Guide for moving from Louisville to Memphis

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When you are moving from Louisville to Memphis, a good moving guide can help you. Regardless of the reason for moving, you will have to make good preparations. This almost six hours long road trip is not leaving space for mistakes. So, you have to prepare your belongings. And you have to find a good Mississippi moving company. It is important to reduce your belongings, as such long relocation is costly. Also, it is good to have professional movers at your side. With reliable truck and moving experience, they will ensure the safe relocation of your possessions. And, when you are using the services of the moving company, your possessions are insured.

What should you know when moving from Louisville to Memphis?

Soul music, rock ‘n’ roll, and blues are making Memphis one of Tennessee’s leading tourist spots. Besides endless entertainment, Memphis is also known for its affordability. It has one of the lowest costs of living in the entire USA and affordable accommodation prices. It also has great weather and it offers spectacular outdoor activities. Memphis is lately attracting many millennials. It is considered one of the ten best cities for startups.

Moving from Louisville to Memphis - people walk down the trolley tracks, with green trolly coming.
Main Street in downtown Memphis.

One of the things people in Memphis are proud of is water. So, after moving, you will have a chance to taste it. As the water comes from deep underground wells.  It is very clean. So, it can be used without chemical treatments.

Living costs Louisville vs Memphis

Overall, Memphis, TN is 13.6% cheaper than Louisville, KY. Also, Memphis has 40% cheaper Median Home Costs. While you need $206,900 to purchase a house in Louisville, it will cost you $123,800 in Memphis. Besides, most of the other costs like transport and groceries are much cheaper in Memphis. So, moving to Memphis can be beneficial. And, moving to Tennessee can be also very affordable with the right mover.

Transportation in Memphis

The city had good transportation possibilities. However, most citizens prefer driving their own car. The average commuting time in Memphis is about 22 minutes. It is lower than the USA national average of 26 minutes.

What climate to expect after moving to Memphis?

Memphis has a subtropical climate. However, it also has high humidity, which is a result of air moving inland from the Gulf. So, when looking for a new house, make sure it has an AC. You should also expect very how summers. During the winter, the weather is mostly mild, with rare snowfall. The cold period in Memphis is during November and December. At that time, there is heavy rainfall, and it gets cold.

A cargo airplane on the airport with sunset behind and many vehicles on the runway.
Memphis International Airport.

What is the industry and job market in Memphis?

The main  industries in Memphis are:

  • Warehousing and transportation
  • Social Assistance and Health Care
  • Administrative support
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Various educational services
  • Accommodation and food services

Such a diverse industry is a result of a few factors. First is the city’s location on the Mississippi River. It made Memphis’s port an easy transfer point for shipping. The second reason is Memphis International Airport. Its two-mile-long runway was designed to meet the needs of cargo jets. So, it connects Memphis with many major cities worldwide.

The main employers in Memphis are:

  • FedEx
  • AutoZone
  • International Paper Company
  • Perkins Restaurants
  • TruGreen Lawn Care
  • Sedgwick CMS Holdings
  • ServiceMaster
  • Methodist Healthcare
  • Baptist Memorial Health Care
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • First Horizon National Corporation

So, finding a job in Memphis shouldn’t be hard.

What school system you should expect in Memphis?

If you have school-age kids, it is good to know that in Memphis there are:

  • Elementary schools
  • High school
  • Colleges

There are many, so you will easily choose the best one for your kid.

The best Memphis neighborhoods

Before moving from Louisville to Memphis with Tennessee long-distance moving companies, it is good to know about Memphis neighborhoods. Memphis has many neighborhoods. There is Downtown Memphis, which is overlooking the Mississippi River. This is the most historic neighborhood of Memphis. Besides, the best neighborhoods in Memphis are:

  • Windyke-Southwind
  • Cordova-Appling
  • Eads-Fisherville
  • River Oaks-Kirby-Balmoral
  • East Memphis-Colonial-Yorkshire
  • Hickory Ridge-South Riverdale
  • Raleigh
  • Berclair-Highland Heights
  • White Haven-Coro Lake
Memphis downtown by night with streets and many people walking around.
Downtown is the most historic neighborhood of Memphis.

When you are moving from Louisville to Memphis, you need to prepare a good moving plan

The better the moving plan you make, the easier your move will be. So, what the moving plan is? Essentially, it is a list of tasks you have to do when preparing for the move. Following the list, your moving preparation should go smoothly. And this hardest part of the preparation should develop in logical order. So, with a good moving plan, you will save time. And you will make sure that that you have not forgotten anything. So, a moving plan should include:

  • A moving date
  • Reminder to hire movers timely
  • Plan how to make decluttering
  • Plan how to sell or donate the surplus things
  • Taking the inventory of the items you will move
  • Make a moving budget breakout and total cost
  • Procure good quality moving supplies
  • Determine the rooms packing order
  • Allocate packing jobs to family members
  • Determine what to pack in the essential moving bag
  • Check the utility bills
  • Cancel the utilities in Louisville
  • Contact and arrange the utility supplies in Memphis

Decluttering your items in Louisville

Decluttering is important. If you were moving before, then you know that fewer things mean a cheaper move. Also, only after decluttering, the best movers in Memphis TN will be able to give you a reliable cost estimation. Further on, the cost estimation is your starting point for drafting the moving budget.

Packing your things for moving from Louisville

You have completed decluttering. Also, you have enough moving supplies. And everyone in the household knows what and how to pack. So, with such an organization, the packing of the things in Louisville will go fast. Just remind everyone to label the moving boxes properly.

Time for a fresh start and exploring your new town

Following the guide, you have completed all the tasks for moving from Louisville to Memphis. Now, you have relocated and unpacked. What remains is to start exploring your new town. So, here is also a Memphis travel guide. It will help you in many ways. It is very informative. And following it, you can learn a lot about town events.