Guide to moving from New York to Memphis

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Moving from one place to another can be exciting. However, it is even more exciting when you are moving from one lively city to another. Even though New York is famous for “having it all”, we are sure you will not be disappointed with what Memphis has to offer. Memphis is famous for welcoming all people with seven nights of live music and iconic music venues, museums, and art galleries. On the other hand, Memphis has one of the cheapest costs of living in the whole country, with affordable houses. And with Spyder Moving and Storage, moving from New York to Memphis will be a piece of cake!

Let’s see what makes Memphis a good place for living

Memphis is the second most populous city in Tennessee with a population of around 670 000 residents. Compared with New York City, this will probably be a big change for you. But you will see all the benefits of life in Memphis quite soon. Above all, it is one of the best places in Tennessee. It offers great outdoor activities, great weather, and shorter commute times. If you want to live in a city where every day is a holiday and there is always something to do, you came to the right place. With long distance movers Memphis, moving from New York to Memphis will be the beginning of a great adventure you will have a chance to experience every day!

A busy street in Memphis.
When you move from New York to Memphis, you will not miss a thing. Here, every day is a holiday!

Moving from New York to Memphis can finally help you to afford to buy a house

We all know how much New York is expensive for living, not to mention house prices. Maybe you were unable to afford to buy a house in New York, but this task will be much easier to achieve in Memphis. Memphis has housing costs that are 34% lower than the national average. Here you can buy a medium-sized home for $228,326. In New York, you’d have to pay four times as much for the same house! However, if you are still not ready to buy, you would be happy with renting prices as well. Let some of the most affordable movers Memphis TN help you move into an affordable place. Studio apartments cost around $700 a month, one-bedroom homes cost around $800, and two-bedroom houses are typically around $900 per month. If you need more space, you can rent three-bedroom properties for about $1,300 per month.

Memphis offers great chances for employment

Memphis has a port that is one of the largest on the Mississippi River and it has maintained its status as a major transportation center. It is constantly growing and, with transportation technologies advancing, Memphis International Airport has become the second-largest cargo airport in the world. Memphis has one of the strongest economies in the Southeastern United States. Moving from New York to Memphis could be a good choice for you in this segment as well. Over the past year, the job market has grown by 2.1%. About 34.5 percent of the jobs are in the manufacturing and transportation sector. No wonder why movers in Tennessee are doing their jobs with such ease. In the next 10 years, Memphis’s job market is expected to grow by about 36%. For a few years now, Memphis is always ranked among the top cities in the country for job opportunities!

Woman smiling with her colleague while working.
Memphis will provide you with many opportunities for employment.

You will enjoy Memphis weather and various activities throughout the whole year

If you like seeing the beauty of all four seasons, Memphis is the right place to live. The city has a humid subtropical climate, which means that summers are usually hot and winters aren’t too cold. Winter’s coldest temperatures usually stay just above freezing, and light snowfall is common during the season. In the summer, temperatures can reach the 80s and 90s, and it can be very humid. Most storms happen in the spring. People say that March, April, and May are the months with the most rain and the least from August to October. But here you don’t have to stay inside, either in the winter or in the summer. Outdoor lovers can have a great time in Memphis almost all year long. From biking, playing golf, visiting Shelby Forest, or the bison at Shelby Farm. Or you can canoe or kayak on the Mississippi or the Ghost.

What are the best areas to live in Memphis when moving from New York?

In the case of Memphis, we can say – every area is the best area! There are many different places to live in Memphis, each with its own charms and advantages. If you want to be close to bars and the nightlife, choose houses or condos in Midtown or Downtown. The best bars, restaurants, and venues in the city will be within walking distance. There are also lots of cheap, family-friendly neighborhoods in Memphis. Frayser and Whitehaven are just two places with large homes for families close to schools, parks, and other family-friendly places. Sea Isle, an up-and-coming neighborhood in Memphis’s east side, is growing quickly and is very popular with young families and couples. Memphis has a place for you to grow and thrive no matter where you choose to live when you move from New York with the help of furniture movers Memphis TN.

The Mississippi river that you can visit anytime after moving from New York to Memphis
When you move from New York to Memphis, you will be given the opportunity to enjoy the amazing nature and sunsets above the Mississippi river.

Memphis will offer you everything you need

Moving from New York to Memphis will be a significant change. However, we truly believe it will be the change for the better. Memphis can fulfill every need, no matter if you are moving here alone or with the family. Thanks to chances for great employment and a lower cost of living, you will feel the shift in the quality of your daily life. From the New York jungle to a relaxed southern lifestyle. And with all the amazing daily activities and never-ending music, we are sure your mood and heart will feel the change too!