Guide for moving from NYC to Memphis

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Living in NYC had its advantages. It offers great opportunities for many, from artists to businessmen. Also, public transportation and delivery services are available 24 hours. But all the benefits of a big city come with a price. Maybe you will have to live on the 20th floor in a 550 sq/ft apartment? And you will have to raise a family in such a small space. On the other side, you can choose to live in a place where every day is a holiday. A place where entertainment is endless and outdoor activities are spectacular? And on top of all that, it has great weather and a shorter commuting time. This is one of the reasons why people are moving from NYC to Memphis. Knowing this, you may also consider moving to Tennessee too.

What should you know before moving from NYC to Memphis?

The first that comes to mind is Elvis and Graceland. Annually, thousands of tourists are visiting Memphis just to see it. Memphis also has an interesting historic heritage. And it is famous for blues and rock music. Music plays a big part in Memphis’s life. There are still round-the-clock authentic live music performances. And you can also enjoy a lot of visual art galleries, and a variety of museums. As well, your new city had its contribution to the civil rights movement. And of course, you should try the famous country barbeque.

Moving from NYC to Memphis-Beale Street in Memphis with people walking and many shops with signs on both sides.
You can choose to live in a place where every day is a holiday.

Living costs NYC vs Memphis

Buying a house in one of the NYC suburbs would cost you about $600.000. At the same time, the average house in Memphis you can get for $180.000. So, this is excellent news. As well, moving companies in Tennessee, have very affordable moving prices. Overall, the costs of living in Memphis are 14% lower than the national average. Besides, the other costs as utilities, healthcare, groceries, and transportation in Memphis are below the average.

Usual reasons why people are deciding to move to Memphis

Here are some of the most common reasons for people to move to Memphis:

  • Endless live blues and rock’n’roll music
  • Memphis is among the best cities for startups
  • It has one of the lower costs of living in the USA
  • Homes are affordable for many people
  • It offers remarkable outdoor entertainment
  • Every day is a holiday with numerous organized events
  • Tennessee (Memphis including) has no state income tax
  • Memphis citizens are among the happiest people in the USA
  • It has excellent food choice

What climate to expect after moving to Memphis?

The climate is subtropical, with high humidity. This humidity is coming mainly from the Gulf. Also, after moving from NYC to Memphis, you should be prepared for very hot summers. During the summer months, and thanks to hits and humidity, the short afternoon thunderstorms are common. The winters are mild, and snowfall rarely occurs. The cold you can expect during November and December, that comes along with heavy rainfall.

The entrance gate of Graceland.
The first that comes to mind is Elvis and Graceland.

If you need employment, what is available in Memphis?

Although Memphis has so many nice things to offer, the unemployment rate there is 8%. This is a bit higher than the national average. Still, the job market in Memphis is recovering fast after the pandemic. And its expected climb is 37% in the next ten years. So, before the best movers in Memphis move you, securing a job would be a good idea. You can apply for a job in some of the main industries there. They include shipping and manufacturing of goods. This is thanks to the city’s location on the Mississippi River.

The three Fortune 500 companies-parcel shipping giant FedEx, auto parts retailer AutoZone, and International Paper always have job openings. Also, there are other industries where you can get employments. Such are the finance, real estate, tourism, and technology industries. Also, jobs are available in agribusiness-Memphis is a major manufacturer of wood and paper products. The industry of meats, soybeans, and other foods is also offering jobs.

If you have kids, you would like to know about the school system in Memphis

As of the school year 2013-2014, the Memphis public education system was merged with the Shelby County School District. Also, there are many private schools in the area. Besides, there are many religion-affiliated institutions there. Regarding higher education, there are some notable universities in the area. They include the University of Memphis, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis College of Art, Rhodes College, Harding School of Theology, and Baptist College of Health Sciences.

Memphis has a few interesting neighborhoods

The city’s oldest district, overlooking the Mississippi River, is Downtown Memphis. There, you will find many beautiful historic homes. The most interesting part of Downtown Memphis is the Victorian Village. Located in the southern section of Downtown is the main Arts District. There, you will find a rich history and cultural heritage. The oldest restaurant in Memphis is the famed Arcade restaurant. Midtown Memphis is a center for shopping, food, and entertainment. One thing is for sure – you will never be bored in Memphis.

Moving companies and storage facilities in Memphis

There are many moving companies and storage facilities in Memphis, ready to help you. So, if you need to relocate, you have a good choice of companies. Of course, you will get the moving quotes from a few of them, before deciding which one to hire. Also, it is easy to find good storage, either for short or long-term storage. This is yet another good thing that Memphis has to offer.

A sunset over downtown Memphis with the pyramid and bridge.
The city’s oldest district, overlooking the Mississippi River, is Downtown Memphis.

Registering your car after moving to Memphis

Don’t forget to visit one of the Tennessee driver’s License centers after moving. You are having a 30-day deadline to register your vehicle after permanently moving to Tennessee. It is also good to know that Tennessee is one f the few states that have no minimum requirement for car insurance. However, you need to meet the standards of the Financial Responsibility Law. This means you have to prove that you are financially capable of covering damages on your own.

Are you ready for a fresh start?

This is exactly what moving from NYC to Memphis will offer you. A chance for a fresh start. In Memphis, you will have good possibilities to find a nice job. And the excellent possibility to buy your own house. There are also good schooling institutions for your kids. And your fresh start will give you the possibility to slow down. You might need some time to get rid of NYC rushing habits. However, we are sure that you will easily accommodate to slow and relaxed southern lifestyle. And that you will love it.