Guide for moving to Brownsville TN

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So, you’ve decided to move to the city that Tanya Tucker sang about in her famous song Delta Dawn? That is great! Brownsville is a beautiful place to live. But before you start packing or let Brownsville TN movers pack for you, it would be good to learn a little bit more about the city. Here is our guide for moving to Brownsville TN.

General information to know before moving to Brownsville TN

Brownsville is a city located in the western part of Tennessee. Its population is a little under 10 000 people, which makes it perfect for small-city lovers. Brownsville is comprised of a modest size area of around 1o square miles, mainly land. But its stunning nature and the untamed Hatchie river give it a unique kind of charm. Besides, its rich flora and fauna are well preserved too. This adds to the growing popularity of the place. As a result, Brownsville is a well-known terrain for the local movers TN.

moving to Brownsville TN, Hatchie river
Beautiful Hatchie river is a jewel of Brownsville

The climate

The climate in Brownsville is a humid subtropical climate. Summers are hot and humid, and winters are generally mild, although they can get colder at times. Still, there are more than 210 sunny days a year. And the amount of rain that falls each year is double the States average.  This kind of climate is especially suitable for cypress groves’ growth, but many other plants can thrive in this environment. So if you are moving to Tennessee, choose May, September, or October to do it. These are, generally, the most pleasant months of the year. 

The heritage and arts

Pre-civil war buildings and historical monuments are the symbols of Haywood County. The oldest Synagogue in Tenessee is still open in Brownsville. Museums are well preserved and in possession of different historical collections. Aside from that, Brownsville is home to blues music as well as some contemporary sounds. The only museum of Tina Turner, Queen of  Rock ‘n’ Roll, is in this city.

Food- the reason enough for moving to Brownsville TN

Unique barbeque flavor that has won many awards is specific to Brownsville cuisine. Moving companies in Tenessee will be happy moving you to Brownsville just for the variety of the restaurants awaiting there. From the posh restaurants and fine dining to more of a rustic vibe, Brownsville has it all. In addition to this, the city abounds in different family dinners. It is ideal for newly started families and retired people.

barbeque with tomatoes
The unique barbeque flavor is the reason enough to get moving to Brownsville TN

To summarize if you had enough of big city hustle and you are looking for a nice retreat, Bronswille is a place for you. Some argue that the crime rates are still high. But the local citizens claim that these are very rare. In a city where everybody knows everybody and where food is so good, violations seem to be unlikely.  And if you have any doubts, just visit Helen’s bar and barbeque. The food and the hospitality of the people will easily convince you.