Guide for moving from Tennessee to California

You are preparing your family for moving from Tennessee to California and there is a lot to do before you can settle in and adapt to the new environment. You should pack, prepare the budget, cover legalities, find one of the moving companies in Tennessee to transport your items safely, and much more. Hence, let us create a personalized moving guide together and ensure you and your family have a positive moving experience.

Your journey begins with a moving date and a budget

The very first step of each relocation is the moving date and the budget you can spare. Obviously, you must set aside enough to cover all moving services required and a portion for packing materials and other moving-related responsibilities. Hence, after you inspect your items and furniture, you’ll know how many packing materials you need and the complexity of the move. You won’t be able to know the exact number but you’ll be there eventually. After you gather the basic info about your moving environment and your items, call one of the Tennessee long distance moving companies and provide it to them. They will use it to organize better and ensure your relocation is safe and successful.

prepare a budget for moving from Tennessee to California
You must prepare an appropriate budget for this kind of relocation. There is a long journey ahead.

As for the moving date, you must check your schedule and inform your boss on time so you can take days off. Do it well in advance so you can avoid any unpleasant situations. Especially if you are a key player in this story and you must participate.

Hire professionals to help you with moving from Tennessee to California

As you may know, rarely do people relocate without the help of professional movers Memphis TN. Simply because moving is hard labor that requires proper tools, knowledge, expertise, experience, appropriately sized moving vehicles, licenses, and more. Hence, you should find movers that meet the criteria. Moving from Tennessee to California is a long journey and you want to secure your investment and ensure you and your family are safe. Hence, browse online until you find an eligible local choice. Give them a call and check if they have everything we listed above. If they do, communicate about the prices and services they offer. If you like what you hear, assemble a moving contract and take it from there.

Free onsite estimates

When you finally decide on a company, you can obtain your estimates on the website or via the phone. But do not make a mistake and overlook the free onsite estimates. It is an amazing service that most people neglect simply because they do not have time to meddle with such long moving preparations. It works like this. Your movers will stop by and evaluate your belongings on-site. This way they can measure everything, weigh your cargo, establish a loading dock, and secure the parameter. It is the safest way to organize and prepare for the relocation. Moreover, the most accurate way to obtain a moving quote.

After your moving representative crunch the numbers, you’ll be provided with the precise moving quote. At that point, you can decide what moving service will improve your moving plans and where you can pull back and save money. This kind of approach is especially good for business relocations where your commercial movers Memphis TN must have all the little details to keep your business up and running while relocating. Or for the high-risk relocations involving expensive furniture, antique pieces, or artwork. All in all, remember to utilize this amazing and free service. It will do you only good.

Packing for moving from Tennessee to California

To be fair, no one likes packing. But it is something we all must cover when relocating. Hence, get this task out of the way and you are more than halfway through with the relocation process. Firstly, you’ll need to purchase the basic packing materials. At your nearest hardware store, you’ll find cardboard boxes, adhesive tape, blister packs, and labels. Or you can order everything online. Whatever is more convenient to you. Once you have your materials with you, start packing gradually or over the weekend. Again, check your schedule and cover this task at the pace most suitable for you.

mother and daughter packing
Use proper packing materials to make sure your cargo will reach the other side undamaged.

Use cardboard boxes for most of your household items and label each box with the content inside. Adhesive tape is used to keep your boxes together while you should use plastic wrap for furniture and to wrap fragile and delicate pieces individually. Basically like a form of cushiony protection. Bubble wrap is also good as a base for each box but you can use blankets as well. Repeat this process until all boxes are packed and make sure you are ready before your movers arrive. Last-minute packing always ends up with broken items so you better avoid this kind of scenario.

Declutter and downsize

While packing, you should take a moment and look at all the stuff you possess. You surely have a lot of old items you were hoarding for no reason. Ok, there is always a sentimental reason but to be honest, a broken TV sitting in the garage waiting for a repair can’t be compared to your grandma’s china. Therefore, sort those old, unused, broken, outworn, and simply outdated items, and figure out what to keep and what to remove. Then, once you have a dedicated pile, choose one of the following:

  • Throw everything away.
  • Recycle at the nearest recycling facility.
  • Organize garage/yard sale.
  • Sell online.
  • Donate to the local charity organization or a church.
  • Give to friends or neighbors.

You will surely find a few items to get rid of when moving from Tennessee to California. Just take a quick glance, and a whole world of unused items will open. Hopefully, you’ll have enough time to delve into it.

California awaits!

We are not sure the part of California you chose to relocate to, but you must take a tour of the cities as soon as you can. This is one of those states where we can go on and on for hours how awesome it is. But we will try to sum it up in a few sentences. Food is amazing, people are friendly beyond measure, the nightlife is wild, and there is more than enough to do. You will never get bored in California as long as you have free time to explore and a stretching budget to support your travels. You must visit Los Angeles and Hollywood. Take a few pictures at the Hollywood sign if you are faster than the police patrol in the area.

Hollywood sign on the hill
You can’t visit California without taking a glance at the Hollywood sign!

Then, you should hop in on a bus or a car tour through Santa Monica, Venice Beach, and San Francisco. And of course, Alcatraz Island is something you shouldn’t forget to visit at some point. But we won’t cover you with too much information about it. You just became a resident and you have plenty of time to visit all the amazing places located in the sunny state of California.

You are ready for moving from Tennessee to California. Hopefully, we helped enough for you to create your personalized guide that will help you reach the other side safely. Good luck and have fun in California!

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