Guide for moving from Mississippi to Arizona

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You decided to relocate your family to a better place. This time you are moving from Mississippi to Arizona and as before, you must cover all moving-related tasks on time. There is packing, budget, legalities, and a search for a Mississippi moving company. But do not worry, we will help you with a thorough guide and after we cover the subject, you will relocate safely and successfully. Let us begin.

Start working on your moving schedule

Moving from Mississippi to Arizona requires a proper moving checklist and a moving timeline. Start by choosing a moving date because without it you can’t decide on anything. Preferably it should be a day in the middle of the month and if possible, over the weekend. Hence, check when you can take days off work and, guided by the situation pick a date and start from there. The next thing you must do is to assemble an inventory and moving checklist. Both come together and form a great personalized moving guide. The inventory list should include the number of household items you possess and all the furniture you have. Also, check the environment and take measures. This way you will know if there are possible threats. And moving checklist should include the following:

  • All the information about movers.
  • Moving insurance and moving services.
  • Budget.
  • Packing plan.
  • Legalities.
  • Chores, errands, and moving-related responsibilities to cover before the moving day.
woman organizing moving from Mississippi to Arizona
Check your schedule as soon as possible to realize the dates available for your relocation.

Combine those two and you will have your guide ready. And when you do, start searching for the local movers MS. They will also need the information of the list so be sure to have it on the paper before you call your moving company.

Search for movers to help you with moving from Mississippi to Arizona

Now when you have your moving plan ready and you have set the moving date, it is time to book your residential movers. You will find them easily, just be patient and put your mind to it. In a matter of hours, you will have a trustworthy moving company scheduled and ready. So, start browsing the internet and sort out moving companies by area, neighborhoods they cover, prices, services they offer, ratings, reviews, etc. Narrow it down by your personal preferences as well as search criteria. Soon enough you will have a shortlist with a few candidates. Start calling them one by one and confirm if they are up to the task.

a guy moving boxes
You will need a professional moving company to handle cross-country relocation to Arizona.

There are just a few mandatory questions you should ask to confirm straight away if the company is for you or not. They must be licensed, have all the tools for the job, appropriately sized vehicles, enough manpower, and enough experience on the field. If they have it all, communicate further and figure out if you can negotiate the offer. If not, check with other companies and then decide which offer is the best.

Obtain materials and pack for moving from Mississippi to Arizona

Ok, now we came to the boring part of each relocation. Yes, you guessed it. The packing process. No one likes it to be honest and who says it does, they lie! But we all must do it anyway unless you have the leisure to purchase packing and unpacking services from your movers. Which is by the way one lucrative and highly used service. But in a real-world, half of the customers must participate in at least one part of the packing process while others must pack themselves entirely. If you must do it all by yourself, obtain the packing materials first.

Go to the nearest hardware store and purchase around 30 carton moving boxes. Maybe you’ll need a few more depending on the size of the move. Then, you’ll need adhesive tape, labels, and blister packs. Again, if you have a lot of furniture, purchase more blister packs. It is better to have a bit more packing materials than to run out of them in the middle of packing. Once you have it all, start packing gradually and at the pace, you are most comfortable with. But be sure you are done before your movers arrive.

Cover legalities and work on your budget

Before the day comes and you start moving from Mississippi to Arizona, you must have all your legalities in order. This means you must start covering this topic well in advance. Preferably a month before the moving day. Check your personal ID, driver’s license, medical records, credit cards, and other personal documents. And some remember that some documents take a longer time to transfer. For example, for a driver’s license, you will simply visit DMV in Arizona, and you are done. But for your medical records, you might wait for a while. Especially if you are transferring hard copies as well. So, update all relevant parties about the change of address and contact info and reroute your email as soon as possible.

a woman holding dollar bills
Calculate your moving budget as precisely as you can. You wouldn’t like to have any surprises in the middle of the relocation.

Why Arizona?

The answer is obvious. The sunny state of Arizona is full of potential. From 2010 up to now it grew more than 10% of the population. Such growth is telling us that this is a thriving place where everyone can find their way. In Arizona, you can find any kind of job, attend highly-estimated schools, have all kinds of fun, and have the quality of life you deserve. Now, depending on the reason you are moving to Arizona, it may be a bit different. But what matters, is that everything is accessible and available. The only thing we ask of you is to be careful about the way you are using the water that is at your disposal. The population growth is ruining America’s water supplies so you must be nice to the supplies we have. It is the only downside of this place.

Now you are ready for moving from Mississippi to Arizona. Hopefully, your reason for moving is a better job opportunity and a promising future. And now you know exactly how to cover your relocation process. All that is left to do is to hire your movers and be done with it. Good luck and stay safe.