Guide to moving from Tennessee to Florida

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Are you planning to move to Florida? If you are, then you are one of the many people who have recently been relocating from Tennessee to Florida. People move to Florida for many different reasons, but the primary reason is the weather. Florida’s warm climate and plenty of sunshine all year round make it a desirable place to live. Still, moving to a new state can pose certain challenges. That is why we at Spyder Moving Services TN have prepared this useful guide to moving from Tennessee to Florida.

Long-distance moving is challenging

Whether we are moving to a new state or a new country, we should understand that moving long-distance is a big undertaking. So, we should be prepared for any circumstance that may arise. Before moving to a new place, you should try to get to know the culture of the new place. You can do some research on the place to be aware of the challenges you will be facing. Also, make a moving plan and stick to it. Prepare a packing schedule and organize all your belongings. In addition, moving long-distance can be overwhelming, so try to get some help with packing and moving. You can ask your friends and family to help you with the move to Florida. Or, you can get some assistance from some of the best long distance movers Memphis has to offer.

Professional movers in van
Hire professional help when moving long-distance

Understand the differences between Tennessee and Florida before moving

Tennessee and Florida are quite different, from the scenery and climate to taxes. So, it would be wise to get to know Florida better before you move there. This will save you some stress and you will be able to adjust to the new environment much faster.

Moving from Tennessee

Tennessee is the home of country music and the 16th most populous state in the US. Even though many people move here every year, many people move away from Tennessee looking for work. There is no state income tax in Tennessee and people get to keep more of what they earn here. Even though the job market is on the rise, people are still considering moving to places with a higher standard of living, such as Florida.

Moving to Florida

Like Tennessee, Florida has no state income tax, and the standard of living is slightly higher in some places. However, this can be countered by the fact that the cost of living is higher in Florida on average. Still, some careers are more lucrative and in-demand, such as real estate and communications.

To go into further detail, here are some of the main differences between Florida and Tennessee:

  • Cost of living – Since Tennessee is smaller than Florida, it also houses fewer people. Comparing the cost of living, we can see that Florida is much more expensive to live in. So, consider your move carefully and choose your new neighborhood well.
  • Weather – Florida gets many more sunny days per year than Tennessee. Also, it rains considerably less in Florida. So, if you prefer warm weather and plenty of sunshine, you will enjoy moving to the Sunshine State.
  • Job opportunities – Even though Florida has a higher cost of living, it offers plenty of job opportunities. In fact, the unemployment rate is lower in Florida than in Tennessee.

These are just some differences between Tennessee and Florida. Make sure to do thorough research on your own before moving from Tennessee to Florida.

Couple organizing for moving from Tennessee to Florida
Good organization is key when you are moving from Tennessee to Florida

Organize well before moving from Tennessee to Florida

Good organization is very important, no matter where we are moving. And, moving long-distance means you will have to prepare everything well in advance to avoid any stress or delays. There are many things to consider before moving to Florida. You should start by making a moving checklist for your move to Florida. Here, you should include everything that must be accomplished before moving day. After making the list, the preparation is simple. Now, you will just be checking off the items one by one. Remember to cancel all the subscriptions to your old address and inform the companies of your new address. Also, prepare packing supplies and rent a moving van.

If you do not have enough time to plan everything, you can always hire a moving company. Many Tennessee long-distance movers can help you with planning and moving to your new house.

Start packing ahead of time when moving to Florida

Packing is one of the most time-consuming parts of moving to a new place. When we move to a new house, we have to make sure the old one is empty for the new tenants. Also, we may have lots of things that have accumulated over time. Before you start packing, you may want to organize all your belongings. You may not wish to move everything to your new home, so try to sort the things into a few categories. Choose what items you will be packing, selling, donating, and throwing away. When sorting the items, ask yourself whether you will use the items again in the future. Then, you can get rid of any items that no longer have a use. Depending on the state of those items, you can sell them or donate them. And, you can throw away any items that are no longer usable.

Once you choose what items you will be bringing with you, you need to pack them. If you have already prepared packing supplies, such as boxes and bubble wrap, start placing the things in boxes. Make sure you write down the contents of each box and label the boxes. This will help you when you are unpacking once you arrive in Florida. You will know where everything is and you can make sure the right boxes are placed in the right rooms. Or, you can always hire the packing services Memphis TN has to offer to help you with the packing.

Silhouette of people on the beach
Moving from Tennessee to Florida can be a great adventure

Get ready for a new adventure

Moving to a new state means you will have to leave behind familiar surroundings. Also, you will be leaving behind your friends. However, moving to a new state also means you can get to know a whole new place and its unique features. You will meet new people and make new friends in no time once you settle. So, embrace this opportunity and start exploring Florida once you finish unpacking. There are so many fun things to do in Florida, so start as soon as you can.

Moving to a new state brings many challenges with it, as we have already seen. You have to worry about packing and meeting new people. Still, moving can be made much simpler when we prepare well. Hopefully, our guide to moving from Tennessee to Florida will make your relocation much simpler.