Guide to moving from Memphis to Collierville

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Are you considering moving from the busy Memphis to a smaller Collierville? Moving from Memphis to Collierville can be a breeze if you know what to expect. That is exactly why we made this guide. Moving can be confusing, especially if you don’t really know the place you are moving to very well and don’t know how the moving works. We are here to explain both the location and the process!

All you need to know about Collierville

If you are to be moving to Collierville via local movers Memphis TN, you should first know where you are going, right? Collierville is the biggest town in the state of Tennesse, being the neighborhood of the Memphis metropolitan area. It has a small population of just under 50 000 people, with the medium income being around 44 000$ and steadily increasing. The town covers 36.30 sq miles.

The town is small, but fast-expanding, with a lot of housing projects. Collierville was actually chosen as one of the top 100 places to live in by Relocate-America. That is not only due to its location, however. The town also boasts of the “Best Main Street” in the country, at least due to Parade Magazine.

If you are moving to education, you will be happy to hear that the University of Memphis has a Collierville Center in the town. there are also 3 theaters and 1 library. You will also find two museums in Collierville – Morton Museum of Collierville and Museum of Biblical History.

Moving from Memphis to Collierville will require planning

As we explained, Collierville is in the neighborhood of Memphis and part of its metropolitan area. However, that might make you think that that relocation would be extremely easy and not require proper planning. That is a mistake that many people make when they think about local relocations, as moving from Memphis to Collierville is. The truth is that, while it is a lot easier for a Spyder Moving Services to do a local rather than a long-distance relocation, both still require a preparation from the person that is moving in almost equal measure.

A city during dusk
Smooth relocation calls for some proper planning.

If you fail to plan, you are risking having to do a last-minute relocation, passing over the budget limitations, forgetting to address the utilities and the paperwork, hastily packing and breaking something as well as, in a hurry, hiring bad movers and forgetting items.  This is why you should to the following:

  • Start early – Start moving from Memphis to Collierville early. It is never too early to start planning, especially something as complicated as a relocation.
  • Write things down – You should write everything down, be it on a piece of paper or in a digital format. Writing things down is the best way to avoid forgetting anything and dealing with numerous tasks that await you.
  • Prepare for things not to go according to plan – Plans are nothing yet planning is invaluable, said someone smart (the jury is not yet out on who exactly). The saying is very much right. Things might go wrong, sure, but planning will help you anyway as it will familiarize you with possible difficulties.

Good movers

It doesn’t matter if you are moving to Tennesee from 1000 miles away or if you are performing a local relocation in wither Memphis area – you always need good movers. Be sure to find a mover that has good reviews, affordable prices, and plenty of experience (not necessarily in that order)

Storage space and downsizing

In local relocations, such as relocation from Memphis to Collierville, the main part of the moving cost formula is the time and effort your movers will have to give to complete your route. However, that is not to say that volume and weight of the items you will take with you don’t affect the price. Far from it. The more you take, the bigger the cost. Therefore, a good way to save money is to downsize.

Downsizing before moving is almost natural. After all, you are already packing everything up, picking out things for new rooms in the new apartment or a house. Therefore, this is a good time to make the selection needed.


storage units
Storage can come quite in handy during relocations.

So, before movers in Collierville TN get to your move, you can downsize by a few methods. You can sell the items you have no more use for in a garage sale or via some other method. This is a pretty good way of making some small profit to make up for a generally pretty expensive relocation process. The second option is to store it for later. If you are going to store something, you need to know the needs of the item. Does the storage unit have to be climate controlled? Can it be an outdoor facility etc? Finally, you can always donate the item, as there is a charity nearby that is almost guaranteed to take it whatever it is, as long as it is not broken beyond use.


Be sure to set the budget for your relocation. If you want to figure out just how much the relocation will cost, you can turn to a simple formula. Local relocations are mainly, as we previously said, comprised of the time taken by the movers, with the volume being secondary. It is the other way around in long distance relocations.

money bills
You ought to think about the cost of the move.

However, if you want packing and furniture relocation to Collierville, electrical installation, and many other things, you will need to hire additional services which, naturally, cost extra.

Adapting to change

Moving to a town after living in a big city for some time can feel strange. However, people rarely say it feels bad. Rather, expect that moving from Memphis to Collierville will slow things down a little bit, yet not to a crawl. Collierville is still big enough for you to have a lot of urban lifestyle and more than enough big for you not for “everybody knows everybody” mentality to take over which is something those living in bigger cities sometimes dislike. Therefore, expect a slowing down, more peaceful neighborhood, and yet proximity to all that matters in the Memphis metropolitan area.