Guide to moving from Little Rock to Memphis

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Moving is a tough, exciting, and at the same time stressful job. Especially if you are moving with a family or don’t have enough days till you need to start work. From boxes and packing to the moving process itself it can be hectic and challenging at times. But at the same time moving and starting your own life is something many people dream of. It can be scary as well due to new unfamiliar surroundings and people. Here we have a guide to moving from Little Rock to Memphis in hopes that it will make your job even a little easier.

Sit and write it all down

To have a fast and stress-free move, you need to be organized. When moving to Tennessee there are some things you need to have figured out before the move even happens. Like money and the time you can invest in the whole moving process. It will be tiring anyway, but this way the responsibilities will be balanced and planned out. So we recommend you grab a paper and a pen and write it all down. Easy steps to keep moving from Little Rock to Memphis as smoothly as possible.

  1. Arrange the move
  2. Pack
  3. Moving from Little Rock to Memphis
  4. Settling down
  5. Explore
Cars parcked in front of the houses in sunlight
Moving into a new town can be exciting and scary at the same time. It all depends on your perspective.

Arrange the move

The first thing you need to plan out is the actual moving from Little Rock to Memphis process. Even before everything else’s starts call one of the Tennessee long distance moving companies and arrange for everything. The moving date is the first thing we must have set in stone. Knowing how long we have to organize other things and pack the moving date is crucial. Also, the transportation of and the physical moving of your items and furniture from Little Rock to Memphis is to be arranged. Decide how big of a vehicle is needed and arrange the pickup time. Swap numbers with the driver so you can reach him any time you need him, or just want to check up. 


After making arrangements it’s time to pack. Some companies offer packing and unpacking services. But if you are doing it alone make sure you have all the packing materials before you start. Boxes in any shapes and sizes, tape, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, and lots of labels. Don’t be shy with labels as knowing what’s inside which box helps a lot with packing and placing the boxes in the truck. Make sure the more fragile boxes are well secured and are on top. If by chance you place the heavier box on top it will damage your items. Also, make sure to separate your emergency box. It will be a box full of things you need in everyday life. Keep that box close to you through the whole moving from Little Rock to Memphis process. Don’t be afraid to get rid of access or useless items. As they only take up space and bring you no gain. Sometimes they can even bring you a loss as some companies charge the move by weight.

A man berried under moving boxes
Moving from Little Rock to Memphis can be tiering but if you make a moving and packing plan it will get a lot easier.

Moving from Little Rock to Memphis

When the best movers in Memphis are on your side everything becomes easy. But changing your surroundings can be hard emotionally. Now you will be far from the people you are used to spending a lot of time with. As well as in an unfamiliar environment. So trying to learn more about the town will help you a lot in this process. Moving from Little Rock to Memphis will make you explore new surroundings and meet new people. New places are waiting for you. Memphis has a population of around 633,104 people. It’s rich in history and is a nice place to go visit. But how is it to live there? Not bad. Any new place is challenging at the beginning, especially if you are moving alone.

Settling down

After moving from Little Rock to Memphis, it’s time to explore. Find a map and find new places to hike on or some hidden gems of the city. Visit local bars and meet people. There are many city attractions as well that you can visit for example National Civil Rights Museum. Make sure that you pick up new hobbies and habits as it will help you get used to your new surroundings. At the same time, some old routines are welcomed as well as they keep you on track. We are not saying that you will fit in perfectly at the beginning. But with time you will become one with the city. Say yes to many new opportunities and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

A man in a painting studio painting
A new hobby will give you something to concentrate on and relax, while also helping you to fit in your new town.


Make sure your phone is charged and don’t worry if you get lost at the beginning as it’s bound to happen. Join all the neighborhood events and try to talk to your neighbors more. Now that you are alone in a new city those people will be the closest people to you. But don’t worry all it takes is one friend to feel better after you move from Little Rock. Locate all the important stores in your neighborhood as soon as you arrive. You will need them soon. Also, you need to know your transportation options. Are you going to use the bus? Or your car? Where are the gas station and the bus stop? There is much information needed when moving from Little Rock to Memphis.

We hope we helped you even if it’s just a little.  Understanding that not all things should be rushed should be one of the things you will figure out during the whole process. From the plan to the move and settling down can be hard on one’s health. Bout physical and mental. So take care of yourself and have a checkup before you start working. At work too you will meet new people, and it will help you feel less lonely in an unfamiliar environment.