Guide for moving from Memphis to Chattanooga

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If you’re into wandering around in the wilderness and want to live in a city with its arts district, you’ll want to consider moving from Memphis to Chattanooga. Chattanooga has been getting a lot of attention and drawing in new inhabitants. Though it’s small, the many factors that draw people to Chattanooga have made it feel like a big town to all who’ve settled there. Fortunately for you, we’ve created this guide for clearing out the best town to live in. Likewise, to help you find your new place of living and prepare your move to be as easy as possible.

A landscape of Chattanooga
Make sure to visit all the significant places after moving from Memphis to Chattanooga as you’ll see many new things

Pros and cons of moving from Memphis to Chattanooga

There are many excellent things about living in Chattanooga, as well as a few disadvantages that you might want to consider.


  • The affordable cost of living is lower than the US standard
  • There is no state income tax
  • Their health economy is remarkable
  • Easy entrance to other sections of the country
  • They have growing tourism and entertainment
  • It’s full of spectacular beauty, plentiful outdoor activities, and natural wonders.


  • Mountainous terrain, which may be problematic in the winter
  • Unfortunately, violent crime and property crime rates are both higher than the US standard
  • Meaningful income disparity between citizens
  • There are hot, humid summers
  • Humidity and allergy indices can be problems for people with health issues.

Economy and business in Chattanooga

Chattanooga’s economy is healthy. Unemployment, at 3.7%, is slightly under the national average of 3.9%, and the job market has grown by 2.8% over 2019. The future business extension seems optimistic at 44% over the next ten years. Which is higher than the forecast national standard rate of 33.5%. Principal industries involve advanced manufacturing, food and refreshment production, healthcare, insurance, and tourism. Some of the top business providers in the town include BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, CHI memorial, Volkswagen, etc. 

A laptop on which some of the statistics is shown up
Try to consider all the pros and cons before the relocation, so that you can be sure you made a good decision

While sites like LinkedIn and Monster can help you find out employment, Chattanooga is active in raising job-seekers. The town and various businesses host numerous job fairs during the year. You can also be active yourself by creating your resume and practicing your interview abilities. In case you need to go through long-distance moving, stop making it worse for yourself. Instead, say hello to one of the greatest Tennessee long distance moving companies. They can help you go through it all without any possible worries. 

Cost of living in Chattanooga

Chattanooga TN, has a cost of living score of 83.8, making it a more affordable town than the national standard. calculates a town’s cost of living compared to a US standard index of 100. Therefore, you’ll save money on many living expenses in Chattanooga. Expenses that go lower than the US standard are grocery at 97, housing at 65, utilities at 95, and transportation at 81. Moreover, don’t forget to make a moving checklist and make a realistic calculation of your moving. In that way, your relocation will be done flexibly and securely. 

However, health care costs are higher than average at 101.4. The family budget calculator from reports that a Chattanooga family of four would need about $6,424 per month, or $77,094 per year, to have a balanced lifestyle. Nevertheless, assure yourself by getting in touch with Spyder Moving Services TN. As they won’t charge expensive and can help a lot during the relocation process.

Things to do in Chattanooga after moving from Memphis to Chattanooga

The best way to discover the quality of recreational activities is to listen to what the locals like to do. Head to the Riverfront in Chatt town’s downtown area and pick up on what you missed in high school. For example, learn about American art at the Hunter Museum or take a trip to the Tennessee aquarium. If you’re the type who likes green spots, you’ll want to know the parks located throughout Chattanooga. If you are looking for some of the most delicate dining in Chattanooga, there are loads of great restaurants to pick from. Including Public House, Bluegrass Grill, and Easy Bistro.

And if you’re looking to relax after a hard day of work at one of this spectacular town’s newest startups, Chattanooga has plenty of bars. Or you can experience the nightlife with an evening of entertainment. And in case you want to get away from it all, there are many places not far from the city where you can have a lot of fun. Nashville, Knoxville, and Atlanta are just a few hour’s drives from Chattanooga. Moreover, you can catch a view of Ruby Falls near Lookout Mountain. But before going through amazing places in Chattanooga, make sure to get some help while moving from movers in Memphis TN area

Hiring professional movers to assist you when moving from Memphis to Chattanooga is the best option
Always feel free to ask for help, so your relocation be done in the easiest way

Relocation tips when moving from Memphis to Chattanooga

  • Bring a various wardrobe. Because the city is going through four distinct seasons with temperatures varying from the upper 80s in the summer to dropping below freezing in the winter
  • Make sure to prepare a moving checklist as there are many tasks connected with your relocation to complete before you do your moving to Chattanooga. Create a packing schedule, and replace your address.
  • Don’t forget to explore the neighborhoods. Before picking any part of the town to call your home, you’ll want to know everything when it comes to housing costs, crime rates, and the quality of schools.
  • Make sure to get a secured assistant in case you need to relocate some heavy items by getting in touch with heavy item movers.

Chattanooga has been attracting organizations and manufacturers for decades backward. This has driven an unusually strong business environment. It’s also beginning to attract technology and data providers from some of the nation’s best companies. Perhaps the most beloved amenity for those choosing to reside in or visit the town. However, is the area’s geographical surroundings. Thousands of areas of protected forest, landscapes, bringing with them one of the best when it comes to hiking, biking, caving, and rock climbing. We hope this guide helped you find out all of the things you need to know when moving from Memphis to Chattanooga. And that you’ll be going through the whole relocation process successfully without any boundaries and stress.