Guide to moving from Bartlett to Collierville TN

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You are moving again and as you can already expect, there are a ton of moving-related responsibilities you must cover. You should create a moving plan, dedicate a budget, work on your legalities, find movers in Tennessee, pack, and much more. So, let us help you assemble a proper guide that you can use as a reminder and a path toward victory. Moving from Bartlett to Collierville TN will be easier than ever. Let’s go!

Moving date, budget, and legalities

Now, when you decide you are moving from Bartlett to Collierville TN you must sit down and create a comprehensive relocation plan. But moving home is not only about relocating furniture. You should work on many other aspects of your life. So, start with the moving date first. Talk to your spouse or set up a family meeting to create your moving plan. Set a moving date first and then move on to the next moving-related stages. And the next one should be your moving budget. You must realize how much you have to invest in relocating right from the start. If you have a stretching budget, even better. But set a limit for the beginning and later on, you can decide if you want to invest more or to reduce the moving price.

a person holding dollar bills
It all comes down to your moving budget. Calculate it as soon as possible to realize what kind of moving package you can afford.

Finally, start updating your documents and legalities. Check all your IDs, driver’s license, medical records, credit cards, and all other important documents. Do this for each member of the family and keep in mind that hard copies take a longer time to process. Therefore, you should start the whole process as soon as you set a moving date. As for the moving date, let us find movers Bartlett TN and check if they are available.

Create a plan for moving from Bartlett to Collierville TN

Ok, now it is time to create your moving checklist and an inventory list. It all begins with a thorough inspection. Cover each room and include loft, basement, and garage. Check each corner of your home and note down all furniture and household items you possess. This information will bring you closer to the packing material requirement and complexity of the move. Also, it would be nice if you can measure your staircases, hallways, and doors, along with the robust furniture you possess. This way you will realize if there will be problems when carrying them out. Check if the environment is safe to work in and note everything down on your checklist. Your moving checklist can include the following as well:

  • All information about your moving company.
  • Moving services you purchased.
  • Moving insurance.
  • Complete packing plan.
  • Chores, errands, and responsibilities you must deal with before the moving day.

Once you have your list in your hands, it is time to call one of the moving companies Collierville TN and present it to them. They will use your findings to create a flawless relocation plan. Movers will work closely with you in order to fulfill all your requirements and relocate you safely and affordably.

hire movers when moving from Bartlett to Collierville TN
Find a trustworthy moving team and secure a stress-free relocation.

Search for a professional moving assistance

As we already stipulated, you will need professional moving assistance when moving from Bartlett to Collierville TN. Unless you are a mover yourself or you wish to try to make it a DIY project. But let’s get real, probably 99 out of 100 relocations involve moving companies somehow. Therefore, start browsing online to find yours. Check available local choices and compare prices and services. You must read reviews, blog posts, and social media comments if you want to find legit Tennessee long distance moving companies. Simply because like in any business, there is a chance to find fraudulent movers and you wouldn’t like that.

After an hour of research, you will surely have a few candidates in line. Narrow it down by giving them a call and confirming if they are licensed. They should have all the tools and equipment for the job as well. A sizeable moving vehicle and enough experienced manpower is mandatory as well. Finally, all safety standards and protocols should be in place. If you are not satisfied with the conversation, move on to the next company until you find a match.

Obtain packing materials and pack safely

You got half of it out of the way. Now you must obtain packing materials and pack. It is one of the most boring and time-consuming moving-related tasks. Nevertheless, you must do it and do it right. Hence, purchase cardboard boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, adhesive tape, and labels. You can get everything at the nearest home depot or purchase online. Also, there is an option to purchase it from your movers. Once you have it all do the following. Each box must be taped on the bottom to have more endurance and strength. Inside the box, you must place bubble wrap to serve as a cushion for your items. Also, use it to wrap fragile pieces or anything else that is fragile or delicate.

a man packing cardboard box for moving
Be sure to obtain all the packing materials on time to cover the packing process before your moving day.

Then, you can put your items inside and place buffers between items. You can use old cloth, crumpled paper, blankets, sheets, etc. Once your box is full, close it. Apply tape and add labels. Each box must have a label with the description on it so everyone knows what they are dealing with. Simply repeat this process until all your boxes are ready to go. As for your furniture, use cardboard to wrap some of it or use bubble wrap and cellophane as protection.

Get rid of old junk before moving from Bartlett to Collierville TN

You should find time to declutter before moving because it will do so much good on all fronts. You will get rid of many old items you do not need, then your relocation will be easier, and cheaper at the same time. What more do you want? So, while you pack, you should set aside all items you do not need anymore and once you have a dedicated pile, choose one of the solutions. You can donate, sell online, give to friends, recycle, or throw away. Or keep everything inside your storage unit and decide later what will become of it.

Now you are ready for moving from Bartlett to Collierville TN. Hopefully, you have everything you need to create a comprehensive personalized guide. And remember, as long as you have a reliable moving company with you, you shouldn’t worry about a thing. Good luck and stay safe.