Guide for moving from Memphis to Birmingham

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Yet another move is on your hands and hopefully the last one for some time. You decided on moving from Memphis to Birmingham and as you already know, you must organize, pack, and search for movers in Memphis TN area that will take you there safely. Luckily, we are here today to guide you each step of the way. Let us together assemble a comprehensive moving guide and ensure a safe passage for your items and your family. Let’s go!

Let’s make a plan for moving from Memphis to Birmingham

Before you can contact any of the Tennessee long distance moving companies, you must gather the basic info and create a moving checklist. The best and probably the only way to do it right is to thoroughly inspect the entire home and all your belongings and furniture. Note it all down on your list and add an inventory list to it as well. Inspect the environment as well to ensure it is safe to work in. And your moving checklist should include the following as well:

  • Info about movers and all moving-related documents
  • Personal documents
  • Moving budget
  • Packing plan
  • Moving insurance
  • All chores, responsibilities, and errands you should cover before and after the move
create a good plan for moving from Memphis to Birmingham
Create your moving planner and a moving checklist. It will remind you of all the steps you must cover along the way.

After you cover your part of the story, you can start searching for movers. Once you find them, provide your list and they will highly appreciate the info you bring. Simply because with your findings they can work much quicker and assemble a better and safer moving plan. Besides, who knows your items and your home better than you. All in all, assemble your moving checklist and use it as a personalized moving guide along the way.

This can be extremely easy with a reliable moving company beside you

Understandably, you want to be moving from Memphis to Birmingham with the best professional moving help there is. To find such a thing, you must browse the internet for a bit. So, gather your thoughts, relax, and patiently approach your laptop. Start browsing and in a matter of minutes you’ll find several amazing moving companies offering all kinds of moving services. You will narrow your search down by comparing prices and services. Also, it is important to check how they treat their customers and how those services look like.

Therefore, read a few reviews, feedbacks, read social media groups, or find a referral from a friend. Eventually, you’ll find a few companies worth checking out. Once you are ready, give them a call and communicate further to figure out which Spyder Moving Services TN is the best for you and what would be the best moving date for both sides involved.

Are your movers ready for moving from Memphis to Birmingham?

As you already noticed while you were searching for movers, there are thousands of moving companies out there. But when you find your pick, you must confirm a few things before you give them a credit. Ask a few mandatory questions or even dig deeper to secure your investment entirely. So, the first and the most important is the license and permits. Your movers must be registered and legit to operate in the state you are moving in. You can even check the Better Business Bureau or US Movers Association to check if your movers are registered.

Two guys and a moving van
Make sure your movers are ready to relocate you and your belongings safely.

Then, the next mandatory question is regarding tools and equipment. Your movers must possess all the right equipment, a sizeable moving vehicle, and enough experienced manpower to perform this job efficiently and safely. And do not forget to check their website before contacting them. They should have a physical address, a company logo, and contact info displayed so you can call them or pay them a visit whenever you want to. Do a bit of research and ensure your movers are a legit choice.

How to obtain a moving quote?

When moving from Memphis to Birmingham, you can obtain a moving quote online, via the phone, or onsite. We can recommend free onsite estimates as the best choice out there. Simply because the moving representative will pay you a visit and evaluate the whole situation right there on the spot. They will weigh your cargo, check the environment, measure hallways, ceilings, doors, and ensure they can establish a loading dock without obstructing the traffic. After they are done, you will have your precise quote and then you can finally calculate your moving budget to the dime. And of course, you can decide if you want to add additional moving services or remove some out from the picture. Amazing service for sure and you shouldn’t forget to utilize this one.

Pack and pack some more!

Ok, we came to the boring part of each relocation. Some people enjoy it while others simply do not have time for it. But one thing is certain, packing an entire home is surely complicated and time-consuming. So, let us begin with the packing materials. You’ll need around 30-40 cardboard boxes, packing tape, blister packs, and labels. Those are the mandatory ones but when you reach your hardware store or a home depot you’ll realize there are many more. But depending on your situation and your budget, you can always purchase higher-quality ones. Now, each box should have a cushion at the bottom and you will use blister packs for it or blankets you already have in your home.

person using a packing tape
Use higher-quality packing materials to keep your items safe.

Then, you should wrap each piece individually and fill the box. Once you are done, fill the gaps with magazine paper and close your box tight. Higher-quality packing tape is a must here if you want your items intact and inside a box until the end of the journey. And finally, label each box adequately so everyone is aware of the content inside. Besides, it will help you immensely when the time comes to unpack. One more thing, if you want to skip the entire packing process, ask your movers about packing and unpacking services and they will explain how it works. Basically, you will exclude yourself from the entire process cheaply and safely.

Moving day is almost upon us. Inspect everything thoroughly!

Ok, the last thing is to make sure all your documents are in place. You should cover this one gradually over time because some documents and services take a longer time to transfer. Therefore, check your personal ID, passport, driver’s license, medical records, credit cards, etc. Also, transfer your cellphone, internet, and mailing services as well. Everything should be up and running as soon as you arrive at your new home.

Now you are ready for moving from Memphis to Birmingham. Hopefully, we covered enough for you to make a personalized guide and pull this through. But do not worry. As long as you have a reliable and professional moving company with you, nothing should go wrong. Good luck.