Guide to moving from Brandon to Oxford

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When you prepare well for moving from Brandon to Oxford, this 3 hours move will not be hard. And following our guide, you will ensure that everything works well. The first step in the preparation process is creating the moving plan. The well-done moving plan and good organization will make all following preparation steps easy. That way, you will timely prepare for the arrival of the long-distance movers. This is also important, as you will not cause unnecessary delay. And you will reach Oxford on time. This will further give you enough time to unpack the essentials. So, you will be able to have the proper first-night rest in your new home.

How to prepare a good plan for moving from Brandon to Oxford?

Some people avoid making a moving plan. They are of opinion that it is just losing time. So, it is important to understand that the moving plan can and will help you. You have probably heard about this before. But what the moving plan is? It is actually nothing mystical. And nothing too hard to make. All you will need is a bit of concentration and thinking in advance. Simply said, the moving plan is a list of tasks you should follow during the preparation period. Here are the points you should include in your plan:

  • Decide the moving date
  • Check moving companies and hire the reliable once
  • Declutter and get rid of all surplus things
  • Take inventory of things you will move to your new place
  • Set your moving budget
  • Sell, donate, or dispose of the surplus things
  • Cancel contracts with the existing utility providers, and make sure all bills are paid
  • Contact utility providers in Oxford and arrange deliveries of utilities to begin as of your moving date
  • Purchase or find the good quality moving supplies
  • Decide on the room packing order
  • Decide what of your items have to be packed first
  • Pack the essential moving bag

    Moving from Brandon to Oxford - a sports stadium with players and spectators.
    Vaught-Hemingway Stadium.

Following the list, your preparation will develop orderly. You will not lose time thinking about the next step. And also, you will not miss or forget anything. So, you will be done with all preparations before Spyder Moving Services MS come to load your things.

What are the differences between Brandon and Oxford?

Regarding the cost of living, Oxford and Brandon don’t differ much. According to the recent census, Oxford’s population is about 27.000 people. By the same census, Brandon has about 24.000 residents. Both cities have similar unemployment rates. What sets them apart is Household income. It is much higher in Brandon than in Oxford. On the other hand, both current and expected job growth is much higher in Oxford. Oxford is in Lafayette County, and Brandon is the county seat of Rankin County. Although Brandon is closer to the Gulf, both cities have similar climates.

What to expect in your new town?

As the eponymous city in England, Oxford is a typical student city. However, it is also very attractive for retirees too. The Lafayette County Courthouse, a beautiful 1872 building, dominates The Square – a famous town hearth. In The Square, you will find many boutiques, bookstores, restaurants, and bars. Besides The Town Square, there are some other famous places in Oxford:

  • Rowan Oak – a house of Nobel Prize-winning author William Faulkner
  • University of Mississippi
  • Confederate Cemetery
  • Vaught-Hemingway Stadium
  • Lamar Park
  • Thacker Mountain Rail Trail
  • Bailey’s Woods Trail – a hiking trail
  • Lyceum-The Circle Historic District

    Women's hands put yellow and purple post-it-pads with inscriptions on white paper.
    A moving plan can and will help you.

This is just a shortlist of numerous attractions. It can give you a general idea about the place you are moving to. Once you relocate with movers Brandon MS, you will have ample time to get to know your new town.

Before packing you should declutter your possessions

Decluttering is a very important part of move preparation. You will get rid of many unnecessary things. Also, once you know how many things you have to move, you will also know:

  • How many packing materials do you need
  • What the moving costs to expect – thus you will be able to calculate your moving budget

And this is also an example of how good planning can help that thing go with ease.

Packing your things for moving to Oxford

Following the moving plan, you have set the moving date, found a reliable moving company, and defined a moving budget. Also, by making the items inventory, you knew how many moving materials to get. So, now is time to start packing. Consulting the plan, you will see that it is necessary to have the packing schedule. The packing schedule will decide in which order to do the packing. The usual practice is to start with the least used premises. Also, the out-of-season clothes should be packed first.

When getting the packing supplies, make sure to get good quality things. Also, make sure that all your moving boxes are properly labeled before you move to Oxford. That will make the unpacking process in Oxford much easier. Also, make sure to pack the essential moving bag. For 3 hours’ drive from Brendon to Oxford, you should prepare some refreshments. Also, pack in it all medications, basic toiletries, a change of clothes. And don’t target to put in the folder with essential documents.

The well-prepared move means the comfortable move

You’ve probably heard different stories about moving. Some of them are correct. Misunderstandings can occur. It is also possible to come across dishonest movers. However, if you have stuck to the proposed plan, you can relax. By following our guide, you have chosen a reliable moving company. And your relocation to Oxford will be trouble-free.

Packed cardboard box and a knife on the wooden floor.
Make sure to get good-quality packing supplies when moving from Brandon to Oxford.

Moving day to Oxford has come

Following the moving plan was maybe not always easy. However, if you were doing it slowly but steadily, you are timely ready for the moving day. Now, with all your possessions packed and loaded, you can hit the road.

Once the excitement of moving to Oxford is gone, you will start to feel tired

This is a normal phenomenon. After living for weeks under constant pressure, rest. After moving from Brandon to Oxford, give yourself some time off. Go for a walk, check the neighborhood. Visit some interesting places. Treat yourself by visiting one of the restaurants for which Oxford is famous. Follow the Oxford food trail and enjoy.

Also, make sure to have a good night’s rest. All this will help you to regain strength. Only after that you can start with unpacking and decorating your new place.