Guide for storing and organizing camping gear

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There are many items which we gathered over the years. In the beginning, there was a lot of free space. But over the years, people are usually not aware of how many things they have collected. At some point, they may find it difficult to keep and store certain possessions. Especially in situations where they need to relocate. For this reason, hiring a Mississippi moving company can come in handy. Competent movers will be able to help you transport and store your items properly. In this text, read about storing and organizing camping gear.

If you are an avid camper

If camping and traveling is your thing, you certainly have a lot of camping gear. Through the years your camping gear collection may have become rich. At some point, you may find this as a clutter that is making a mess around your home. Movers Pontotoc MS can provide you with different kinds of storage units where you can bring your camping gear. Therefore, measure your gear. Movers will suggest the type and size of your future storage unit.

a storage unit
Chose a proper storage unit for storing and organizing camping gear

Keeping an inventory when storing and organizing camping gear

That means that you should get enough storage bins to keep all your camping gear. For large gear such as tents, chairs, and hammocks use large totes. If for example, you are moving to Mississippi, use smaller totes to store a first aid kit, headlamps, or stoves. All the totes should be sturdy and waterproof so they can endure around a campsite. Your gear can stay outside overnight and remain dry.

Is using a shed a good idea for storing and organizing camping gear

First of all, if you have fewer rooms in your homes and therefore less space, using a shed as a storage unit may be a good idea. For example, if you use to keep your camping gear under the stairs or in the pantry you may wish to free that space. Storing gear in a shed will certainly give you more space which you can either use or just leave empty. Sometimes, having empty corners in your house can make your home look bigger.

Prepare your items for the storage unit

Before taking your tents into storage, it will be necessary to clean them. You can do this by simply wiping it with a cleaning cloth and mild soap. After that, when you take them into a storage unit, keep them loose. Be aware that the type of storage unit you choose really matters. Put the tents in a large tote but without putting a lid on them. This way you will ensure that your gear will not be damp. This will provide great protection to your tents.

a tent in sunset
use proper storage bags to store your camping tents

Use space bags for your gear

These kinds of bags are very useful when it comes to storing many different things. You can find storing bags on Amazon. There are bags of different kinds and sizes. There you can keep your sleeping bags and also use them for storing and organizing camping gear.

As you can see, storing and organizing camping gear is not that difficult. All in all, it will be safe either in your home or in a storage unit if stored properly.