Guide for moving from Mississippi to NC

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Before you decide about moving from Mississippi to NC, you should check the North Caroline living conditions. Also, it would be good to compare the living costs between those two states. You should also compare the other factors, like climate and health care. The schooling system and job market are also important factors to consider when you are moving from Mississippi to NC. Also, be clear about your reasons for relocation. Is that something you really want? And is it going to benefit you? Once you make the decision, find a reliable moving company. They will relocate you to North Caroline easily and safely.

What is attracting many people to move to NC?

With over 10 million residents, North Carolina is one of the ten most populated USA states. It is also known for its good climate conditions. The job market is thriving. These are some of the reasons why so many families, young professionals, and retirees are moving there.

Moving from Mississippi to NC – an ariel shot of the city.

Raleigh is the capital of NC.Besides the nice weather, it also has a low cost of living, which is yet another factor that is attracting people to move.

What are you living behind when moving out of Mississippi?

The state of Mississippi is known for its leisure lifestyle. And for its love for music. Due to the influence from the Golf, Mississippi has mild winters and hot, and very humid summers. However, the residents are used to this weather, and it is giving them ample possibilities for outdoor activities.

Mississippi has just about 3 million people. It is mostly a rural area, with a few bigger towns in the south of the country. So, agriculture is the primary industry in Mississippi. This means also that the job market is rather limited. And looking for a more diverse job market is one of the main reasons for people to move out.

Pros and cons of moving from Mississippi to NC

Moving from Mississippi to NC has its pros and cons. Here are some positive and negative facts you should know before arranging your move with movers Oxford MS.

Pros of moving to NC

These are the things you can look forward to when moving to NC:

NC costs of living

One of the best advantages of moving to NC is the low costs of living. They are below the national average, as well as median house price. Also, North Caroline has taxes that are lower than the national average.

A woman in red T-shirt, shorts and with a hat is walking on the hiking truck in the mountains.
North Caroline has a mountain area with hiking tracks.

Climate conditions in NC

NC has a mild climate. The weather is pleasant throughout the year. This means that you will have the mild winters, although summers may be pretty hot and humid.

After moving to NC, you will enjoy the diverse nature

The NC has three geographic regions. There is a coastal plain in the east. It covers almost half of the state. The second region is the Outer Banks. This string of islands is one of the popular destinations for residents and tourists alike. The Blue Ridge Mountains are on the west side of the state. There is the highest peak east of the Rockies, Mount Mitchell. Also, if you like the outdoor activities, you will enjoy visiting the National Park -Great Smoky Mountains.

What about the economy in NC?

North Caroline is one of the best places for living in the USA. It has a very good education system, technology, and financial scene. It also has a lot of good career opportunities. So, you can expect a lot of benefits from moving to NC. Here is a list of the top industries in NC:

  • Finance
  • Energy
  • Biotechnology
  • Aerospace
  • Furniture
  • Education

NC has good infrastructure

Thanks to the good infrastructure  North Carolina has a commuting time below the national average. The state has only about 8% of bad roads. So, when Oxford movers and packers are taking you to your new home, they can expect a nice drive.

What healthcare conditions you should expect when moving to NC?

There are four nationally acclaimed medical universities in NC. Also, there are modern hospitals in Charlotte and the Research Triangle. They are taking care of patients in critical conditions. Otherwise, the NC has over 100 community hospitals. In them, the patients can get good quality medical care.

A sandy beach with ocean and a pier far to the left.
The Outer Banks are perfect for beach lovers.

What are the Cons of moving to NC?

There are many reasons for moving to NC. However, before making the final decision, here are also some negatives. The main cons of moving to NC are:

The crime rate in NC

To be honest, the overall crime is not so high. Many parts of NC are safe. However, crime statistics are getting negative trends due to several areas. In some small towns as Whiteville, Oxford, and Gastonia, the unemployment is high. Thus the crime is flourishing.

Possibility of natural disasters

Although the weather is enjoyable year-round, in the period from June to November you may expect hurricanes. Our advice is to purchase to follow the weather information in this period. And to purchase the insurance, especially if you are living near the coast.

Education system

Although the NC has a  good higher education system, and some of the best Universities, the public education is not so good. It is the case with elementary education as well.

What are the best cities for living in NC?

Not all the cities in NC are the same. So, before the  residential movers bring you to your new home, check what are the best cities for living in NC:

  • Charlotte – is the largest city in NC. It is also one of the best places to live in the USA.
  • Raleigh – is the capital of NC. It is the second-largest city in NC.
  • Durham – this city is located about 30 minutes north of Raleigh.
  • Chapel Hill – a thriving college town in the vicinity of Raleigh and Durham.
  • Asheville – famous for delicious food and beer.
  • Wilmington – as it is located on the Outer Banks, it is the perfect place for beach lovers.
  • Greensboro – known also as a “Gate City.”

What to expect in NC after moving?

We already explained the pros and cons of living in North Caroline. We can just add that, when choosing a place for moving from Mississippi to NC, check those places well. Also, your choice will for sure depend on the scenery. Some people better like living close to Ocean. The others love mountains. So, moving to NC you will have many possibilities to find the place that you like the best.