for your moving day?

People often don’t realize that you need to have some things prepared for your moving day. First and foremost, be sure that you are ready before your movers come! Don’t be still in the process of packing, in your pajamas, and with things left to finish. Once the team of movers comes, if you are ready they can start their work right away. This means that you won’t waste any time and you also won’t be under stress. Since moving to Tennessee from Texas is an interstate and a long distance move, it is best to start as soon as possible.

You should also prepare a bag of essentials for when you are moving. As sometimes delays are possible, and the drive is long, you might need some things. So pack a change of clothes, essential cosmetics, water bottles, and some snacks. You might also want to think about preparing some basic groceries for the first day at home. While you are setting in and unpacking, it might be too much to have to run to the store constantly.

a guy packing a suitcase before moving from Texas to Tennessee
Pack a bag of essentials so you have everything you need with you

Settling into your life in Tennessee after moving from Texas

Once you get to your home, you won’t immediately feel at home, and that is normal. Making a place feel homey can take a while, but you can start by decorating and filling the space with your and your family’s spirit. Use some of the familiar items around the house, your favorite scents, and photographs. And after moving from Texas to Tennessee you will also get the opportunity to explore your new city. This can be a very exciting part of the move. And all you need to do is to first contact us at Spyder Moving and Storage and start fantasizing about your new life!