Guide for moving from Memphis to Dallas

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While organizing moving from Memphis to Dallas, you may need a good moving guide. And a good moving plan as well. These two towns are about 400 miles away. This means that you will need six to seven hours of non-stop drive. In reality, it will take longer. You will need to stop a few times and have some rest. However, with such a long-distance move, you have to avoid mistakes. If you forget something, it will not be easy to go back and fetch it. Also, your belongings have to be properly packed to withstand such a long drive. And you need to ensure the help of a reliable moving company such as Spider Moving TN. Having professional movers at your side means that your belonging will be safe. And they will also be covered by moving insurance.

Moving from Memphis to Dallas – expect differences

While preparing a moving plan, you will also have to prepare mentally. Known for a relaxed moving lifestyle, Memphis will for sure be very different than Dallas. Known for music and endless entertainment, Memphis is also a very affordable place for living. The median home prices are much lower than the US national. Also, Memphis has great weather. Thus, living there, you can enjoy the outdoor activities all over the year. Besides the tourists visiting the famous Elvis home, Memphis is a good place for millennials. With affordable housing and great possibilities for startups, many of them have moved in lately.

Moving from Memphis to Dallas – Fair Park in Dallas TX with wheel, lake, and swan boats.
There are many interesting things to see after moving from Memphis to Dallas.

Comparison of living costs between Memphis and Dallas

Overall, Dallas TX is 30,3% more expensive than Memphis, TN. The main factor causing this difference is the median home cost. It is 109% higher in Dallas. So, while in Memphis median home price is $123,800, in Dallas you need to spend $259,800 for the same purpose. Also, the other costs such as groceries, transportation, health care, and utilities are much higher in Dallas. On the other hand, Dallas has a rich job market. This also means that you can expect many better-paid jobs. Having that in mind, despite the living costs difference, you can expect affordable living in Dallas.

How to prepare a good moving plan for your relocation to Dallas

Some people think that making a moving plan is a loss of time. On the contrary, a good moving plan is a base for easy relocation. So, what is a moving plan? And how to prepare it? Well, the preparation of a moving plan can be fast and easy. All you need is some patience and thinking in advance. And once you start with moving preparation, with the help of Memphis moving helpers, you will realize how helpful it is.

Empty apartment with packed moving boxes.
Packing was completed faster with help of your moving company.

In its essence, the moving plan is a list of tasks you should complete. That is at the same time a reminder so that you don’t miss completing some tasks. So, let us see what a good moving plan should remind you of

  • Set the moving date
  • Check and hire a reliable and trustworthy moving company
  • Declutter your belongings and put the surplus items aside
  • Donate, sell or dispose of the surplus things
  • Make the inventory list of the things you will move to Dallas
  • Define a moving budget
  • Contact utility providers in Memphis to cancel the contracts
  • Agree on the utility supplies for your new home in Dallas
  • Get enough of the good moving supplies
  • Make a decision on room-by-room packing order
  • Pack the essential moving bag
  • Pack the valuables and documents separately and keep them locked in your car
  • Inform the bank, doctor, and government institutions about a change of your address
  • Contact the schools in Dallas if you have kids

The moving plan will help you to complete preparations in time

As you can see, there are many tasks that you have to complete. Thus, having them written down, there is a smaller chance that you will miss completing some of them. Also, a good moving plan will help you to complete the preparation on time. That way, all your possessions will be ready on a moving day. And Tennessee long-distance moving companies will load them without unnecessary delay.

Before you start packing for moving to Dallas, you have to declutter your things

Decluttering is the base for starting your moving preparations. First, you will leave behind a lot of unnecessary things. Second, after decluttering, you will know the exact number of the possessions you are moving. The amount of the possessions will further help you to:

  • Define how much packing material do you need
  • How fast you can complete packing
  • Get more reliable cost estimation from your mover
  • Use this cost estimation to adjust your moving budget
Moving truck on the busy highway entering Dallas.
Moving from Memphis to Dallas was easier than you expected.

It is time to start packing

When it comes to packing, you have two possibilities. You can do it yourself. In that case, you will have to find or purchase the packing material. Also, you will have to ask friends and family to help you. You will especially need help with disassembling and packing furniture. Also, you and your helpers are not doing this every day. So, you will need a longer time to complete all packing tasks.

The other possibility is to hire the packing services Memphis. In that case, the packers will provide the packing material too. Moreover, they will complete packing much faster. And they know exactly how to handle various items. So, they will know the right technique for packing your furniture. And they will know the right ways to safely pack your fragile items. Also, you will get additional time to complete other tasks. While they are parking, you can check utility services. Or transfer medical records from Memphis to Dallas.

Following the moving plan, you ensured smooth preparation and moving to Dallas

Going through the moving preparations was not always easy. However, a good organization and skilled movers were of great help. So, you have completed moving from Memphis to Dallas much easier than expected. Now, you can start to unpack and settle down. And, during the breaks, you can rest by exploring your new town. There are so many interesting things to do in Dallas during your rest time. For sure, you will be able to find some of them which are interesting to you. They will also help you to adjust to your new surroundings. And to accept the Dallas lifestyle.