Guide to filing storage insurance claims

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The majority of self-storage agents could find themselves faced with filing an insurance claim. Here’s a guide to dealing with storage insurance claims that will help ensure the best possible outcome in the event anything goes wrong. Any property damage. A bodily injury. The list of things that could go wrong at a self-storage facility is long, so it’s possible that one day you’ll find yourself faced with filing an insurance claim. Our skilled claims professionals here at Spyder Moving Services can help you a lot toward resolving issues quickly and efficiently. However, it can help to know a few important do’s and don’ts to filing storage insurance claims.

Contract signing
When it comes to insurance claims, immediate notification is absolutely critical.

Don’t delay in giving notice to your insurance agent or carrier

Ask claims professional and they will tell you that waiting too long to notify an insurance agent or carrier can be detrimental to filing storage insurance claims. You should notify your agent as soon as possible after you witness a significant event at your storage facility that could result in a claim or lawsuit.

Your insurance carrier can provide substantial support, but time is of the essence here. In most jurisdictions, you have just 20 or 30 days to respond to a summons and complaint. Take advice from experienced movers in Collierville TN and notify your insurance carrier in time to meet this deadline is a violation of your insurance contract. Be careful, because it may void the insurance carrier’s responsibility to provide you with coverage.

Document the incident in as much detail as possible

In the case of property damage, your first priority should be to document the incident. It is essential you photograph the scene in order to document the extent and severity of the loss. Take notes of your observations in great detail. Talk with witnesses and write down their contact information. In case you make the necessary emergency, but temporary repairs to prevent further damage, keep a detailed record of the costs and save your receipts.

As soon as you finish this report, fax or e-mail a copy to your insurance agent or carrier. Send it the same exact day. This allows your carrier to conduct a preliminary investigation. It’s important to understand that an incident report should be written, no matter how minor the injury appears at the time.

Lawbook and judge's hammer
If you’re served, immediately fax or email a copy of the summons and complaint to your insurance carrier’s claims department.

Never handle the situation leading to filing storage insurance claims by yourself

  • The premium you pay to your insurance carrier includes their claims department. They represent your interests and are there to help you resolve the claim quickly and with the best possible outcome.
  • Never give out information to others before filing storage insurance claims.
  • Don’t admit liability before filing storage insurance claims.
  • Avoid making volunteer payments. Never pay for the damage yourself. Making volunteer payments without consulting your insurance agent or carrier will nullify your insurance coverage.
  • A video is an excellent tool in your investigations before filing storage insurance claims. It’s critical that you begin the investigation as soon as possible after the unfortunate event and capture relevant video footage before the facility deletes it forever.
  • And most importantly, keep calm and hire professional local movers to worry about all your moving obligations and security precautions!