Guide for moving from Mississippi to Florida

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If you have decided to move to Florida, it’s good to do a small research. You should compare living costs before moving from Mississippi to Florida. Inform yourself about the climate differences. Maybe you are considering relocation because of your children’s schooling. So, check which city in Florida offers the best schooling conditions. Do you want to start a new career? Or to retire in Florida? You might have various reasons to move. The thing is that the reason will decide about the city you want to relocate to. So, before giving a call to moving companies Hattiesburg, be sure in which part of Florida you want to move to. Learning about Florida, you will realize that the North and South of Sunny State are very different.

After moving from Mississippi to Florida, check condo buildings, calm ocean waters and boats in the West Palm Beach FL.
The living costs depend on the part of Florida you are living in.

Check differences between the North and South parts of Florida before moving

There are major cultural differences between North and South Florida. So, your preferences are the main factor when deciding where to move.

North Florida lifestyle

This part of Florida is known for a more traditional style of living. Citizens are more conservative, although very hospitable. So, the vibe is more like the one in Mississippi. And, moving there, you will not be exposed to a cultural shock.

South Florida lifestyle

This part of Florida is more liberal. And you might need time to adjust to the southern lifestyle. Also, in South Florida, there is a strong Caribbean and Cuban influence. You can feel it on the streets, in restaurants, and in the diversity of cousins. If the  Mississippi moving company is bringing you to this part, here is our advice: learn some basic Spanish. It may help you and your family in many situations.

The climate – what to expect after moving from Mississippi to Florida

Both states have a similar, subtropical climate. In both states, you can expect short and mild winters. Summers are hot, long, and humid. However, Mississippi has frequent heavy rainfall, and thunderstorms. In Florida, you can expect occasional short showers. However, both countries are in an area where hurricanes are possible. Still, the chances of a hurricane strike in Mississippi are much lesser than in Florida. That’s why a majority of residents in Florida are buying hurricane insurance.

Lifestyle and industry in the State of Magnolia

Since 1952, the magnolia flower has been declared a symbol of the state of Mississippi. Hence the nickname. Mississippi is one of the most religious and hospitable states in the U.S. And a state where music is a major cornerstone of the culture. The delta of the Mississippi River at the Gulf of Mexico is the birthplace of blues and soul music. Mississippi is also proud of the King himself, as Elvis was born in the north part of the country. Overall, Mississippi enjoys a relaxed and slow-tempo lifestyle.

With hardly 3 million people, Mississippi is mostly a rural area. There are a few bigger towns as the capital Jacksonville, Hattiesburg, Biloxi, and Gulfport. But the majority of the state is covered by numerous farms. So, the state’s primary industry is agriculture. It is employing about 30% of the population.

A field of golden, rolled hay bales.
Mississippi is mostly a rural area.

Education and job market as factors for moving from Mississippi to Florida

Mississippi has one of the cheapest high educational systems in the U.S. It also has many colleges, and universities. Unfortunately, the quality of education is not so good. That’s one of the reasons why people are moving to Florida.

Another reason is the limited job market. Also, the job security in Mississippi is low, as well as average wages. This is partly compensated by the living costs. They are 15% lower than the U.S. average. However, many people, especially the younger ones, are looking for better opportunities. If you are one of them the long-distance movers are the ones to call, soon you get a job in Florida.

What to expect in Florida after moving?

Most people have the misconception that Florida is expensive. On the contrary, the living costs are just a bit higher than the national average. The same goes for the costs of real estate. But, before you decide where to live in Florida, here are some things to consider:

  • The living costs in Florida are different from region to region
  • Different parts of Florida have different lifestyles
  • If you are retiring, there are many retirements destinations
  • The housing demand is high, but the construction industry is booming too

If you already have a job in Florida, you will not have to choose among the towns. But, you can choose a neighborhood. And that will depend on your budget, commuting time, etc. However, regardless of what to expect when moving from Mississippi to Florida, make sure to hire professional movers.

An older couple is sitting on a bench and watching people on the beach.
There are many retirements destinations so moving from Mississippi to Florida can be a good decision.

What is surprising to a newcomer about living in Florida?

As a newcomer to Florida, you will soon realize that most of the people in Florida are renting. Even a lot of born-and-raised Floridians are renters. So, if you are still in search of a job, renting is the best solution. You can move to various parts of Florida. Once you find the right job for yourself, you can consider buying a home. Even as a retiree, you can keep renting. That will help you to find the best retirement destination. After that, you will be ready to settle down.

Florida’s abundance of possibilities

The good thing is that the Florida construction market is booming. And the job market is rich. So, you can find accommodation and a new job in many cities. And such availability of jobs and housings is giving you a unique possibility. You can move around and explore Florida. It will give you an insight into various parts of Sunny State. And help you to choose the place you like the best. Or to find your dream job.

Moving to Florida has to be well organized

One thing is to decide about moving from Mississippi to Florida. The other thing is to organize it. First, you will have to make a good moving plan. It will have to include many things/ You have to decide where to move. And how to find a good moving company. Only with well-organized Florida relocation, you will be able to enjoy once you come to your new place. A well-organized move will make you feel relaxed and ready to embrace the beauties of Florida.