Guide for moving from Kentucky to Tennessee

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You are getting ready for moving to Tennessee and all you need is a bit of help with the organization process. You have an idea how to do it but not so efficiently as your friends might do. It is time to organize, pack, find movers, and relocate safely as everyone else. Hence, we will help you with moving from Kentucky to Tennessee and make sure you create a flawless relocation plan. Above all, a safe and affordable moving plan.

Relocation date and a moving checklist – A starting point

Start with the moving date. As soon as you realize you are moving from Kentucky to Tennessee, you must decide on a moving date. Hopefully, you’ll have at least three weeks in front of you. If you have anything less than that it will be a stretch. After you set a date, start creating your moving checklist. It is a personalized reminder with a list of all the tasks you must complete before the moving date. Add an inventory list to it and you have a complete guide to victory.

a woman creating a list for moving from Kentucky to Tennessee
Create your personalized moving guide as soon as possible.

So, inspect your entire home along with the loft, garage, basement, and backyard. Check all your belongings and measure furniture. Note everything down on your inventory list and ensure the environment is safe to work in as well. After you obtain all the info necessary, call one of the moving companies in Tennessee and provide this info to them. They will use it to create an improved moving plan just for you.

Start searching for movers to help you with  moving from Kentucky to Tennessee

Once you have the basic info in your hands, start searching for long distance movers Memphis TN on the internet. Just implement your search criteria and you will find a few candidates in a matter of minutes. Check if they have permits, licenses, tools, and equipment. Read a few moving reviews, compare prices, and compare services. Try to obtain references if possible, to confirm if they are legit and if they treat their customer the right way. Once you dig enough information about each company on the list, start calling one by one. Speak with them about the moving services they provide and negotiate a bit. Test the waters and after you check all of them, choose the one you like the most.

Moving budget and legalities

Of course, you can’t continue with your moving plans without an adequate moving budget. Hence, as soon as you find a moving company and you communicate the details with your moving representative, start working on your numbers. Do the math, evaluate your moving situation, crunch the numbers, and realize the moving price. Soon enough you will realize how much you must set aside to cover all costs and how much you need to have on the side for hidden costs and unforeseen circumstances. You must have a contingency plan and be ready for any scenario.

a person holding 100 dollar bills
Dedicate a budget to cover all moving expenses. Hopefully, it will be a stretching one.

Also, be sure to work on your legalities and make sure your moving-related and personal documents are in order. Check your personal ID, driver’s license, medical records, credit cards, etc. Ensure everything is up to date and valid. All those documents should be reviewed, updated if needed, and ready to be used at your new address.

Obtain enough packing materials for moving from Kentucky to Tennessee

When moving from Kentucky to Tennessee, you will need a few packing materials to cover your packing process. The options are vast, but to be honest, you can pack the entire home by using only four packing supplies. Check out the following:

  • Cardboard boxes.
  • Packing tape.
  • Blister packs.
  • Labels.

Obtain these four and you can cover any kind of packing. Although, if you have delicate, fragile, extremely expensive, or hard-to-handle items, you can enlist specialized moving teams to pack and relocate those items. Check with your movers and decide if packing and unpacking services are the right solutions for your situation.

Packing and decluttering

Once you have all the packing materials required, you must start packing. We advise you to do it at your own pace. Do not rush it because if you do not pack properly, you can end up with a bunch of broken items. Or you can endanger your movers or yourself. Therefore, take it slow and pack gradually and patiently. Now, choose a day in the week or a whole weekend to do it and start with the room you are most comfortable with. People usually begin at the easiest place but we advise you to get the hardest part out of the way first. The kitchen, garage, attic, and living room are usually the hardest ones. But focus on the kitchen because it has so many items that we can’t even count them all.

cardboard boxes in the room
Packing is an important part of each relocation. Use better-quality cardboard boxes and pack safely.

So, as you know, the process is quite simple. Take a cardboard box, place a cushion at the bottom of the box, place your items inside, set a buffer between items, close the box, and tape it down. Add a label with the content of the box and you are done. Repeat this process for each box and you’ll be packed in less than two days. Although, you shouldn’t mix fragile items pack them separately. Lastly, try to declutter and downsize while packing. You will surely find some items that you do not need anymore. Simply recycle or donate them because you will have fewer items to pack and your relocation will be easier overall. Not to mention that it will be cheaper as well.

Welcome to Tennessee

No matter if you choose to relocate to Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, or Chattanooga, one thing is certain. You will have an amazing time and plenty of opportunities wherever you go. Tourism is thriving and because of it, you’ll find Tennessee cities diverse and full of young and energetic people. Such an environment creates opportunities for many to raise families, pursue careers, continue their education here, and more. And in the State of Tennessee, anything is possible. Housing is affordable, groceries are below the national average, taxes as well, and education is one of the cheapest in the US. Therefore, you should highly consider taking a closer look at one of the Tennessee cities. We are sure that one is a perfect place for you.

Moving from Kentucky to Tennessee is an easy task if you have a good plan behind it. And now you do. Or should we say, you know how to create one? Hopefully, we helped a bit and now you will be able to organize like a pro when the time comes. Good luck.