Guide to moving from Biloxi to Oxford MS

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Moving to another city is both demanding and exciting. Though stressful, don’t allow your relocation to become a nightmare. As a matter of fact, being well-organized, relocation becomes an introduction to a new period of life. Spyder Moving Services MS will facilitate the move. Therefore, moving from Biloxi to Oxford MS will be completely smooth. After making a decision to move, start planning. Book movers on time. Good organization is crucial. Thus, prepare everything. Moreover, consider your budget. That is to say, think of every detail.

Facts you need to know when moving from Biloxi to Oxford MS

Going north considers the distance of 276,81 miles. On the other hand, the US -49 route means you’ll drive a car 322 miles to your destination. Of course, the time zone is the same.

What to expect from Oxford MS?

First of all, it is known as the “Cultural Mecca of the South.” You’ll enjoy numerous places, good schools, and nice weather. Thus among many places, we’ve chosen some of the best.

  • The University of Mississippi – Also known as Ole Miss. Thanks to this university, many call it a top college city.
  • Courthouse Square – You can find great museums, art galleries, shops. Moreover, the city’s best-known restaurant, City Grocery, is located here.
  • William Faulkners former estate – It is available for a walk through a 3/5 mile pathway.
  • Nielson Department Store – Though opened in 1839, it’s still in business today.
  • The Lyric Oxford – Visit the city’s largest music venue.
  • a variety of music clubs
  • many public parks
  • beautiful restaurants

    a notebook ready to take notes
    Moving from Biloxi to Oxford MS demands careful planning and preparation.

Job opportunities

Surely, you’ll find a job in some of the existing companies. Also, relocation from Biloxi to Oxford MS will offer opportunities for new entrepreneurs. The abundance of a well-educated workforce is one of Oxford’s positive sides.

Education for your children

By all means, have no worries. Leaving Biloxi and making Oxford MS your new home will be great for you and your children. Schools have a Star rating. It’s the highest-ranking available in Mississippi. Therefore, choose between the two public school districts. On the other hand, three private schools could also be your choice.

Choose the best time to move

March, April, and May are the most comfortable months. Summers are hot and humid. On the contrary, winters are mild and short. Still, the best time to move is from mid-September to November. In case you wonder why it’s like that,  it’s easy to answer. Expect a pleasant temperature. Moreover, you’ll avoid the rain.

Start planning after you decide to move

If you’ve finished with your search about Oxford MS, make a plan. Therefore, as soon as possible a checklist should be in front of you. One of the first things to be on your checklist is hiring the right movers. Movers Biloxi MS is waiting for your call. Therefore, be precise and fast.

a man writing something in a notebook while loading the truck ready for moving from Biloxi to Oxford MS
A reliable moving company will ease up the move. Rely on the professionalism of the trained staff.

Visit Oxford MS

Prior to your relocation tasks, visit the city as a tourist. Find beautiful places of interest. Furthermore, find the neighborhood that could suit you. In case it’s near the school of your children, it’s a great solution. Simply, become an explorer for a couple of days.

Book your movers

By all means, start searching the internet. Check the reviews and recommendations. Moreover, check if the company has a license. Unfortunately, there are many amateur moving companies. They attract clients by offering affordable prices. However, affordability isn’t the primary thing. Therefore, be smart and thorough in your search. Select at least two or three companies. Then, ask for a free estimate.  After thorough consideration, opt for the best company. Certainly, you’ll be satisfied with movers Oxford MS. Book immediately. The best companies are always busy. Therefore, don’t lose a chance of getting the best service.

Opt for the best time to move

As shown above, you can decide which type of weather suits you. Firstly, avoid the peak of the season. Moreover, choose the days in the middle of the month. Also, weekdays are a much better option. Due to the complexity of relocation, start moving in the early moving. Of course, these are just suggestions. Each relocation is individual.

Prepare and start packing

Before you start packing, put aside the things you don’t need. There are two options. For instance, you can donate the items. On the other hand, you can sell them. Internet or a yard sale can serve the purpose. Downsizing is really important. After all, move to another city and save money by transporting fewer items.

a happy couple packing boxes for relocation
After decluttering, start packing. Make sure to protect your items. If possible, use the packing services of the company.

Meanwhile, start packing. Of course, you need to get packing supplies. Try to save money by getting free boxes. Moreover, start packing as soon as possible. Leave the most needed things for the very end. Use different materials to safely pack your possessions. Furthermore, don’t forget to make an inventory list of your belongings. The possibility to forget something will be reduced to a minimum. Also, pack essentials bag for the moving day. Nevertheless, since packing is strenuous and time-consuming consider using packing services. Many companies have excellent offers. Be that as it may, you’ll have more time to handle other activities.

Arrange all the affairs

Also, prepare all documents. Take medical records. Cancel the memberships. Arrange cleaning of the new and old home. Furthermore, find a good school for your children. Make sure to solve each potential problem.

Oxford MS is now your future

Altogether, consider moving from Biloxi to Oxford MS as a new beginning. Though complex and stressful, don’t be desperate. Give a chance to Oxford MS. Indeed, it can offer a lot. From education, jobs, culture, to pleasure and relaxation. Therefore, make a plan, organize everything, find movers, and pack. Moreover, do everything on time. Only then will you be sure that you’ve taken care of each detail.