Guide to moving from Memphis to NYC

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Moving to a smaller place like Memphis has its benefits. But sometimes we are eager for more. More opportunities. Opportunities for better education for our kids, better job offers, and a better way of living. And sometimes all of that you can find in one place. One of those places is actually New York City. When planning to move to this city, you need to be aware of the costs of living, possibilities that you can bump into, etc. That is why moving from Memphis to NYC is something people are searching for. One of the things that will help you smoothly relocate to this place where every day is a holiday is to hire professionals. Professionals like Spyder Moving Services. The company that will give its best to relocate you in the best possible way.

Things you should think of when moving from Memphis to NYC

When you plan a move, there are some things you need to do good research about. It is not important how visited the city is. This is something that is changing throw months and years. In big cities on a daily level. You need to know about the ways of living and whether this place actually suits you. There are things most people are not ready to give up.

The view of buildings when moving from Memphis to NYC
Compare the places and see which one suits you the most

For instance, one of those things is relocating to a city where you know it will be hard to find a house. You will be living in an apartment. If you are lucky in a quite big one. But still, it is not the same when you have your own backyard to have a coffee and not be disturbed by the crowd on the streets. On the other hand, moving with Tennessee long distance movers to NYC will give you a chance to have a cup of coffee in a different bar every day for the rest of your life.

Compare the living costs

Living in NYC will definitely be more expensive than living in Memphis. Buying a home in NYC will cost you around $550.000. It might seem too much, but you will be getting a lot out of it. In NYC every building has its own maintenance. This means that the money you will pay for buying a home here includes the maintenance of that building and the area in front of it. So when you buy a home here and plan the relocation with movers in  Memphis TN area, keep in mind that you will get full services when it comes to keeping your home place neat and clean.

When it comes to food and groceries, living in NYC will give you a chance to get a take-out almost every day. Because the prices of buying your own food and ordering it are pretty much the same. This means that you will not save some special amount of money if you cook every day. You can spend that time you would spend cooking, going out, having a meal with your friends or even spending it on something you love.

Why are people moving from Memphis to NYC?

There are a few most common reasons why people do this.

  1. Better job opportunities,
  2. Best public and private schools,
  3. Lovely neighborhoods that can offer pretty much the same as living in the center of NYC,
  4. An extraordinary variety of restaurants, clubs, bars, etc.

    people walking
    You can find your dream job in NYC

The job market in NYC

Moving from a place that has an unemployment rate of 8% is something you must do when looking for better job opportunities. NYC has a really low unemployment rate. You can find a job in almost every field and be satisfied with your salary. Do not let the price market confuse you. Like in any other city, starting from scratch can be challenging and hard. But knowing how visited NYC is and how well you will be able to progress should definitely make you hire furniture movers Memphis has and prepare your items for your new office space. The other great thing is if you are a young person looking for a fresh start. You can find numerous companies that are looking for people without experience to help them develop a better company.

How good NYC is for kids?

When it comes to the city of New York, you will be delighted to hear that some of the best both public and private schools are located here. There are plenty of daycares for single parents. So, you finding a dream job should not be a problem once you have a safe place to leave your kids at. Speaking of kids, we must not forget some of the best neighborhoods NYC has. So if you do not feel like living in the city center, you can always try to find a home in one of the suburbs. The transportation between the center of New York City and then the suburbs is excellent. There should be no problem you driving to work every day.

Is NYC safe?

According to statistics, NYC is one of the safest places on earth. It might not look like it, but this lovely place has a great connection between town forces, police, and the residents. Even though the diversity is on a high level, people here respect each other. This is also one of the reasons why moving here with kids will be a great choice. Your kids will learn that no matter where we come from, we are all the same and we all deserve the same respect.

crowd on Times Square in NYC
Think about the benefits of moving from Memphis to NYC

If you have ever thought about moving from Memphis to NYC you should follow your instincts. Even though sometimes NYC can be too much of everything, you will get so many opportunities and benefits when living here. So that is why you should not hesitate and follow your dream to live in the world’s best city.