Guide to hiring movers during COVID-19

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Moving may be difficult, whether you prefer to manage it on your own or hire professionals to assist you, and ease the stress that comes along with relocating. But if you have no other alternative except hiring movers during COVID-19 to support you with moving to your new home during the coronavirus pandemic, you might be feeling more worried as you find out how to remain as safe and healthful as possible. The coronavirus pandemic is unlike anything the Earth has ever seen. Information is changing on a daily basis, and we all want to know the best way to protect ourselves and each other.

Is hiring movers during COVID-19 a possible thing to do?

Speaking of movers, they are considered as “essential workers,” so you shouldn’t have a problem getting a professional moving company that’s remained open for business. However, if you’re well prepared to manage the moving by yourself, good for you. But you might want to reconsider doing this rather than hiring movers. This can help you bypass casual social contact. If hiring professional movers is a necessity for your circumstance, then you should contact Spyder Moving Services Memphis.

Four movers packing things in the truck
Before you start with your moving plan, make sure it’s smart to hire a moving company

Moreover, you should do it early on in the process to find out how they’re handling moves in the times of COVID-19. Keep in mind that the changes of the company could influence your moving timeline. The number of movers free to assist you, and how you’re able to interact with movers on your moving day. When your moving day comes, be sure to follow social distancing guidelines, wear a mask throughout interactions. Therefore, embrace frequent hand-washing and sanitation rules. This can keep you, the movers, and anyone else you get in contact with protected throughout the whole process. In case you need to relocate your office too, make sure to get in touch with commercial movers Memphis as they can manage your move by staying protected.

Move with carefulness by hiring movers during COVID-19

Firstly, you should keep in mind the reality that we’re stuck in a global pandemic, and that being remarkably careful is essential at this time. Continue with your move, but progress with care. Just like you would do with anything else in these moments. If you’ve gone market shopping, you’ve surely seen that purchasers are more aware of their surroundings and communications with others. Apply the same level of alertness to your move.

Before the coronavirus, it was usual to greet movers, family members, friends into your home to make your relocation go placidly. However, movers are being advised to respect the social distance by bypassing crowds and remaining at least six feet away from each other as that’s essential to follow now. Tend to stay as far away from your movers as you can and bypass handshakes. It’s also best to assure team members can simply wash their hands if they request to do so. And as they’re qualified, they should have their supplies of face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers.

A person with a mask on his face moving a box
Be sure in the security of a moving company you have chosen while hiring movers during COVID-19

Pick your moving company thoroughly and inquire questions for them

Make sure to know what actions are a professional moving company providing for you, find out if they guarantee a protected move experience during the COVID-19. Most reliable movers realize the protection of you and your belongings is crucial during any move. However, when it comes to your security and health, the moving company you choose must show considerable alertness at this time. Below you can read about some questions to get yourself started: 

  • What cares are your movers taking to assist in preventing the spread of COVID-19? 
  • Which kind of care are you taking to protect your drivers and team? 
  • Do you have some cares to suggest to me that I should take during my relocation? 
  • How would you react if it’s found out that a worker or a client has been diagnosed with COVID-19?  

Be crystal clear on the process of rescheduling your move. If you choose to delay your move, make sure you’ve engaged with a Tennessee long distance moving companies that are adaptable during these unpredictable times.

Stay neat and sanitized when hiring movers during COVID-19

Hiring professional disinfectants to assist with your move-in/move-out sanitation duties can be an extraordinary time-saving option. However, given the current limitations during COVID-19, hiring a sanitation team to come into your home is not desirable. At this time, the most dependable choice is for you to do your house cleaning. Instead, you can pick packing and unpacking services for less stressful moving when it comes time to it. 

The centers for disease control and prevention contribute help for regular cleaning and disinfection of houses. Such as practicing routine cleaning of commonly touched surfaces. For instance tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, desks, toilets, sinks, electronics, etc. Pay attention to the security instructions when utilizing the cleaning and sanitizing goods. Wear rubber gloves and other protective wear, if indicated. Improve ventilation by opening windows and doors to let the fresh air in.

A person sanitizing things for more safeties move while hiring movers during COVID-19
Tend to stay neat and sanitized when hiring movers during COVID-19

Advantages of moving during the COVID-19 pandemic

Whatever your purpose for moving in COVID-19 times is, the relocation doesn’t need to be that stressful. You can get the advantage of the following benefits of moving during COVID-19:

  • Getting a more satisfying place to live in. You might be capable to gain more houses during this time, particularly in your cost scale. With more feasible alternatives open and fewer people moving to bypass danger from the virus, you may have less competition placing an offer on a home. 
  • Conserving your finances. If you’re having difficulty paying your contemporary home debt, you can downsize and likely save cash. Plus, depending on the sale cost of your home, you might end up with a profit that you can put into your savings. With a smaller home, you can probably save on regular services as well.
  • Saving your time and energy. With more people working from home during the pandemic, you might accomplish your long-distance move while wasting less time on the road.

There’s a chance that moving during the Corona virus pandemic could affect other appearances of your move. Such as replacing your home address, setting up utilities, renewing your license, or registering your transport. Many of these elements may need a longer time than normal when it comes to hiring movers during COVID-19. Due to overwhelmed client services, business services, closed state offices, and more. Tend to plan as much as possible to make these post-move duties taken care of in advance so that you’re not struggling to get your new home and new life set up the way you have planned.