Guide for moving from Memphis to Jacksonville

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You decided on moving from Memphis to Jacksonville and all you need is a small guide to pull you through. No worries, we are aware you must pack, organize, and find Memphis moving helpers to assist you. And we bring this guide to you to help you through this rough time. Let’s cover this one together.

Start with a personalized guide on moving from Memphis to Jacksonville

All you need for a successful move is an inventory list and a moving checklist. A moving checklist should have the following:

  • Info about moving service
  • Info about moving company
  • Personal documents covered
  • Errands, chores, and responsibilities
  • All moving-related tasks
  • All calculations done

Now, it is not so simple to sit down and write one within an hour. You must inspect your home. Start there for an example. Inspect all rooms including the attic, basement, garage, backyard, etc. Check how many items you must pack and add everything to your inventory list. This info will tell you how many packing materials are required and how complex the move is. Once you have it all on paper, start searching for Tennessee long distance moving companies and let them help you cover the rest.

Moving from Memphis to Jacksonville with a professional moving company

Ok, the next step is to find the best Mississippi moving company to assist you on this journey. And it is not so hard as you think. Probably people told you all kinds of stories but they never read a guide before embarking on this journey. So, read this before you even begin your search. Hence, go online and cheek top moving companies and their offers. Compare prices, services, and read moving reviews. Obtain external sources through referrals, social media groups, or word of mouth. And finally, check if your mover has the official website with a company logo, physical address, and contact info displayed. Once they meet these criteria, then give them a call. Ask if they are licensed with all the tools and equipment for the job. If the answer is positive, then you can continue browsing their services and assembling a moving contract.

moving from Memphis to Jacksonville with a good moving company
Find a reliable moving crew to assist you on this journey.

Inspect your movers further

Some people like to secure their investment and dig a bit deeper which is perfectly fine. Therefore, the first step is to check if your movers are registered online at one of the moving-related websites. Check FMCSA, The Better Business Bureau, or US Movers Association. And you can add Yellow Pages and social media groups to it. Trust us, if movers are fraudulent, they can’t escape the wrath of social media. The same goes with a good moving company.

Prepare for the final moving cost

Moving from Memphis to Jacksonville will have a certain price attached to it. And you must figure it out. You can’t know right from the start but if you crunch the numbers right, you can be close to the final number. We already said you will check all your belongings, furniture, packing supplies, moving responsibilities, and moving services. After consulting with movers, you’ll have a better picture as well. But the best way to reach the final moving price is to let your movers perform onsite estimates. Yes, you can obtain a moving quote via the internet or over the phone, but these are flawless services. Movers will stop by and inspect the environment ensuring it is safe. By measuring hallways, staircases, doors, and floors, they will ensure all items can reach the moving truck unobstructed.

A person holding dollar bills
You must prepare an adequate moving budget to cover all the moving costs.

Also, they will weigh your cargo and add the working hours and manpower to it. Finally, you’ll know what the moving price is. What is good about it, this service is completely free so do not skip it. It is simply too good to be neglected.

Pack slowly and patiently

Moving from Memphis to Jacksonville will require some packing as well. Any kind of move will actually. But you already knew that. So, let’s start preparing for the most boring part of each relocation. Order your packing materials online purchase at the nearest hardware store, or purchase from movers. Once you have it all, we can begin. You’ll need around 30 or move moving cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and labels. When we talk about the boxes, you can always use any substitution you already have at home. Any plastic bins, suitcases, wooden crates, etc. But you will still need a lot of carton boxes. Packing tape and labels are simply an unavoidable part and we will get there soon enough.

A woman leaning on the carton box
Pack slowly, patiently, and gradually. It is important to do this one right.

For the bubble wrap, you will use it as a cushion for each box and wrap each fragile piece individually. You can use blankets as a cushion as well. Or any other cushiony item for that matter. Now, place a cushion, put items inside, fill gaps with crumpled newspaper or magazine, close the box, tape it, and add a label. That is it. Now only repeat this process as many times as you need and focus on those labels because they describe the content of the box. Lastly, if you want to skip the entire packing process, purchase packing services Memphis from your movers and forget about anything we previously said. You’ll be most satisfied with this one. Communicate with your moving representative for more info.

One last step

There I one last step but we are not sure should we call it that way. You shouldn’t leave it for last for sure simply because it is the most important one. Although, you can do it however and in whichever way you want. Those are legalities and paperwork tied to the whole process. So, you must inspect all your personal and moving-related documents to be sure everything is in order and ready to be used in your new home. Hence, check your ID, driver’s license, medical records, credit cards, reroute your internet, cellphone services, and mail. Do it all in due time. Ideally, start checking everything and transferring services a month in advance.

Now you know how to organize when moving from Memphis to Jacksonville. As you can see, it is nothing too hard. As long as you focus a bit and find an adequate moving crew, you will have a wonderful journey. Good luck!