Guide for moving into a high-rise apartment in Memphis

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Are you planning on moving into a high-rise apartment in Memphis soon? Different types of relocations always bring unique challenges with them. That’s why Spyder Moving wanted to help you with tips and tricks on how to make your moving-in experience as easy as possible. When you start planning your new life, you often focus on the big problems. When you’re moving into a high-rise apartment, the small details can be those that will make problems. To find out more about how to approach moving into a high-rise apartment and avoid possible problems, keep on reading! 

Compare the blueprints before moving into a high-rise apartment in Memphis

Before you relocate, consider optimizing your furniture placement. The best way to do it is to compare the blueprints. You can also make a computer version of your blueprint, which will help you transfer the dimensions realistically. When you plan in advance, you’ll know what pieces of furniture will be useless. Any one of Tennessee long distance moving companies will help you place the furniture where you want in your apartment after the move. That will help you know which furniture has to go – so you can donate it or sell it. Moreover, you’ll know which furniture will go into your apartment, so you’ll plan accordingly. If you plan on hiring a moving company and you think that some furniture piece will be problematic, make sure you tell them. 

To find the best place for your furniture in the new apartment, compare the blueprints.

Find the best way to transport your items to your floor

Think about several ways that you can get the items on your floor. The most obvious one is an elevator, but you can carry some items up the stairs. Maybe there are emergency stairs that are more suitable for some type of item. Of course, if you hire Memphis moving services, you won’t have to worry about that – they’ll do all the planning for you. But in case you’re planning to invite your friends over to help you and do the job yourself, you should prepare in advance. If you can’t get the items up the stairs and want to avoid it – think whether big and bulky pieces can be disassembled. That way, they might fit the elevator. Make sure that they’re properly packed to avoid damaging the surrounding surfaces when you’re moving into a high-rise loft in Memphis. 

Have storage ready

There are several reasons to have a storage ready when you’re moving into a high-rise apartment in Memphis :

  • You can deal with some of the items later after you move
  • If you end up changing the furniture arrangements, you’ll have space where you can immediately place the furniture
  • Maybe you’ll place some of the items in the apartment while deciding which ones from those that leftover, you want in the apartment 
  • If some of the big and bulky pieces aren’t easy to deal with, place them in storage and call professionals to help you. 
 moving into a high-rise apartment in Memphis
Moving into a high-rise place in Memphis is easier when you have professionals by your side!

Find a reliable moving company to help you with moving into a high-rise apartment in Memphis

In the end, moving into a high-rise apartment in Memphis can turn out to be too tricky. It’s okay if you decide to get help. Packing services Memphis are a good choice – they can disassemble the furniture pieces and pack them properly. Any type of carrying that needs to be done by the stairs can be dangerous if you’re inexperienced. That’s why hiring moving professionals, even if only to help you carry the items to your floor, is a good idea. Here at Spyder Moving, you can get a free quote, or give us a call. See for yourself why we’re the right choice for you and your precious belongings!