Guide to downsizing to a smaller office in Memphis

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Everyone who owns a business understands how difficult it is to start one. You need to put a lot of effort, time, and finances to make your ideas come true. After all that hard work, it is quite understandable that you are careful with every next step you make. Some situations can make you spend a lot of time thinking things through and trying to choose your next step. One of them is definitely downsizing. It can happen for various reasons but most of the time it is due to managing a business more easily and focusing on one goal in particular. It could also be a result of choosing a space too big for your needs. Whatever the reason is, must have a good plan if you want to do it right! Here is everything you should know about downsizing to a smaller office in Memphis!

Making a decision

You would probably think that this process starts once you make all moving arrangements with Spyder Moving Services. In reality, it starts way earlier than that. Your company, including employees, should be fully prepared for moving. Knowing that, it is best you start preparing on time. Make sure all goals are clear and written down so you always have true guidance. Apart from that, you must choose a perfect moment to do it. Keep in mind that your business should keep on running even during the relocation. Although this may sound scary and really difficult to achieve, shutting your business down could only lead to huge losses. 

two women talking in the office
Downsizing to a smaller office in Memphis begins with making a good plan!

Another important task you will have in front of you is choosing a good location. Depending on what kind of business you own, you need a suitable area. Luckily, Memphis is huge, and finding a good spot won’t be an issue. You can always rely on the real estate market to find a good space or ask your partners for professional advice. If your business is huge and you have a couple of working spaces, you should for a team that will start looking for an ideal location.

Choosing the best location for downsizing to a smaller office in Memphis

If you decide to for a team of people you trust to look for the next location, make sure they understand the task. Try to learn from previous mistakes and avoid everything that was bothering you before. Once they start looking keep communicating with your team for additional advice and further instructions. Good communication will also help you narrow down the choice and it will be less time-consuming. The good news is that whatever location you chose, movers in Memphis TN area will operate there. This means you won’t be having issues finding a good moving company once the relocation officially begins.

In Memphis, you will have two options. For those who are ready for a daily adrenaline rush, the downtown area is probably the best. Be aware that if you are moving your business from a smaller and quiet place, this will be a big change. But if that is where your clients are, inform yourself about the perks of having an office in the city and you will adapt fast. The second option is the suburbs. This will be a great option if you are in retail or logistic services. Just make sure the location is on the good routes. 

two people in the video call meeting
Always keep a good communication with your team during this process!

Informing your current clients and getting ready for new ones

The biggest challenge about downsizing to a smaller office in Memphis is dealing with clients. You will have to balance providing services and introducing them to a new audience. This is where your team plays a huge role and it is essential they do a good job. Even though you won’t be at the same location your current clients should not suffer due to the change and should keep receiving services of the same kind. The best way to do it is to inform your client base on time. Give them a chance to adapt to changes and be there if they need clarifications.

On the other hand, reaching new ones is a different kind of challenge. You will have to spend some time getting to know the new area. In order to have enough time for this, let the Memphis office movers deal with your inventory. Present your services in the best way possible and make sure your arrival is properly announced. To make things even better you can offer special deals to new clients. As a result, you will start building a trustworthy relationship with them from the start. 

Setting the date

And finally, before you start dealing with the relocation itself, make sure you set the right date. Avoid scheduling your relocation during the season. This is when your company works at full speed and there is a chance your employees will have trouble managing everything. The most ideal date would be when business is slow and the weather conditions are nice. The state of Tennessee is famous for its rainy season so try to avoid late fall. Transporting your inventory and moving your office still requires a lot of effort, no matter the distance, and weather plays a huge role as well.

It is very important that you are ready for this relocation. If you think that time is not right, or there are some big projects coming up it is better to postpone it for later. You will feel much better knowing that your business is ready and that there won’t be any complications along the way.

woman laughing while working on her laptop
Make sure your business is ready to be moved to another location as this will give you better results!

