Guide for moving from Jackson to New Orleans

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Another home relocation is just around the corner and you need a bit of help with it. moving from Jackson to New Orleans won’t be an easy task if you do not have a proper plan, packing logistics in place, and a reliable Mississippi moving company behind you. So, let us help you assemble a personalized moving guide and keep you on track with all moving responsibilities. The goal is to relocate you and your family safely. Let’s take a look.

Moving from Jackson to New Orleans with a steady moving plan

Now, the first step is to assemble the guide. It is a moving checklist along with an inventory list. It is necessary documentation you must have with you if you do not want to forget something. And we must tell you from our previous experience, people always forget something when moving. Therefore, let us minimize the chance of forgetting something important and cover the most important stages. Your moving planner should include the following:

  • Information about movers
  • Moving services and insurance
  • Legalities
  • Packing process
  • Moving budget
A woman creating a moving checklist
Sit down and carefully create your moving checklist.

You can start creating your moving checklist by inspecting all areas of your home. Do not forget to check your loft, basement, garage, and backyard as well. Note down all the furniture and household items you have and put it on your inventory list. This will tell you how complex your packing process will be and how many packing materials you must purchase. Also, you can start crunching your numbers and work on your moving budget. Once you have the basic info, you can contact your long distance movers and work together toward the best solution. They will use it wisely and create the best moving plan there is.

A much needed professional moving assistance

The next step is a search for reliable movers Jackson MS. You will surely find them online but you must know how to look for them. There are many scammers and fraudulent moving companies out there. It is nothing new. Just like in any other business, you can find low prices, unrealistic promises, overinflated prices as well, etc. So, to avoid such an outcome and to find a legit and trustworthy company for moving from Jackson to New Orleans you must compare movers adequately. Start by comparing prices, services, and reviews. Put a bit more effort into moving reviews and if you have time read social media groups. It is a good source to find out which company is good or bad.

Simply compare movers across the field and check the moving services they offer. Try to obtain references or word of mouth if possible. And when you are ready, give them a call. Ask them if they are licensed and if they have all the tools to perform. Those are the mandatory questions. Everything else is open for negotiation. And one more thing, never choose the first company you find. You must sit down for at least an hour and find at least a few companies. Contact them and compare them with each other to get an idea of how everything works.

Inspect and confirm your movers are legit

Some people want to be 100% sure they are investing in a legit moving service. Some moves are extremely expensive and can go over $10.000 depending on the cargo and the size of your move. So, to confirm this, you will perform the steps we mentioned above but with a few additional ones. Firstly, you will check if your movers have a company logo, physical address, and contact info displayed on their website. Then, they must let you visit their business and inspect their vehicles if you want to. No legit business should deny such a request.

Two people starring at the laptop
Research your movers and confirm your investment is a secured one.

Finally, you can check online at the FMCSA, the Better Business Bureau, Yellow Pages, or the US Movers Association. If your movers are legit, they should be registered online with all permits and licenses to perform locally and cross-state. After you are done with the digging, you will be moving from Jackson to New Orleans reassured that your movers are a legit choice and your investment is safe.

Obtain your moving quote and calculate your moving budget

As soon as you find your moving team, schedule a meet and let them perform onsite estimates. Yes, you can obtain your moving quote online or via the phone but onsite estimates are the best. And if you have a good moving company with you, they should have this service available. It is a simple process where your moving representative evaluates the whole situation on-site and upon completion presents you with the final moving price. Also, they will provide a detailed plan on how they intend to perform the relocation.

Of course, they won’t go into the specifics about hauling boxes but if you have special items like a piano, pool table, a gun rack, etc. they will discuss it with you and offer special services for those items. But what is most important, they will ensure the environment is safe to work in and your cargo can be removed from your home and loaded into the moving truck without any struggles. Once you receive your quotes, you can calculate your budget and think about services that can make your relocation easier.

Pack accordingly

As you already know, the packing will take all your free time. You can pack over the weekend or pack gradually over the upcoming weeks and eventually be ready by your moving date. Do it however you like but make sure you have all your boxes ready by your moving day. Moving from Jackson to New Orleans will be much easier if you have a good packing plan so consult with your family members and appoint tasks. Depending on the age of your children and how many members you have in your family, everyone should contribute and pack their own room. For the kitchen, talk to your spouse or have a friend assisting.

Use only the highest quality packing materials when moving from Jackson to New Orleans
Use the highest quality packing supplies to ensure your items will arrive safely.

Now, as for the packing materials, you will need around 30 cardboard boxes. More or less but better to have more to be sure you are not running out of it in the middle of the relocation. Then, you will need adhesive tape, bubble wrap, and labels. Obviously, you will use boxes to place your items in and bubble wrap for the cushion inside each box. Also, use it to fill gaps between items and avoid breaking anything in the transport. Finally, use adhesive tape to keep your boxes together and close them once full. Label each box in the end with the content inside to inform everyone about the content inside. But if you want to avoid the whole boring packing endeavor, talk to your movers and utilize packing and unpacking services. They will handle it by bringing the supplies, pack, and unpack if requested. Amazing service for sure.

The legal part of each relocation

The last piece of advice is tied to legalities. Over the upcoming weeks, you should pay attention to your personal documents as well as moving documents. Take care of it in due time because some of it takes a longer time to process. Therefore, check your personal ID, driver’s license, medical records, credit cards, passport, moving-related documents, and moving contract, etc. Ensure everything is up to date and ready to be used once you relocate.

And now you are ready for moving from Jackson to New Orleans. Hopefully, our guide gave you enough ideas on how to prepare each step and how to find reliable movers for the job. Now all you must do is pack for the journey. New Orleans awaits!