Guide for moving from Kansas City to Memphis

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You have found a property you were dreaming of and it is time for moving to Tennessee. Such a big project will require good organization, proper packing, an adequate budget, and a bit of help. We offer our guide and our goal is to prepare you for this journey. Let us assist you with moving from Kansas City to Memphis and make your relocation successful and safe. Let’s go!

Set the most convenient moving date

The first question you must ask yourself is – What would be the most convenient moving date? Depending on the time of the year and your schedule, you’ll find the answer to this question. Firstly check your schedule and talk to your boss regarding the free days you can take off work. After you figure that one out, then begin creating a moving plan around those dates. The next step is to find the best deal with your moving company. This depends on the time of the year because prices are different for peak and non-peak seasons. Spring and Summer are more expensive while Autumn and Winter are up to 30% cheaper. You will realize this as soon as you start browsing for local movers TN. Prices are lower across the board because there is less work overall.

You should check out the great outdoors if you are moving from Kansas City to Memphis
Memphis area nature is amazing. You should take a moment to realize how blessed you are to become a part of it.

Learn more about the history of Memphis as soon as you arrive

But no matter what time of the year is, you are still moving from Kansas City to Memphis. And this means that you must prepare another plan. One that includes all the places you must visit. And a plan on how to introduce yourself to the new environment. We all know that Memphis’s history is rich in music. So we highly recommend you to start there. You’ll have a plethora of live music events to choose from. Not to mention all the museums, green areas, shopping places, and more. Start with Beale Street Historic District and you’ll see what we are talking about.

Work on logistics for moving from Kansas City to Memphis

Now when you have your moving date, you should work on your moving logistics. Inspect your entire home along with your loft, garage, basement, and backyard. Pinpoint all furniture and other household items to figure out the complexity of the move. Also, you’ll know how many materials you’ll need for packing. Then, measure hallways, doors, floors, and inspect all possible places that might be hazardous for you and your movers. Put it all on your inventory and your moving checklist and use it as a guide. Your moving checklist should also include the following:

  • Information about moving company you hired
  • Moving services you have purchased
  • Moving insurance
  • Budget
  • Packing and moving plan
  • Insurance and moving-related responsibilities

Also, if you have any special requests you must notify your movers about them. For example, in case you are moving a piano, a gun rack, or extremely valuable items, your movers must know upfront. Or if you are moving your business with you or equipment related to your business, the situation is the same. You will enlist Memphis office movers for this occasion and solve all your problems. Remember, movers have specialized teams for unique requests and as long as you report it on time, it will be handled adequately.

Find a reliable moving company

Moving from Kansas City to Memphis is not so easy as it sounds. Therefore, you need professional moving assistance to be sure this task will be safely executed. At least you can find your movers fairly easily if you dedicate an hour or two to browse online. So, go online and compare prices, services, and reviews. Read a few comments on external blog posts and social media. You will easily find positive and negative reviews about the company you set your eyes upon.

mover holding a chair and a plant
Find reliable moving assistance to get you to Memphis safely.

Then, once you have a list of a few eligible moving companies, start calling them one by one. Communicate the details of your move and check if they are licensed and if they possess all the tools for the job. Check if they are up to the task and if you are satisfied with the outcome, give them a shot. If not, move on to the next moving company. Soon enough you will have your best movers in Memphis TN enlisted.

Pack for moving from Kansas City to Memphis

Ok, the next step on your journey is to pack your entire home before you can hit the road. It is probably the hardest part of each relocation. Simply because there are so many things to pack and you can’t do it in a day. Moreover, you can’t do it alone. Therefore, the first step is to find more helpers. Ask your family members, friends, relatives, neighbors, coworkers, etc. Someone surely can help a bit. Give them a bit of time to check their schedule before they provide a response. Then, order all the necessary packing materials online or purchase them from the nearest hardware store. You can also obtain everything from your movers in Mississippi if you like it that way.

cardboard boxes in a room
Purchase enough carton boxes to support the entire packing process.

Once you have all the carton boxes, labels, adhesive tape, and blister packs with you, start packing gradually. Cover room by room at the pace you are most comfortable with until you are done. It will take a while for sure. You can pack over the whole week or dedicate a weekend to it. Depends on how many helpers you have and how much time you can spend on this task. Just make sure you are ready before your movers arrive.

Take care of legalities on time

The last stage is to cover all the legalities tied to the relocation process. You must think about your personal documents as well as moving-related ones. Moving-related documents will be covered by your moving representative and they will review them with you. But your personal ID, driver’s license, medical record, credit cards, etc. are your responsibility. Therefore, start transferring those on time. Some of the documents take a longer time to transfer, especially hard copies. While others take just a few clicks to update in the system. For example, once you arrive at your destination, visit the local DMV in Tennessee, and in a couple of minutes, you’ll have your driver’s license renewed. That one is easy, but make sure to update all relevant parties about the change of address and contact info to avoid any problems in the future.

You are ready for moving from Kansas City to Memphis. Hopefully, you will have an easier time creating your personalized moving guide and executing all the moving stages now when you know more about it. Remember, the moving company you hire is the key to success. Ensure you have the right one and everything will be just fine. Good luck.