Guide to merging two homes into one

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People move all the time with different goals behind it. Some are moving in with their loved ones while others simply seek to improve the quality of life and move into a bigger place. None the less, relocating is stressful and exhausting for both your time and your budget. You must organize packing, decluttering, and a search for moving companies in Jackson MS. And your relocation will be twice easier if you are planning on merging two homes into one. But do not worry, today, we will explain everything steps by step.

How to organize this project successfully?

For such a huge project, you must have a proper plan in your hands. You should begin with a moving checklist. Assemble a list of all those steps you must cover before your moving day. And since you have two homes to cover, it will be an extensive one for sure. Divide and conquer simply by listing down all the legalities you must take care of for both homes. Then, you should create a unique packing and moving plan for both homes respectively. Finally, you should make an inventory list that will help you organize and settle in better. You do not need three toasters in your kitchen, it is not productive at all and it will eat up your space quickly.

merging two homes into one will require an extensive moving plan
It won’t be easy making an extensive moving plan. Take some time and do it right.

Your moving checklist should cover legalities, packing, decluttering, calculations regarding your budget and moving costs, and movers in Mississippi you hired. Furthermore, list down all the moving services you purchased and all little details regarding payment method, moving contract, etc. Create an ultimate moving plan and use it as a guide through the process. This way you won’t forget steps and you’ll stay up to schedule.

Merging two homes into one will require a proper packing plan

Now, because you are merging two homes into one, your packing plan will be a bit more complicated. Simply because you must do it twice. Understandably, you’ll have help from your family members. But if you are doing everything alone, then you must invest a bit more time into it and lay obtain enough packing materials. Let us make a quick list of the essentials you should purchase:

  • Moving boxes – For your situation you will probably need around 50 cardboard moving boxes. Aim for different sizes to be able to pack all your items accordingly. Furthermore, you should use wooden crates, plastic bins, and metal containers you already have.
  • Packing paper – Use it to wrap delicate pieces individually and crumpled packing paper will fill in the gaps between items nicely.
  • Cushion – The blister pack is the best cushion there is. You can use packing peanuts or Styrofoam but they are a bit expensive so you should think twice before you hurt your budget. Moreover, you can use any form of the cushion you already have at home. Blankets, sheets, old t-shirts, pillows, you name it. All those items can be a good base for your moving box. Later on, simply place your items on top of it and they will be tucked-in adequately.
  • Packing tape – After you fill your box, close it, and tape it over. Apply a couple of layers of a high-quality tape and it will hold your box together.
  • LabelsMake a labeling system and write down the content of the box on each label. This will inform everyone about the fragile content of the box. More importantly, you will know exactly where your items are and it will be quite useful once you begin the unpacking process.


Inspect everything you possess thoroughly

Before you decide on merging two homes into one you should inspect both homes thoroughly. And before you begin your packing process, inspect all the possessions you have. Once you cover all areas and all your possessions, you will know how complex your move is. Moreover, you will be able to calculate your moving costs precisely. So, check your attic, basement, shed, yard, and all rooms inside the house. Figure out how much stuff you have and if there are any obstacles on the way your movers should know about. Once you have it all, contact your movers and communicate the details further.

Interior home design
Inspect your new home to make sure you can set everything accordingly.

But if you can’t be bothered or have no time to cover the packing process, consider utilizing the packing services movers Meridian MS provides. It is not so expensive as it sounds and it will save a lot of your precious time. Not to mention that your movers will bring all the packing materials required, pack, and unpack your belongings safely and with the utmost care. Think about it.

Inspect the new environment

Inspecting your new home, the right, way is extremely important. You are merging two homes into one after all, and you should know if you can bring everything over. Yes, you want to keep it all, but if you simply can’t find a place for everything, you should know about it. At some point, you will figure out that you have more furniture than needed or simply more household items overall. Also, by inspecting the new environment, you will have a better picture of the space and an interior layout you can set. Some items won’t fit as they did before and you should find them a new place. Take a closer look at your stove, fridge, kitchen table, king-sized bed, etc. Measure everything beforehand and prepare for it adequately.

You must get rid of a few things. It’s time to declutter!

Once you figure out you can’t bring everything over, you should decide on what to do with the excess items you have. Maybe you can store some of it in the basement or the attic. Or if you have any support buildings in your yard, use those as well. Your garage can be a temporary solution as well. Although, if you simply have everyday furniture and electronic of no emotional value, you should get rid of it. Hoarding those items will clutter your space unnecessarily. So, the solution can be donating to a local charity, selling online, giving to a friend, or simply throwing away. It is purely your choice in the end. Just be sure to declutter and clean before moving out because you do not want to bring any garbage and clutter with you. Start fresh at your new awesome place!

Cluttered room full of old stuff and garbage
Do not worry, this can happen to anyone. This is the perfect moment to get rid of your cluttered chaos.

The storage unit will come in handy when merging two homes into one

In case you do not want to get rid of anything, renting a storage unit is a solution. Check out with your movers, they surely provide this service. Although, you might want to read about it beforehand because the options are vast. You can rent a small storage space with a lock and key or go for a more serious 24/7 surveillance climate-controlled solution. Of course, you will decide which one will suit you best depending on the content you are storing. Just make sure you learn how to prepare items for storage and keep them intact until your next visit.

And this was it, a few essential steps you should cover when merging two homes into one. No doubt you will manage and create a proper moving plan with a glorious outcome. Good luck and have fun!