Guide for moving from Nashville to Memphis

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You decided on moving from Nashville to Memphis and you are mentally preparing for all the moving tasks ahead. As you already know, you must pack, set a moving budget, cover legalities, and more. So, because moving to Tennessee is not easy at all, we will help you prepare for it and assemble a moving plan that will serve you as a guide until the end. Let us ensure your relocation is safe and successful.

Moving from Nashville to Memphis with a detailed moving guide

You can create your personalized moving guide yourself. At least half of it. Firstly, guided by your moving date and your moving budget, you will search for moving companies in Tennessee accordingly. Try to avoid peak season and schedule them well in advance to obtain a better moving quote and more desirable prices. Then, cover legalities and make sure all your documents are up to date and ready to be used in your new home.

two movers loading the truck
A reliable moving company is all you need. Find one and secure your investment.

Finally, inspect your old and new home to figure out the complexity of the move. You need the number of boxes and the furniture pieces you possess. Take note of the robust furniture that might create problems while moving out and moving in. Put it all on your moving checklist along with all moving-related responsibilities and you are good to go. Bring this list to your movers and take it from there.

You must search for a reliable moving company

It is easy to find furniture movers Memphis TN but before you hire them, you must research a bit. It is not good to choose the first company you find. Simply because you might miss out on better offers and end up with more expensive relocation. Also, you can stumble upon fraudulent movers. Therefore, inspect a few local companies and ensure they are up to the task.

Check their prices and services and read a few reviews about them. You can check social media groups and you will know in a matter of minutes if your movers are ok or not. When you find the company you like, give them a call to confirm a few things. They must have licenses, permits, tools, and equipment to cover their moving tasks. If they do, communicate further and eventually take a shot. If you do not like what you hear, move on to the next moving company until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Pack for moving from Nashville to Memphis

You probably packed already in the past, but if this is your first time, you should know this. Firstly, you must gather all the necessary packing supplies. You will find them online, at the nearest home depot, or with your moving company. Purchase the following:

  • Cardboard boxes.
  • Adhesive tape.
  • Blister packs.
  • Labels.

Those are the mandatory ones but you can always invest a bit more and purchase corner pads, plastic bins, customized boxes, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, and more. Once you have all your materials with you, start packing the way you will enjoy the most. You can pack within two days or pack over a couple of weeks covering room by room and eventually be ready when local movers TN arrive. As for packing, the process is simple. Place a cushion inside the box, put your items inside, close the box, and add tape and labels. Now, for fragile items, you want to wrap them individually to prevent a collision. And ensure each box is properly labeled with a detailed description on it.

label your boxes adequately when moving from Nashville to Memphis
Ensure your boxes are labeled correctly. That way you will reduce the chance of damages significantly.

Find more helpers

If possible, you should find more helpers to help you with moving from Nashville to Memphis. Preferably the people you know and trust. Therefore, reach out to your relatives, neighbors, friends, coworkers, etc. Tell them what your plans are and give them enough time to think about them. They must check their schedules and prepare as well. But do not expect an immediate response, or in some cases, no response at all. Simply because people do not like to move at all and some of them will provide an excuse. But do not be mad and try to understand. They hate moving themselves let alone someone else. But we are sure you will have at least one or two friends who will help you out. At least by running a few errands or assisting you with packing. Simply by being there to keep you company, they will help a lot.

And if you have an amazing response and more than two people helping, you can even cover some of the moving stages yourself. Maybe you can pack and drive the whole batch by yourself if you rent a moving truck. Use movers for labor only in this situation. And if you have your best friend with you, you can spend a few hours roaming Memphis together. It is a great city rich in history. If you have time, you should hit the Beale Street Historic District and visit Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum if possible. It will blow your mind. In the evening, find a live gig somewhere in the city and feel the energies of this amazing place. Top it off with a fine restaurant and start settling in. The city of Memphis is your new home, and you yet have to explore it. This is just the beginning.

Prepare your new home

Before you begin moving from Nashville to Memphis, you must inspect your new environment. Not only that you must get to know the neighborhood, but your new house as well. You should check each corner of it to be able to layout a good furniture plan and utilize all the space you have. So, you must do this as soon as you find your new property. Check all the utilities, pipes, electricity, wirings, floors, doors, staircases. Inspect it nicely to ensure everything is working as intended and to figure out if you must invest in repairs before moving in. And you will for sure, just the question is – how much?

When moving into a new home, people usually repaint their walls and do all the minor repairs. You must know about this beforehand to prevent it and have it all ready for the first day in your home.

a room with furniture
Create a furniture plan and inspect your future home thoroughly. Get ready for your new setup.

Clean the old home as well

As for your old place, you should clean it thoroughly after you move everything out. You can do it the day after or the same day if you have the energy for it. Also, you can hire a cleaning company that will do it without you having to participate at all. Or you can ask your friends to help you out with this task at least and clean everything together.

One more thing, while inspecting all your items, you will surely find a lot of old, unused, outdated, or broken items. You must spare an hour or two to shuffle through it and decide what you do not need anymore. Some of those items can be useful to someone else so you can donate, give away to friends, sell online, recycle, etc. Do whatever you feel like it but make sure they are out of the picture. Not only that you’ll make your relocation easier and more affordable, but you’ll have fewer items to clutter your new space. So, declutter and downsize as much as you can, and may your new garage, loft, and attic, finally be free of all the clutter.

That is it, now you are ready for moving from Nashville to Memphis. As you can see, a good organization and a reliable moving company can take you anywhere. In your case, to your new address. We wish you a safe journey and a pleasant moving experience. Good luck.