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Are you moving to Southaven MS soon, but you’re not quite sure how to approach the moving process? Spyder Moving will help you keep your cool during the moving process. Moving is complicated – it takes a lot of your time, energy, and resources. The key to staying composed during the moving process is having a systematic, clear guide. This will help you know what task is in order, and how you should approach it, so make sure that you create a guide and follow it. Hiring moving professionals can help you have guidance through the process and save time by delegating exhausting parts of the moving process. Are you ready to start moving to Southaven MS? If you are, keep on reading!

moving to Southaven MS
Take your time to find the right company to help you with moving to Southaven MS!

Research moving companies before moving to Southaven MS

There are many moving companies that you can hire. But you should aim for the most quality services that you can find. A moving company can make or break your move, which is why it’s important to devote your time to finding the right moving company. Aim to find the movers that are licensed and reputable, like Movers Southaven MS. When you’re moving, you want the best movers by your side. Hiring movers that aren’t a good fit for you will only leave you feeling like you wasted your time and money, and on top of that, you won’t feel more peaceful – just more upset. This is the last thing that you need during your move!

Make the list

Make the list to stay organized. You should include the to-do list that consists of all the things you have to do from the beginning to the end of the move. Leave a little bit of empty space around each task to write important information and phone numbers next to it. Having everything in one place will help you lessen the moving anxiety. When you feel overwhelmed, having a clear outline of what you should do next will help you calm down and feel organized. It’s easy to keep track of what to do next – have your list on the piece of paper or simply use some of the phone apps. That way, you’ll have your list with you all the time and be able to access it whenever you need it.

Decluttering will help you lessen the moving costs and shorten the packing process.

Decluttering is an integral part of moving

When you start moving, you will notice that there are many items that don’t serve you anymore. You’re not quite sure what to do with them – should you throw them away? Should you toss them out? To declutter, stay organized, and try to make the process fun. Firstly, you should separate the items that you want to pack and bring from the ones that you don’t. Secondly, toss out what you wanted to get rid of for good, and decide which items you’ll donate and which ones you’ll sell. Keep in mind that selling big appliances and furniture goes a long way, especially if you’re moving long-distance or overseas. The movers charge the most for the big and bulky items, so selling your fridge, for example, would help you in more than one way. You’ll get the money from selling the fridge itself and you won’t have to pay a lot only to have it transported. Talk to your moving companies about their fees before you decide on what you’re going to sell.

Procure the quality packing materials

The next step is to get quality packing materials. The packing process can only be successful enough if you pick appropriate packing materials. In addition, moving isn’t over when you unload the truck – it’s over after you’ve unpacked. If you’re not sure what to do with packing materials after your move, consider renting the packing materials from some of the moving companies Jackson MS.

Materials that you will need to get ready for moving to Southaven MS

  • Packing peanuts – You will fill the cardboard boxes with this material. There are alternatives to it – call the shop where you intend to buy the materials before you visit it. See whether they have everything you need or something that needs to be pre-ordered.
  • Packing paper – Packing paper protects some items from scratches and sometimes it can also be used for the same purpose as packing peanuts.
  • Glassine – Use glassine to pack your artwork and ceramics and antique furniture. It protects the item from dust, scratches, and from moisture.
  • Packing boxes – Packing boxes can be either plastic or cardboard. Plastic ones are more expensive, but they’re definitely worth it if you are packing anything fragile. Consult with your moving company to determine whether you need them. Don’t forget that the cardboard boxes’ structure can be compromised if it comes in the contact with water.
  • Specialized boxes – Specialized boxes are important. Not all items can fit normal moving boxes. Some of them need to be transported in specialized boxes in order to ensure their safety.
  • Adhesive tape, knife, sponge, corner protection – Those are additional tools and materials that you will need when you’re packing your items.
two people packing
Ask your friends and family to help you with the packing process!

How to approach the most strenuous part of moving to Southaven MS?

  •  Ask for help when moving to Southaven MS – Don’t forget to ask for help when you start feeling overwhelmed. Your friends and family can help you, and you can also call moving help Hattiesburg. Whether you choose your friends or professional movers, make sure that you call them on time.
  • Pack your items – To pack your items, you should start your moving process as early as possible. Invite friends and family over and give them clear instructions. Delegate the tasks to make the process quicker and break the whole process up in chunks over a couple of weeks.
  • Hire professional movers – In the end, if you need to focus on other things in your life, it’s best if you call professional movers.

When you decide that it’s time to move, Spyder moving will be at your disposal. If you need professional help, give us a call. We’re more than happy to help you find the perfect moving solution and help you transition seamlessly into your new forever home!