Guide for moving to Bartlett

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Now when you decided on moving to Tennessee, you must begin your moving preparations. You’ll have to create a plan, pack meticulously, and find reliable help. But to do it all and be ready, you’ll need a guide with all those stages summarized. Therefore, let us cover moving to Bartlett from top to the bottom and prepare you adequately.

Plan for moving to Bartlett

The very first step is to figure out your moving date and the budget you have available. Preferably, you’ll have at least a month to prepare everything in advance. And for the moving budget, you’ll figure this one out by inspecting and realizing how complex your moving project is. Start by inspecting every room in your home, your furniture, and your belongings. This way you’ll know the packing material requirements. Also, you will realize if any piece of furniture will make a problem while you take it out. And when you gather all the information, then you should start looking for moving companies in Tennessee. That would be the next step.

But keep in mind that you should note everything down while inspecting your home. Creating a moving checklist is a smart way of covering all the steps along the way. More importantly, you won’t forget a single obligation and you’ll be ready when the time comes. Moreover, you can attach an inventory list as well, if you have the time of course.

Now find the reliable moving company

Finding reliable movers in Bartlett TN is your next challenge. Begin your search on the internet and browse your options carefully. The best moving service Is neither too cheap nor too expensive. Usually, the best choice is somewhere in the middle. So, start by checking out their websites, moving services, prices, and read reviews and blog posts. This way you can narrow down your search and focus only on the viable choices. You’ll see why this part is important when you start swimming in the endless sea of moving companies online.

A person searching for movers online
Find your movers online and ensure the best possible moving service.

Check if your choice is legit

Your research is not over yet. Before you decide and hire movers to help you when moving to Bartlett, you must inspect them. This means you should obtain as much info you can to be sure that you found a legit moving company. Therefore, inspect your movers with this simple process. Check internal and external sources online. As we already said, reading moving reviews and focus on both negative and positive comments. Also, try to obtain references or word of mouth. If possible, find someone who already used their services and can confirm the legitimacy and a positive experience with the moving company in question. And you shouldn’t stop there. Once you have all the pieces you can obtain yourself, give them a call.

Ask your movers if they possess enough skilled workers to undertake this moving project. Check if they have all the tools, equipment and if their moving services can cover all your needs. And check if they possess an adequate moving vehicle. You should also ask any questions you think is relevant to your relocation. Your movers should provide the answers you seek and accommodate your requests. And after you communicate the details you can decide if this is the moving company for you.

Obtain moving estimates

Now when you have movers by your side, let them help you calculate your moving costs. Yes, you have already done half of the job but the other half lies with your movers. Therefore, your movers should pay you a visit and provide onsite estimates. This service is free in most cases and it is incredibly smart and useful. A moving representative will inspect your home and evaluate the situation. This way they will realize the number of boxes you possess and the furniture they must transport.

A pile of money
With onsite estimates, you will calculate your moving budget easier.

And this info is important because it will tell you how many workers you need, how many hours you must invest, and if you can use one moving truck. All in all, an amazing service that will crunch the numbers for you. But most importantly, movers will get to know the environment and take precautionary measures to make it safer. You and your cargo will be treated with respect and the utmost care.

You can’t escape the packing process when moving to Bartlett

One more step and you are ready for moving to Bartlett. Yes, you guessed it right, the packing process. You probably already know how to pack a box. But we will point out a few essential packing materials you should obtain to do so. Take a look:

  • Boxes – There are small, medium-sized, and large boxes. Of course, if you need custom made ones or oddly shaped boxes, you can order those online from your local supplier. And you will need between 20-30 cardboard moving boxes to pack your entire home.
  • Cushion – The best cushion in the moving business and mostly used is the blister pack. But if this option is too expensive, use towels, blankets, sheets, shirts, or anything similar you already have at home.
  • Tape – Use higher-quality packing tape to hold your boxes in place. Apply several layers in all directions to ensure that your box will survive the journey.
  • Labeling system – Figure out the best one for you. You can use simple labels and write the content on them. Or you can match numbers, colors, or shapes by cross-referencing ones on the box and your inventory list.
A Fragile sign for moving boxes
Label your boxes and lower the chance of a moving mishap.

Gather all your documents

Meddling with legalities is boring and complicated at times. But a necessary part of each move. So, you should gather all your IDs, school records, medical records, bank documents, licenses, moving documentation, etc. Ensure that everything is up to date and start transferring your documentation and your services to your new address. This means you should set up your PO box and reroute your bills and mail. Also, contact all parties and update the new address and contact info. And for the services, contact your phone and internet provider and transfer everything in due time. It wouldn’t be good to wait for a week or two to set up the internet in your new home. And keep in mind that hard copies take more time to transfer than a digital print. Therefore, cover this one on time and avoid possible unpleasantries.

Now you are ready and you will be moving to Bartlett with a proper plan in place. Just focus on finding a trustworthy moving company and everything else will fall in place. Once you have a reliable moving team by your side, the packing will seem so easy. Good luck and we wish you a safe journey.