Guide to moving from Memphis to Atlanta

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Moving is a stressful process to handle. Especially if you try to do it by yourself. Many people try to save money by moving independently. However, more often than not, they end up spending much more than they would have paid professional movers. Moving from Memphis to Atlanta can especially be hard to do by yourself. This is because it is a long-distance move. Moreover, if you are ready to move out of Tennessee and try the way of life in Georgia’s capital city Atlanta. This moving guide is for you. We will talk about the things to do before the move. As well as what to expect when you arrive in Atlanta. On that note, hiring a professional and reputable moving company like Spyder Moving Services can save you a lot of stress and worry during the relocation process.

Moving from Memphis to Atlanta how to prepare

After you decide what time you will move you need to hire a professional and reputable moving company to help you move. Keep in mind that if you choose a moving date at the beginning of the month or at the end you might pay more. This is because this is the peak moving time. Also, if you can move during the weekdays and not on the weekend, you could also save some money. Thus keep this in mind when you choose a moving date. On that note, you should call at least one month in advance to book your moving date. When you do call ask the movers in Memphis to give you a free quote for the move. This will help you organize your moving budget and stay on top of your finances during the move.

A happy couple reading a guide on moving from Memphis to Atlanta before the move
Moving from Memphis to Atlanta will be much easier after you read this article

Moreover, when you have your moving date. You should make a plan and organize your move. Having a plan during the relocation process will help you stay organized. Many of the Tennessee long-distance moving companies will advise you to make a moving list. In this way, you will know what services you will be needing from the moving company. Moreover, on this list, you should have “packing” as the main category. The subcategories here should be:

  • Pack– here you should write down all the important things that you need to pack. When you pack your easily breakable items like china, porcelain, glass items, etc. Make sure the label the box “fragile” so that the movers know to take extra care with it.
  • Donate– while you pack you will come across some things that you just do not use or wear anymore. You should declutter and donate such items to someone who needs it more than you do.
  • Storage– while you pack you will come across something that you do not have a place for in your new home. And you can not donate them because they usually have some kind of sentimental value. You can rent a storage unit and keep your belongings there until you decide what to do with them.
Two people packing their belongings for the move
Pro tip: if you make a packing checklist you will definitely pack everything

Moving from Memphis to Atlanta what to expect

After you complete the preparations and the packing mentioned above. On that note, if you have trouble packing. Make sure to hire packing services Memphis, this will make your move much easier. Just make sure to let the movers know in advance so that they can prepare to pack some larger items that you have, like a piano or a big bedroom closet. Moreover, the next thing you have to know is what to expect when moving from Memphis to Atlanta. Namely, Atlanta has a higher average salary of around 4,800 US dollars compared to Memphis where the average salary is around 3,300 US dollars.

Moreover, Atlanta has more big sports facilities like stadiums and arenas. Atlanta has six while Memphis has only one. In addition, the rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is a bit higher in Atlanta. It equals around 1,600 US dollars, while for the same apartment in Memphis you would pay 1,100 US dollars. Moreover, if you love hiking and mountants there are mountains nearby Atlanta while there are no mountants near Memphis. For example, Blue Ridge Mountains are only around 90 miles away from Atlanta. You can go there for a fun camping trip with the whole family and enjoy the wilderness away from the city.

Another thing you might need to get used to is the traffic jams that happen very often in Atlanta, it is the capital after all and the population is around half a million. Even though it is lower than the population of Memphis, which has a population of around 650,000, it still has more traffic jams. While in Memphis traffic jams rarely happen. This is because Atlanta is a busy trade center and it has a lot of companies that operate from the city. Thus many people need to commute to their job and they cause traffic jams.

A happy family unpacking after the move
Moving to Atlanta will be easy when you know what to expect in advance

There are also some fun activities you can do after moving from Memphis to Atlanta. You can bring the whole family to Cascade Family skating or you can go to Marry Scott Nature park and explore with the whole family. Moreover, keep in mind that the preparation for the move combined with hiring a professional and reputable moving company is the key to a successful moving experience. Thus make sure to take your time to plan and organize everything. Having a carefully made plan will take a lot of stress out of the whole moving experience. So use the tips mentioned above to help you plan a successful move from Memphis to Atlanta. Good luck with the preparation for the move and the move!