Guide to moving from Oxford to Biloxi

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You are finally moving from Oxford to Biloxi and as you already know, there is a long road ahead. You must prepare for the packing process, set aside a moving budget, work on your legalities, and find adequate movers Oxford MS. All those tasks are tiring and time-consuming so you’ll need a proper moving plan to execute each task on time. More importantly, to have a successful relocation on your hands. Therefore, today we will help you assemble a moving guide worth your time. Let’s take a look.

A good organization is a key to success

As we said, when moving from Oxford to Biloxi you must have a steady plan in your hands. To create one, you must create a moving checklist along with the inventory list. Start by inspecting your entire home. Cover room by room and do not forget to include loft, garage, basement, and backyard. Inspect all areas and note all furniture and household items onto the inventory list. Then, start thinking about the safety of the environment and realize if some of the furniture can create problems when moving out. And finally, note down all the errands, moving responsibilities, and chores you must cover before the moving date.

a woman writing on the list
Organize yourself like a pro. Create the inventory and a moving checklist and follow them until the end.

And of course, you’ll execute your plans guided by your moving date and personal preferences. Talk to your movers about the prices, services, and the best date to move. Hopefully, you can take time off work and make it all less stressful. If you can’t then movers will have to fit into your schedule.

Find your movers as soon as possible

As you know, the easiest way to find movers Biloxi MS is to search online. Simply browsing for an hour, you’ll find many eligible moving choices. But before you hire anyone, you should take a closer look at their offers. Check prices and services to narrow your search down. Once you have a company in mind, read some of the reviews to confirm they are treating their customers well. Finally, when you have a list of the top 3 candidates, give them a call and check if they are licensed and if they possess all the tools required for the job. Also, they must have a sizeable moving vehicle along with knowledgeable and experienced manpower. And do not worry, all legit moving companies do.

Secure your investment and dedicate a budget for moving from Oxford to Biloxi

Moving from Oxford to Biloxi can be hard and expensive and it is important which moving company will assist you. To avoid hiring scammers or a fraudulent moving crew, you must inspect them a bit further. As we already mentioned, you will read reviews but you can read external blog posts, social media comments, and obtain referrals as well. Sometimes a word of mouth can turn the tide. So, cover this part thoroughly. Also, check if your movers are registered online on one of the moving-related websites. Check FMCSA, the US Movers Association, or the Better Business Bureau. It will be enough to confirm the legitimacy of your moving company. And if you are moving a business, then this research is something you must do. Hiring commercial movers is a big deal so you better secure your investment, your home, and your business.

a woman counting money
Keep your budget in check and do not pay for any service before you confirm the legitimacy of your moving company.

Declutter and downsize when moving from Oxford to Biloxi

Cleaning before and after the move is important. Obviously, you will clean your new home after all the ruckus is over and you will clean your old place after you move out. But what is more important is to declutter before moving. The process of decluttering and downsizing will rejuvenate you mentally and you will have an easier relocation in general. How – you might ask? The answer is simple. If you check all the areas inside your home you will surely find many items that are unusable. Maybe they are broken, outdated, unusable, or outgrown. Whatever the case might be, you should shuffle through it and decide what should stay and what to remove. Check out the following areas inside your home:

  • Attic.
  • Garage.
  • Basement.
  • Rooms inside your home.
  • Backyard.

We all have a broken fridge or a TV stashed somewhere inside our homes. Maybe it is time to donate, sell online, recycle, or give to friends and relatives. If you do it right, you’ll have much more space in your new apartment. Moreover, your relocation will be cheaper because you’ll have fewer items to pack and fewer materials to use. Not to mention that it will be safer, easier, and faster. Therefore, spare a few hours and get this done.

Ask for additional help and utilize moving services

Ok, you will surely purchase several Spyder Moving Services MS to make your relocation easier or less time-consuming. There are packing services and other special services that might make it all easier. But what if you need more manpower? As you know, movers charge by the hour and obviously, if you ask for an additional mover, it might cost a lot. So, this might be a moment to ask your friends, neighbors, coworkers, or relatives to help you out. Give them enough time to check their schedules and think about this request. Some of them will respond straight away and some will make an excuse. Nevertheless, all you need is but one friend you can trust to help you with minor tasks, chores, errands, and some of the moving responsibilities. After all, having someone to keep you company while packing should be enough.

find a friend to help you when moving from Oxford to Biloxi
Find at least one friend to keep you company while packing. It will make the whole process more fun.

Cover legalities and get ready to hit the road

Now, to cover the last part of your moving endeavor will be easy but you must do it well in advance. Yes, we are talking about all the paperwork, documents, and legalities. You shouldn’t leave this task for the last week simply because some of the documents take a longer time to transfer or update in the system. Therefore, as soon as you figure out the date, start covering your personal ID, driver’s license, medical records, passport, credit cards, etc. Also, you should transfer services like Wi-Fi and cellphone along with your mail. A few trips to DMV, a local internet provider, and the post office to set up a PO box will do the trick. Although, most of it can be done online. So, make sure to submit your transfer requests as soon as you decide on moving.

Now you are all set for moving from Oxford to Biloxi. With a good organization and a trustworthy moving company by your side, nothing can go wrong. Just make sure you cover all steps we mentioned on time and be ready when movers arrive. Good luck and stay safe.