Guide to moving from Starkville to Oxford

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For moving from Starkville to Oxford MS, you will need a bit less than two hours drive. It is not a long trip. Still, for a successful relocation, you will need to prepare properly. This means you will have to hire reliable movers, like Spyder Moving Services MS. Also, you will have to make a good and detailed moving plan. That will help you organize your time and tasks in the right way. Also, in this way, your preparations will be successfully completed by the moving day.

Prepare a detailed moving plan for moving from Starkville to Oxford

Some people consider move planning a waste of time. Especially when moving is so short, like from Starkville to Oxford. However, you will soon realize that a good moving plan is saving time. People are usually losing a lot of time pondering what to do next. Following the moving plan, you will avoid such an idle waste of time. And, when preparing to move, every minute counts. Also, a good moving plan will help you to remember all the tasks you need to complete before the move.

A student is walking towards university after moving from Starkville to Oxford.
Oxford MS is home to the University of Mississippi.

Things that the moving plan has to define

Drafting a moving plan is actually a simple task. You just have to write down the jobs that you have to complete during the preparation period. For this purpose, you can use just a pen and a piece of paper. Or you can create a list on your cell phone. So, all that you need to complete it successfully is a bit of concentration. When making a moving plan you will define:

  • Process for hiring a reliable moving company
  • The exact date for your relocation
  • Process of decluttering
  • What to do with the surplus items
  • How to make the inventory and decide on the amount of packing material
  • Purchase the packing material
  • Decide about the packing procedure
  • Prepare the essential moving bag
  • Set the moving budget, including the contingency fund
  • Cancel utility, supplies, and contracts in Starkville
  • Give a call to utility providers in Oxford MS
  • Apply for changing the contact information and address with the respective banks and state bodies

Following your moving plan, step by step, your preparations will develop orderly. So, without losing time and thinking about the next step, you will be ready on time for the long-distance movers. And the whole preparation process will be much easier and faster.

What is the difference between Starkville and Oxford?

Regarding the cost of living, Oxford and Starkville don’t differ so much. Living costs in Starkville MS are just 0.9% less than in Oxford. The main difference is the Median Home Cost. It is about 10% higher in Oxford. To purchase a property in Starkville, you need $188,200. The same size home in Oxford will cost you $207,900.

At the same time, the costs of groceries, food, healthcare, transportation, and utilities show only a slight difference.

A woman is sitting and writing notes.
With a good moving plan, your relocation will be easy.

A few things that you should know before moving to Oxford

Oxford is a city located in Lafayette County, MS. Like a popular university city in the UK, Oxford MS is home to the University of Mississippi. The University was founded in 1848. It is one of the 30 best universities in the USA, ensuring the largest funds per student. So, it goes without saying that the moving to Oxford MS, a good education for your kids is granted. 

According to the last census, Oxford has 29,433 residents. The majority of the population are young people, aged 18 to 25. The census also showed that 46% of residents own their property. The rest of 54% are renting. Also, the records of movers Oxford MS show a rather high number of relocations. The reasons behind those figures are understandable. A lot of students are annually moving in and out of the town. And they are mostly renting during the school year.

The economy, income, and salaries in Oxford MS

As in many other towns, Oxford MS felt the influence of the recent pandemic. However, during the last year, the economy has started to recover. So, the job market increased by 2.2%. Still, the unemployment rate in Oxford is 4.5%. However, this is much less than the 5.8% unemployment rate in Starkville. The USA unemployment rate is 6.0%.

The average income in Oxford is $22,025 a year, while the USA average is $28,555. In Starkville, the average annual income per resident is $22,787. The Median household income per resident is $31,230. That is lower than the USA average of $53,482 a year. However, it doesn’t defer much from Starkville’s household income per resident of $31,357 a year.

The main employers who you can contact after moving from Starkville to Oxford

 In case you still don’t have employment at the time of moving, you will have to look for one. Of course, unless you are using the services of movers Starkville MS to continue your studies. So, we have here prepared the list of the biggest employers in Oxford. And some of them may be the right for you, depending on your vocation:

  • The University of Mississippi
  • Olin Corporation – Winchester Division
  • North Mississippi Regional Center
  • Baptist Memorial Hospital
  • Oxford School District
  • Lafayette County School District
  • The Wal-Mart Supercenter
  • City of Oxford
  • The Lafayette County
  • CoreLogic/FNC Inc.
  • S.W.M. Inc.
A street with potted plants and restaurants.
In downtown Oxford, you will find nice restaurants.

Attractions and places that you can enjoy in your free time in Oxford

One of the biggest attractions in Oxford is Lafayette County Courthouse. Completed in 1872, it dominates the famous town downtown, called simply The Square. There, you will find restaurants, comfortable inns, bookstores, galleries, and many boutiques. Besides The Square, Oxford has several other famous places:

  • The Vaught-Hemingway Stadium
  • The Lamar Park
  • Confederate Cemetery
  • A house of William Faulkner – Rowan Oak
  • The University of Mississippi
  • Lyceum-The Circle Historic District
  • The Thacker Mountain Rail Trail
  • A famous hiking trail – Bailey’s Woods Trail

Those are just some of the attractions of Oxford. Living there, you will find many other places that you will enjoy visiting. And you will, for sure, enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of this unique university town.

Oxford offers its residents a great quality of life

Although a small town, after moving from Starkville to Oxford you will find it charming. Living in Oxford, you will have numerous possibilities to enjoy arts, culture, sports events, and musical performances. Like so many artists, you could find inspiration in the rich Oxford history. Or you can simply relax and enjoy its exceptional culinary tradition. With so many events and things to see and try, you will never be bored in Oxford.