Guide for moving to Jackson TN

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Relocating home and your family can be quite a challenge. You are moving to Tennessee and such a project will ask for your time, money, and patience. Of course, and some moving assistance as well. But you shouldn’t worry much because we bring you a detailed plan on how to do it best. This time around, moving to Jackson TN will be a piece of cake.

Your moving to Jackson TN will cost. But how much?

To figure out your moving costs you must consider a few things first. Your moving date, how much stuff you have, and how complex your move is. For the moving date, hopefully, you have at least three weeks to organize everything. Anywhere between a month and two weeks is doable. Now, guided by the time you have and the budget on hand, you should start creating your moving checklist. Begin the magical journey through your home and inspect everything.

Envelope with dollar bills
Figure out how hard your relocation is and assign a moving budget accordingly.

Check out the environment, furniture, and all other items you must pack. This way you’ll know if there are any possibilities for moving injuries and remove them. Also, you will realize how many materials you need for packing and finally get a rough estimate. And when you have this info in hand, you can start looking for moving companies in Tennessee that will assist you and relocate you safely. Once you find them, you can communicate further and obtain the final moving price. Then simply dedicate the moving budget accordingly and move onto the next step.

Now to find a trustworthy moving company

This part will take most of your time but it is equally important. A search for a reliable moving company. Therefore, start searching for movers Jackson TN online and narrow it down by comparing services, prices, and reviews. It is important to find a few good and bad reviews if possible. Remember, the best and most affordable movers are somewhere in the middle. So, after comparing you’ll surely find at least five eligible moving companies. Then it is up to you which one you’ll call.

When you call your movers, you should ask anything you think is relevant to your moving project. We will give you a list of a few most commonly asked questions:

  • License – Most important one on the list. You should check if your movers possess permits and licenses to work within the moving industry.
  • Tools – Your movers should have all the tools and equipment required for the job.
  • Manpower– Enough skilled manpower is required as well.
  • Vehicle – What kind of moving vehicle your movers use and if it is enough to use one to cover all your moving needs.
  • Experience – You might want to know how many years of experience they have. Avoid companies that are in the business for less than a year.

Double-checking won’t hurt

Some people want to double-check their findings and to inspect their choice even further in order to avoid moving scams. It is understandable that you want to be sure that your investment is secured. Hence, a proper inspection is at hand. As you are browsing for movers online, you should pay attention to their website. It should have a company logo, physical address, and contact info displayed. Also, you can check if your movers are listed and registered online.

Several people reading online reviews
Moving reviews will tell you enough to confirm the legitimacy of your moving company.

The FMCSA and US Movers Association are a good source. And finally, if it is possible to obtain references, that would be great. Find someone that already used their services and listen to their story. You can find a friend of a friend or check one of the Moving groups on social media. Whatever source you can find, you should use it. Eventually, you will know enough to make the final choice.

Seize the opportunity and utilize free moving estimates

Now when you found your movers, you should schedule onsite estimates. It is an amazing practice where movers visit your home and inspect everything. This way they will know the weight of your cargo, the number of boxes you have, and the overall complexity of the move. More importantly, they will figure out where to establish a loading dock and if there are any potentially hazardous situations. They will inspect doors, floors, stairs, hallways, and your pavement to be sure that there are no chances for moving injuries. Movers will organize in such a way to prepare you for moving to Jackson TN but to keep your cargo and your family safe. And finally, after inspecting everything, they will be able to provide the exact moving cost. Utilize this amazing service and secure the best possible moving service for you and your belongings.

Pack safely and be ready for moving to Jackson TN

You can’t start moving to Jackson TN before you go through the tiresome packing process. But do not worry, everyone must do it and this time, we will help as much as we can. Now, let us first cover the packing materials needed. You should check your local hardware store or purchase materials from your movers. Also, you can order everything online if you are sure it will be delivered on time. Focus on cardboard moving boxes, packing tape, labels, and blister packs. You can use higher-quality ones or decide to pack on a budget. But do not try to save money on moving boxes and packing tape. Those two must be in good shape to protect your box from the outside. As for blister packs, you can substitute them with blankets, kitchen cloth, rags, shirts, etc.

Find higher-quality packing materials when moving to Jackson TN
Tape your boxes nicely and apply an appropriate label.

Ok, now to pack your stuff the right way. Depending on the nature of the items you are packing, you should take appropriately sized boxes. Robust items like pillows go to bigger box while fragile pieces into a smaller one. Now, place the blister pack or any other cushiony solution you have inside the box. Place your items inside and fill gaps nicely using paper or more cloth. Close the box and tape it several times on the top and a few more around the box. Finally tape a label to the box that will display and warn movers about the content inside. A simple FRAGILE sign will suffice. As for your furniture, you should wrap it in protective sheets and disassemble some of it if possible. Wrap individual pieces in bubble wrap to prevent bumps and bruising.

Are you ready?

The last step on this journey before you can start moving to Jackson TN is to cover all your legalities. This means you should check your moving documents, as well as your IDs, bank documents, school documents, medical records, utilities, etc. Transfer all your internet and cellphone service to your new place, set up a PO box, and reroute your mail. Also, you must change your address after moving as soon as you settle in. Or maybe even a week before you arrive so everything is up to date and ready for you. So, contact all relevant parties and update them with this change. Do it in due time because some processes can last longer than a week.

Ok, now you are ready for moving to Jackson TN. You know how to pack and how to find a reliable moving company. And as long as you have one, your relocation is secured. Find the movers you like and embark on this journey. Soon, you’ll start anew in your new home. Good luck.