Guide to moving from Memphis to Cordova

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Relocating home brings prosperity and a promise of a bright future ahead. It can be an adventure worth remembering or a nightmare you would like to forget. Nevertheless, your move is upon you and you must prepare for it. The way you organize all steps and secure your transition will determine if this is a pleasant or bad experience. And today we will make sure you enjoy the whole process and end up with a smile on your face. Let us show you how to prepare for moving from Memphis to Cordova. Let’s begin!

You must figure out the budget and moving costs when moving from Memphis to Cordova

The very first step on this journey is the moment you got the news. You are moving, what now? Simply, let’s start with a moving date. Hopefully, you can choose the one you like, but usually, we end up with a date most suitable for the whole situation and everyone involved. If an amazing property pops up on the market and you have two weeks to relocate, you’ll go for it no doubt. So, as soon as you know the moving date, start planning on the budget and create a moving checklist. If you have at least two weeks on your hands, you won’t have problems. Now, the main focus at this stage is on the moving checklist. It should contain all the steps you will take before you are ready to relocate. Also, add a section of steps you will cover once you settle in.

You will need a moving checklist when moving from Memphis to Cordova
Assemble your moving checklist and use it as a guide through the process.

Make an ultimate guide and use it often. This way you won’t forget a thing and you’ll keep up with everything. Your list should cover the packing process along with the number of packing materials you need, and a search for a reliable moving company. Those two are crucial. And take some time to consider all the Spyder Moving Services available to you. Options are vast and amazing, but we will explain this further down the line.

Let’s find the best moving company for you!

People want to be safe while moving and to relocate their belongings without any damages. But the knowledge and expertise required to do it so lie in a reliable moving company. And to find one might seem tricky at the beginning but it is actually not so hard. Just follow a few important steps while looking for one. Firstly, search for your moving company online, it is the best place to find the local movers in Memphis TN you are looking for. And to narrow down the search, you should compare prices, services, and read reviews. Once you are sure that you found one that met the criteria, give them a call.

A few things to look out for and to ask your movers:

  • Payment method.
  • Moving insurance.
  • Do they have all the tools, equipment, vehicles, and manpower for the job?
  • And anything else that comes to mind.

There is no moving from Memphis to Cordova without a packing plan in place

Your moving from Memphis to Cordova project will require a delicate packing plan. Each relocation has one and it varies in complexity depending on the personal situations. Therefore, let us quickly cover yours and tuck everything in nicely. First, you should inspect everything. Begin with the areas of your home starting from the top to bottom. Check your attic, basement, shed, garage, yard, and all rooms inside your home. Inspect the environment to figure out if there are any obstacles on the way your movers might run into. And inspect your belongings as well.

Packing materials on a table
Figure out how much packing materials you need and tackle packing like a pro.

Once you have this info, go to the nearest hardware store and obtain cardboard moving boxes, packing tape, blister packs, and labels. Cardboard boxes are the absolute winner and you will need at least 20 but you can always add more depending on the situation. Then, you should use blister packs to tuck in everything nicely. Although, a much cheaper solution is to use old cloth, blankets, sheets, etc. that you already have at home. Use packing tape to secure your boxes once you fill them in. And finally, label each box with the content inside. It is a great way of knowing where your things are and you will know what to unpack first when the time comes.

Clean out your old space

Since we mentioned the whole home inspection already, we must add one more thing. You should know that this is the right moment to get rid of all the junk and unwanted items you might possess. We all tend to hoard stuff from time to time and for various reasons. No matter, now you are shuffling through everything you have anyway, and it is the best time to clean a bit. The decluttering process can be emotionally hard but the results are amazing. Hence, while inspecting your belongings and while packing, set aside anything that you consider the unused or unwanted item.

Cluttered room
It is the best time to clean out the clutter. Do it as soon as you can and start fresh.

Eventually, you’ll end up with a pile of items that you can either gift to your friends, or donate, sell, recycle, or simply throw away. Or you can organize a farewell yard sale and have fun while doing it. Make moving from Memphis to Cordova clutter-free and start fresh at your new home.

Browse the moving services

Remember the moving services we mentioned earlier? Yes, some of the services are quite lucrative and a real life-saver. Moving services are an affordable way to save your precious time and to make your relocation safer and more efficient. A great example is packing and unpacking services. If the whole packing process is boring and tiresome for you, or you have no time for it, this is the solution. And there are many other services that can turn the tide so be sure to browse and check your options before you make your final decision.

Go through the legalities on time

And the final touch is to take care of your important moving documents along with all personal documents and IDs. You should gather everything in a single box or a bag and you should transport it yourself. This one is too valuable and you shouldn’t take any risks. So, check your bank and medical records, passport, credit cards, driver’s license, etc. And do it for each member of the family. Ensure that everything is up to date and that all relevant parties are updated with the change of address and billing information. Also, reroute your mail and set up the PO box as soon as you can. Do this as soon as possible because hard copies take some time to transfer and update in the system, especially if you are moving to a different country.

Now you are ready for moving from Memphis to Cordova. As long as you have your moving checklist with you and check up on it regularly, you’ll stay on schedule. For all other questions and special requests, you should communicate with your movers. Hopefully, you’ll find a trustworthy company and you will have a successful and safe relocation. Good luck.