Guide to moving from Jackson to Hattiesburg

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We all must relocate at some point in our lives. And as you already know, it is a complicated, costly, stressful, and time-consuming process. One should organize the whole deal, prepare an adequate budget, search for a reliable Mississippi moving company, and pack safely. All those tasks can be overwhelming and hard if you do not know how to cover them all. Therefore, let us help you work on your logistics and prepare for this journey. Moving from Jackson to Hattiesburg can be a pleasant experience rather than a bad one. Let’s go!

Work on your moving date and a moving plan

Right from the beginning, you must decide on a moving date. Without it, you can’t schedule long distance movers and pack in a timely manner. Hence, talk to your boss and figure out when you can take days off and free your schedule. Even better if you are a business owner and you can dictate your free time. Just set a moving date and work your way around it. Once you have a date, then you can call your movers to check the availability. The next step is to inspect your home and list all the furniture. Take all the measurements to be sure everything can fit through the door and inside the moving truck. And you must measure doors and hallways in your new building as well.

person creating a plan for moving from Jackson to Hattiesburg
Before moving from Jackson to Hattiesburg check your calendar and choose a moving date. Then create a moving plan accordingly.

As for the other household items, you can’t have the exact number, but you can have a vague idea of the number you possess. You need this because you want to know how many packing materials to purchase. So, shuffle through those as well and create an inventory list along with the moving checklist. List down all moving-related chores, errands, and responsibilities you must cover before the moving day. Once your list is completed, contact your movers and together finalize your moving plan.

Moving from Jackson to Hattiesburg with reliable movers by your side

As soon as you have the information on paper, the moving checklist, and the budget ready, start looking for movers Hattiesburg MS. You will find them on the internet in a matter of seconds but you must narrow your choices down. After applying your search criteria and personal requirements, you will finally have a few companies that are viable to cover your relocation. So, get right to it and compare prices, services, and reviews. And when you are ready, start calling those companies one by one and check the services they provide and communicate further.

Pull enough information out of them and figure out the moving quote. If you are not satisfied with the moving price, call the next company on the list. Repeat this process and after you are done choose the company you like the most. Although, if you like any of those companies even if they are a bit more expensive, you should give it a try if your budget allows it. The only thing that matters here is that they have all the tools required and that they are licensed.

Utilize moving estimates when moving from Jackson to Hattiesburg

We must remind you that all movers Jackson MS offer free onsite estimates. It is an amazing moving service where moving representative provides estimates after the evaluation in person. There is no better way to realize the complexity of the relocation and pull the real numbers than onsite estimates. Basically, movers will stop by and measure the key points inside your home. They want to know where they can establish a loading dock and if the path between the moving truck and your home is safe. Also, they will inspect all doors, hallways, floors, staircases, and make sure they can work in this environment safely. Once they inspect your furniture and weigh your cargo as well, they will provide you with the final moving quote. This is a moment where you can start thinking about your moving budget or if you want to improve your relocation with special services.

mover carrying a couch out of the home
Movers must know if they can get all your furniture out of the home safely. Let them provide onsite estimates. It is a free service after all.

Obtain necessary packing supplies

Moving from Jackson to Hattiesburg will require a few packing materials as well. You can purchase everything at the local depot, at the nearest Lowe’s, or from your moving company. Obtain the following:

  • Carton boxes.
  • Adhesive tape.
  • Blister packs.
  • Labels and markers.

Aside from the mandatory materials you can always invest a bit more and purchase higher-quality ones like Styrofoam, packing peanuts, corner pads, plastic bins, etc. Just make sure to have everything delivered on time so you can pack before your movers arrive.

Pack safely for the journey ahead

Once your materials are with you, you can start packing. It is entirely your choice if you want to pack over the weekend or pack gradually over an extended period of time. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you pack safely and with focus. So, use your blister packs to make a nice cushiony environment inside each box. Then, place your individually wrapped items inside and add cardboard as a buffer between them. Finally, once your box is full, close it and add packing tape. Mark each box with a marker or a label so you can know what is inside.

a guy on the floor covered in boxes
Yes. we know it is boring and time-consuming but you must do it. Pack with focus and do it safely.

This will make it easier for everyone who is handling your precious cargo. And of course, you will find it easier when you begin unpacking. Now just repeat this process for each box and you’ll be ready for moving from Jackson to Hattiesburg in a matter of days.

City of Hattiesburg in all its glory!

Founded in 1882, this lovely fairly small City of Hattiesburg is located in Forrest County in Mississippi. With less than 50k people it is still a county seat and the main attraction in the area. As soon as you arrive you will feel that the sense of community is strong and a family vibe is drawing you in. This city can easily be a place to raise a family and pursue a career. The economy is booming, the market is stable, prices are around average compared to the rest of the US, and infrastructure is stable.

As for the things to do, there are plenty of it. We will just say that you must visit Hattiesburg Zoo, UpDown Trampoline Park, Pep’s Point Water Park, Paul B. Johnson State Park, Saenger Theater, Hattiesburg Station, and Lake Thoreau Environmental Center. We can go on and on but we will let you explore it further with your family. You will enjoy it more than you expect.

Now you are ready for moving from Jackson to Hattiesburg. All you should focus on is your personalized moving plan and a reliable moving company. Everything will fall into place while you follow the instructions from your movers. Good luck and stay safe.