Moving preparations for downsizing to a smaller office in Memphis

Once everything inside your office is ready, it is time to start organizing the relocation. This is a very important step as well because you will need to make sure everything is over on time and without damage or losses. Since downsizing means you are moving from a bigger space, there will be some big decisions in front of you. From packing to transportation, you and your team must be ready to do it quickly. In business time really is money so your main goal is not to lose any of it. For best results, you should divide moving preparations into a couple of steps. This will give you a chance to supervise different departments and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Of course, Memphis movers and packers will play a huge role as they can do a lot of hard work instead of you. Nevertheless, to make things much easier for you, here are some of the most important steps:

  • Packing your office
  • Getting rid of the excess
  • Transportation
  • Settling in

Packing your office

Packing when downsizing to a smaller office in Memphis is different than packing your household. There is a lot more risk involved and you have a completely different inventory. As a result, your packing plan must be strategic and smart. It is best you start with packing each office separately. You can assign your employees to this task and ask them to carefully pack the areas. The focus must be on documents and paperwork as that is one of the most important things in your office space. Prepare moving boxes in different sizes and make sure you have paper folders close to you. Packing documents in boxes without additional protection is risky so try to avoid doing that. 

packing box on the bed
For delicate items like documents, you should have a proper packing materials!

If you are new at packing, or simply don’t feel like doing it, Memphis moving helpers can assist you. As they are professionals when it comes to moving, they can pack your inventory quickly and safely. This is even more helpful if you are short on time. If you decide to do it yourself, get some good packing material on time. It should include boxes, wrapping materials, folders, and of course, markers for labeling. Once you start packing just follow the routine and if things become difficult, ask movers for help.

Getting rid of the excess

By now you understand that without this step, you won’t manage to downsize. Getting rid of the excess items from your office can sometimes be really time-consuming and can make you spend hours choosing the next move. That is why your goals must be straight and you should not leave anything to the case. Start with decluttering your office. This means removing junk and items you no longer use. Old documents that are now stored in computers, the equipment you don’t need and some furniture items are all part of this category.

Consider getting some new items for your new office. The place will look fresh and your employees will feel much better in the new environment. When it comes to the old ones, there are a couple of things you can do. If you are moving to a faraway area, simply ask long distance movers Memphis for advice. They will tell you if some of them could be sold or simply thrown away. If you manage to sell some of the old equipment or furniture, you can use the money to buy something new for your smaller office. 

Transportation of your inventory when downsizing to a smaller office in Memphis

The choice you make when it comes to transportation will affect this relocation. It is best you avoid doing it on your own, and for many reasons. You probably have some delicate equipment that can’t be packed and transported easily. This is especially important when talking about your I.T. sector. No matter how big it is, it is one of the most important parts of your office and it should be ready to operate as soon as possible. If you are not sure how to disconnect it, find a professional who will do it instead. 

a mover leaning on a van
When it comes to the transportation of your items, movers are the best option!

If the distance is not too big, then local movers Memphis TN are your best option. They have the proper vehicles for transporting delicate items and you will know that everything is safe. Leaving transportation to them will also be much cheaper, and that is something you should have in mind. You shouldn’t spend a fortune when downsizing to a smaller office in Memphis but rather find an affordable offer. Once everything is ready to go, make sure that there are some of your employees waiting in the new office as they may need to give some instructions to movers. 

Settling in

After you go through every step from above, you will finally be in your new, smaller but more practical office. Since you are in the new area, give yourself enough time to get used to the change. This includes your entire team as well. Chances are big that there will be a couple of new members as not every employee will accept working in a different place. Those that do should have enough time to move as well. This is a very delicate thing for them as well, and you as a leader should make them feel comfortable. Once you make all arrangements with your moving company about your office, you can ask them to direct your employees to Memphis apartment movers. As a result, they will move quickly and will be ready to get back in business. 

mover checking the boxes
If some of the tasks turn out to be too difficult, ask movers for help!

Bottom line

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to realize that downsizing to a smaller office in Memphis is actually pretty easy. As long as you follow your plan and rely on professionals, there won’t be any obstacles standing in your way. Remember to start on time and avoid making last-minute changes. That can lead to a final price being changed and being late in general. If you can’t avoid some of them, try to find the best solution with your team. After you do, inform the movers so that they are aware of new changes. This relocation is another successful project in your career, so try to do it right!