Guide for moving from Mississippi to Louisiana

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You have found a home from your dreams and it is time for moving from Mississippi to Louisiana. All you must do before you begin a new chapter in your life is to organize, pack like a pro, and find Mississippi moving company to assist you. It won’t be that hard as it sounds as long as you have a proper guide in your hands. And today, we will help you assemble one. Let’s ensure you have a successful and safe relocation on your hands.

Your journey begins with a moving plan

It all begins with a moving plan. To assemble one, you’ll need some help from a few members of your family. Or you can do it with your spouse. And if you are doing it alone, you can still complete this task with a bit of patience and a little bit more time. So, start by inspecting your home and note down all the furniture and other household items. Check all rooms, your loft, garage, and the basement. There are surely some items stashed there and you shouldn’t forget about them. Once you have it all on your inventory list, you’ll have a better picture of the moving supplies requirement. Also, you will know how much money you must dedicate to the whole moving endeavor and how hard moving from Mississippi to Louisiana is.

a calendar on the table
Schedule a moving date and start making your moving plans. Consult with your movers and begin your journey.

Your residential movers will confirm it as well. Once you bring your checklist and all the info you gathered along the way. They will use it to assemble an affordable, safe, and efficient moving plan and ensure you and your belongings are relocated safely and comfortably.

Start searching for a trustworthy company to help you with moving from Mississippi to Louisiana

Now when you have your moving checklist and a steady moving plan, you must begin your search for local movers MS. It won’t be hard to find them as long as you know how to do it. And we will show you the best way. Firstly, go online and browse a bit until you find a few highly-rated local choices. Then, compare them and review their services and prices. Also, you’ll want to check how they treat their customers and the best way to do it is to read reviews and external sources. Social media networks are a good way to do it but the word of mouth is far better. Once you have a few eligible moving companies, give them a call and check if they possess the following:

  • Tools and equipment
  • Sizeable vehicle and knowledgeable manpower
  • Enough experience on the field
  • Moving services and insurance
  • Onsite estimates
  • Licenses and permits

And those are only the mandatory questions. You can always go into the tiny details and ensure your company is a legit one. Check out their website and make sure they have a company logo, physical address, as we as contact info widely displayed. They should be transparent and registered online at one of the moving-related websites. Check FMCSA or the US Movers Association and that should be enough.

A woman searching for movers to help her with moving from Mississippi to Louisiana
Find your movers online and give them a call once you are ready.

Onsite estimates

Now, before you sign anything, ask your movers if they provide onsite estimates. If they do, then schedule a visit and let them evaluate the whole deal. They will do the same inspection you did before but in much more detail. The goal is to make a safe working environment, weigh your cargo, establish a loading dock, measure everything, and finally provide you with a precise moving quote. There is no better way to obtain estimates so you shouldn’t miss out on this one.

And moving from Mississippi to Louisiana is not only about packing and driving to the final destination. There are quite a few safety standards one must follow on this journey. For example, if you want to participate, your movers must agree before they let you haul any boxes and you must know how to load a moving truck as well. What you do before they arrive, is your business. But when they are on-site, they are responsible for many things, and if you interfere they might be held accountable for your possible injuries. So, better stay out of the way and supervise, or make an agreement and help them out. Your choice entirely. If this is something that will lower the overall moving cost or give you a sense of involvement, go for it.

Work on your moving budget

As soon as you receive your moving quote and realize your moving price, you must dedicate a moving budget. This is also the time to reduce some costs if possible. If the final moving price is out of your range, you can reduce it by doing some things yourself. You can declutter and downsize for example. Simply set aside all unused, broken, old, and expired items and later donate, recycle, or give them away to friends. Or you can pack yourself entirely and hire labor service only. Figure out what service is needed and which ones you can remove if budget is the problem. Hopefully, you will have a stretching one and you’ll afford all of the services and have an amazing moving experience. After all, moving services are not so expensive and they bring to the table much more than you paid for.

clock coins and a miniature wooden home
Work on your moving budget and realize where you can cut costs and make this easier on your final costs.

Pack for moving from Mississippi to Louisiana

You are almost done and ready to move. All that is left is the packing process. As we mentioned before, moving services include packing and unpacking services as well. It is one of the easiest ways to pack and unpack without breaking a sweat. More importantly, it is affordable and safe. So, check your budget and communicate with your movers. They might even offer some kind of special deal or a discount depending on the time of year.

But if you must pack yourself, know that you must purchase at least 30 cardboard boxes, adhesive tape, labels, and blister packs. Use blister packs to wrap furniture and to make cushions inside each box. Also, wrap fragile items individually with it. Each box should be nicely taped down to survive the journey and, on each box, you should have a label with the description of the content inside. It is not so complicated but it is surely time-consuming and boring. But you’ll manage for sure.

Moving insurance and legalities

Lastly, ask your movers if they offer any kind of moving insurance. Usually moving companies offer basic coverage and it is not enough for valuable items. Therefore, if you have valuables, artwork, memorabilia, and irreplaceable items, you should purchase insurance from an external source. Once you have it and all other papers and services are in order, you can finally sign a moving contract and seal the deal. Read your contract at least three times before your movers arrive and make sure everything is in perfect order.

You are ready for moving from Mississippi to Louisiana. Now all you need is a bit of patience and focus to execute all those tasks perfectly. But as long as you find a good moving company, everything else will easily fall in place. Good luck and have a safe journey.