Guide to moving from Hattiesburg to Biloxi

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Living in Mississippi but want to experience something closer to the Cost? Intending to get moving from Hattiesburg to Biloxi? You are in the right place. Here you will find a short yet informative guide on what the move is like and what to expect in Biloxi. As straightforward and practical as it gets! Therefore, without further ado, let us dive right in!

What will moving from Hattiesburg to Biloxi be like?

So, on what kind of relocation will movers Biloxi MS be taking you? Well, there are two main types of moves, those being local relocations and long-distance ones. They differ in prices significantly. So, what will moving from Hattiesburg to Biloxi be like? Well, considering that it takes around 1hr and 16 min to travel down the US 49 and MS-67 S from Hattiesburg to Biloxi, you are just above the limit of what many moving companies would consider being a local relocation.

highway in Mississipii - What will moving from Hattiesburg to Biloxi
What kind of a move can you expect?

That means that you go into a long-distance territory, where the price of the move is mainly decided by the weight and volume of the items you intend to move with yourself to Biloxi.  However, since these distinctions are not set in stone and wary from company to company, you might find a company that is willing to consider this to be a local relocation. In that case, you can rest assured that the price will be lower and mainly revolve around the time to finish the relocations movers Hattiesburg MS will have to invest.

What to expect in Biloxi

Ok, now we have covered how to move to Biloxi. However, what to expect there once Spyder Moving Services MS has relocated you is another matter entirely. So, let us talk about Biloxi.

a house in the south
What will Biloxi have waiting for you?

Biloxi is a city in Harrison County and boasts around 44 000 people, give or take. It is also part of the Gulfport-Biloxi metropolitan area. It was the third-largest city prior to Hurricane Katrina and is now the fifth-largest. However, that is not to say that the city hasn’t recovered.

  • Education – After moving from Hattiesburg to Biloxi you can enroll your children in either Biloxi or Harrison County School Districts.
  • Environment – Biloxi is located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and enjoys warm summers and many sunny days, with very enjoyable beaches.
  • Economy – Biloxi is a tourist center that boasts eight casino resort hotels with 24-hour gambling. These include Treasure Bay Casino, Boomtown Casino, Palace Casino Resort, IP Casino Resort & Spa, Golden Nugget Biloxi, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, and the Harrahs Gulf Coast.

Some advice about the move

And, of course, don’t remember to start planning early for when you are moving from Hattiesburg to Biloxi. It is not a long-distance relocation, as we explained, but that does not make it overly simple. In order to have a good, successful relocation you should still start planning at least 7 weeks before the relocation itself. This would include finding movers, discontinuing and establishing utilities, changing addresses, registering for voting, and many other things. In order to not forget something, or to lack time for something, simply make a moving checklist! Bon voyage