Guide to inspecting a new house

Are you planning to buy a new house in Tennessee? Maybe you already found one that you like and now you are scared. Is the house really what its look like? Are there any hidden flaws that will come up as soon as my residential movers bring in my stuff? How will I know that the house is really fine? Where to look for flaws? How much will repairs cost me? Inspecting a new house isn’t easy, you need to know certain things before you can make a verdict on the state of a house. Of course, this refers to houses that look nice on first glance.

A real estate agent will be you helping hand

If you are moving to Tennessee, and you are buying a new house, you will need a real estate agent. If you don’t already have one, you should hire one as soon as you start thinking about buying a new property. Finding a real estate agent is easy. However, your realtor should meet some requirements before you agree. First, you should try to interview at least three real estate agents.

Realtor and a buyer inspecting a new house
Find a good realtor when inspecting a new house

Things to look for in a real estate agent

  • Do they have all the necessary licenses for operating in the real estate market?
  • Ask if they operate in the area you are interested in. When inspecting a new house it would be good if your realtor already knows the house well.
  • How many sales they had in the last three months?
  • Realtor with a capital “R” means they are members of the National Association of Realtors or NAR. They follow certain ethics code, so if they are a member, that is a plus.
  • It is good if you connect with your realtor in a friendly manner.

Every house has problems

So, you have found the house that you think that it is the one from your dreams. But, you want to make sure that the house is the one from your dreams and not the one from your nightmares. Buying a house with many problems can turn up to be a real nightmare.  Besides, if you buy a house with a big problem, you might come to a situation where you can’t repair your home. And you have to add great value to your home to be able to sell it. Of course, you need to be aware that every home has problems. And it is up to you to decide is it worth to deal with those problems.

First, check the yard when inspecting a new house

The first thing you will notice about the property you are interested in is the yard. Even though it is not part of the house, It can affect the house if some issues exist. And you will have to look at it every day. Besides the mere look of the yard, check the drainages. Are there any drainages at all? Are they sloping away from the house? What is their condition? What is the state of the driveway and walkway? In what state is the lawn? All this can be very significant when you are inspecting a new house before purchasing.

Inspecting a roof of a new house
Make sure that the roof is in perfect condition when you are inspecting a new house

Inspecting the roof of a new house

You need to inspect your new house top to bottom. And if you want to start from the top, you can start with inspecting the roof. First, look on how it appears from the outside. Observe are the all shingles in place and do they look old. Are the flashing and trim installed on all joints?  If you can’t spot any problems just by observing the exterior of the roof, you’ll need to access the attic space. Look how the construction looks from the inside and are there any signs of leaks. Water leaves clear marks on the wood so it should be easy to spot.  Look at the overall state of the roof, and try to estimate how long before this roof will need to be replaced.

Check the foundations when inspecting a new home

Even though this sounds too complicated, really it isn’t. Check the foundations by inspecting them from the outside. See if there are any cracks and similar kind of problems. You also need to watch out if there are trees close to your new house foundations. Especially young trees. That can turn up as a problem after ten years. Tree roots can easily damage house foundations in the long run. So make sure there are no trees in the close vicinity of your house.

Scent candles in a home
Be careful if you spot too many scent candles

Check the smell when inspecting a new home

If you enter a home that has many lighted candles or bowls with potpourri lying around on every corner, you need to be careful. It looks like the owners are trying to hide some nasty smell from you. It may be from the cat they hold in the house or bad plumbing. Maybe they had a fire recently and now they are trying to cover up the fact. Whatever it is you need to know. If it’s just a cat, that can maybe be resolvable. But if it’s the recent fire in question, you need to know the effects it left on the house.

Inspecting the floors of a new home with a simple marble trick

Make sure that you have a marble in your pocket when you go to inspect a new home. It can be very helpful in a situation where you want to check the floors. Simply put the marble on the floor and watch. See if the marble is moving. And check multiple places around the house. If there you find that the floor is leaning it can be a sign of foundation problems. Moreover, that can cost you very much. So make sure that you get a professional opinion on this very important matter.

After the purchase

Inspecting a new home is not easy. But, if you found your perfect home and you are preparing to move, make sure that you hire a good and reliable moving company for your relocation. Tennessee long distance movers are one of those good and reliable companies that care about your time and belongings.  They will pack your items with care and transport them wherever in Tennessee you need in the shortest time possible.

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