Guide for moving from Mississippi to California

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You are moving again. As you already know, you must create a moving plan, cover packing, set a moving budget, work on your legalities, and find an adequate Mississippi moving company. There is a lot on your plate, so better get moving. Luckily, this time we will help you as much as possible. moving from Mississippi to California is not an easy task and we will give our best to make it a bit easier. Let’s take a look.

Assemble a guide for moving from Mississippi to California

Before you begin, you should evaluate everything. Sit down and figure out how many furniture and boxes you’ll have. And inspect the environment as well. Ensure it is a safe place to work in. Then, dedicate a moving budget and set a moving date. Talk to your family members and note down all their requirements and needs. Figure out what is the best approach and how to organize and split the tasks evenly. Talk to your spouse and together create a moving checklist and an inventory list with everything we mentioned above. Include all moving-related responsibilities, errands, chores, and obligations. Once you have it all on paper, you can start looking for residential movers. They will surely appreciate the effort and use your checklist to form the moving plan around it.

a woman writing in a planner
Create your moving plan as soon as possible. Use it to guide yourself through the moving process.

Set a moving date and search for movers

Once you evaluate your moving situation, start looking for movers that will cover moving from Mississippi to California. You will find one on the internet in a matter of seconds. Although, you should never choose the first one you find. Nor the cheapest one in that matter. The best moving companies are somewhere in the middle of the moving pyramid. So, compare prices, services, reviews, and anything else you think is relevant. Try to obtain referrals or word of mouth and whichever movers you choose, make sure you confirm their legitimacy. You can join one of the social media groups and you will unlock all the knowledge about the moving industry.

Previous customer experience is golden in this situation. Therefore, research enough before you decide. And when you do, ensure your movers possess all the licenses and permits to operate. And they should have all the tools and equipment required for the job. Especially for a dedicated moving team that is handling special situations like moving a business. If you are in this situation, make sure to search for commercial movers instead of regular ones.

Start packing for moving from Mississippi to California

Now when you have your moving plan in place, you should start packing. Firstly, you must obtain enough cardboard boxes, adhesive tape, labels, and cushions. For the cushion, you can use blankets, sheets, and other cloth you already have at home. Or you can buy blister packs and protect your items better. So, order everything online or visit the nearest store. You can find most of it at the local hardware store or a home depot. Also, you can purchase all packing materials from your movers. Figure it out but do not wait for too long. They should be delivered sooner rather than later so you can pack everything before the moving date. Once your materials arrive, you should pack at your own pace so you won’t lose yourself in the process.

use better quality packing materials when moving from Mississippi to California
Use better-quality packing materials to ensure the safety of your items.

Cover room by room and pack gradually. Start with the kitchen as it is the most confusing place. All those appliances, oddly shaped items, fragile pieces, etc. Take enough time to pack everything safely then move on to the next area. As for packing, you probably know how to do it already. But here is a small reminder. Take a cardboard box, place a cushion at the bottom, place your items inside, close your box, tape it down. Add a label on each box to raise awareness about the items inside. Now simply repeat this process and that’s about it. But if you want to skip the whole boring packing process, purchase packing and unpacking services from your movers. Talk to your moving provider and learn more about it.

Get rid of the excess items

There is no better time to clean your home of excess items than this. Moving is a perfect moment for decluttering and downsizing. If you do it right, you will free yourself from all those broken, unused, outdated, and not-needed items you have been dragging with you for so long. Not to mention that your relocation will be easier and cheaper as well. Hence, declutter your home when moving from Mississippi to California. While packing, set aside all those items you do not need anymore. Once you are finished, you can get rid of them by doing the following:

  • Donate to local charities or a church.
  • Sell online.
  • Organize yard or garage sales.
  • Give away to friends and relatives.
  • Recycle or throw away.

We encourage you to recycle as much as you can. Or at least to find them a new home. Some of your items are still useful to someone out there. Therefore, toss them on Craig’s list and someone will pick them up for sure.

Purchase all necessary moving services

Apart from regular moving services, movers offer quite a few special ones. You should check out with your moving representative first because they may vary from company to company. Some of the services are quite lucrative while others are not so much. It all depends on what you need. If you are packing yourself, then you do not need packing services. Although, you can instruct your movers to bring all the necessary packing materials with them. Then, if you have special items like a piano, antiques, or artwork, you must enroll a specialized team. The one who has all the tools and experience in handling such items.

a guy checking out an old lamp
Inspect your garage, attic, and basement. Those places usually hold all the clutter we have.

So, you must check what they offer and then calculate your moving budget accordingly. Check out if you can afford something luxurious like letting your movers pack you completely while you chill and relax. Or while you cover other moving-related responsibilities. Sometimes we do not have enough time to cover it all and such service would come in handy. All in all, check what is out there before dismissing this idea.

Cover the legal part of this story

Legalities tied to each relocation can be boring but they must be done. Moreover, you must cover them well before the moving date. If possible, weeks in advance. Simply because some of the documents take a longer time to transfer or update in the system. Especially hard copies. So, as soon as you realize you will move to the new neighborhood, start checking your personal ID, medical records, driver’s license, credit cards, etc. Ensure all relevant parties are informed about the change of address and contact info. Then, you should also transfer your wi-fi, cellphone, landline, and mailing services. And do not forget to reroute your magazine subscriptions. Or at least cancel those services you do not need to avoid unpleasant situations in the future.

And there we go, now you are ready for moving from Mississippi to California, if you follow our guide, we are sure you will handle this task like a pro. All you must do is to find a legit and trustworthy moving company. The rest will be easy if you can rest assured that your relocation is in good hands. Good luck and stay safe.